5 Common Mistakes Not to Make On Christmas

There is something special about December. During this time of the year, it feels as if life changes its tread. It starts going in a different way and everything that takes place happens out of the plot. This is completely true for workouts and … [Read more]

A Short History of Trans Fats and Margarine: A Story That Ruined Our Health

One of the most discussed topics in the world of health and nutrition are fats and the benefits/ harms of them. I have a bunch of posts on my blog, where I wrote about this. Besides the scientific part, personally I am a huge fan of curious facts. … [Read more]

Become An Entrepreneur of Your Body: Get In The Best Shape of Your Life

Do you know how often we miss something amazing happening in our life, because we are too busy planning, and then walking on the outlined path. Often times what we want, couldn’t be found in the middle of the road; it doesn’t stand out. Often … [Read more]

3 Truths About High-Fat, Low- Carb Diets That You Want to Deny

What always surprises me in the fitness industry and the world of health and nutrition is how people read what is written, but made conclusions based on what is already in their mind. They read not in order to understand the other point of view, but … [Read more]

The Adventure Life of Two Soul Mates: A Fairy Tale In The Cold

Sometimes the place where you are and the place where you'd like to be aren't so far away from each other. Sometimes everything you need to do is to stop whining where you are in the present, to raise your head and notice that what you want is one … [Read more]

IFS Podcast #3: Master Your Health and Performance with The Superhuman Ben Greenfield

Today I have a really special guest- Ben  Greenfield. He is an ex bodybuilder, Ironman athlete, Spartan racer, coach, speaker and author of the bestseller "Beyond Training:Mastering Endurance Training, Health and Life". He is one of the most … [Read more]

Psychology of Super-Stimulus: How They Manipulate Our Instincts and How to Use This In Order to Get Fitter

We live in a society, which worships the artificial and denies the natural. We live in a world, where normal is being stigmatized and the diversion is being raised in a cult. We live in a society which follows the hypnotic rhythm, a result of the … [Read more]

I Suddenly Found The Purpose of My Life

Another night, when I am sitting on the floor, surrounded y silence. The kind of night silence, where it seems that nobody is there, and everybody I asleep, but it is still kind of loud around you. There isn’t anybody besides the thoughts that rush … [Read more]

IFS Podcast #2: Move Your DNA with Katy Bowman

It’s Ines Subashka from InspiredFitStrong.com. Today I have a really interesting guest. Her name is Katy Bowman (from Aligned and Well) and she is pretty much a wealth of knowledge. I just finished reading her last book "Move Your DNA" which is a … [Read more]

Quick and Delicious Broccoli Puree with Shrimp and Dried Veggies

No matter how good you live, there comes a time when you need to let go of one of your wisdom teeth. Besides the fact that now, I will need to read more in order to compensate for it ;), I can't eat the way I usually do. But that doesn't bother me at … [Read more]

The Healing Power of Illness: Why We Get Sick and Why Injuries Occur

The law for completion takes care the sum of all changes to lead to immutability. We believe that as time goes by a lot of things change and this believe doesn’t allow us to see that time produces, just, repetitions of the same model. Through time, … [Read more]

No Bake Tarts with Pumpkin and Cashew Filling

For the last two weeks, I've been wanting to experiment with a pumpkin cream. I love pumpkin and cashew and I decided to make raw tarts with pumpkin cream. I had some time and I decided that I will use it to create something delicious in the … [Read more]

Why Your Healthy Nutrition Is Still Leaving You Hungry?

Last week somebody asked me: “Ines, why the quantity of food that used to bring me satiety is now not enough and leaves me hungry?” I don’t manage to answer everybody personally, but I promise you that in one way or another, every one of you … [Read more]

When Your Feet Hurt, Everything Hurts!

Nowadays we have really mistaken measures of health. For us, a healthy person is the one who trains, eats vegetables and yogurt and the one who can wear tight clothes, without his fat hanging over. That is a pretty superficial notion. When our … [Read more]

Sitting Is Killing You! Check Out How!

Sitting is toxic! Just like you can't eat cupcakes, then skip dinner and call it healthy. The same way, you can't sit all day, train for 1 hours and think that you are active and taking care of your health! You are not built for it! Move … [Read more]

If You Don’t Make Progress with Your Workouts, Here Is The Mistake You Are Making!

We approach our workout, the way we approach life- we rush through them, without paying attention to the details; without taking enough time on every movement, every rep. We get in the gym and we do everything just so we can cover the standards. We … [Read more]

A Story About Myself: Something That I’ve Been Wanting To Share With You

They say that the book left unwritten kills you. I'd say that the words left unsaid, words, which you do not breath into life, are always standing on the border between the inner and the external world. They always build a wall, that you hit against … [Read more]

A MUST TRY RECIPE: Pumpkin Soup in Pumpkin From Kristina Borisova

  Since October is the month of pumpkins, I decided to start a pumpkin recipe challenge. I received great recipes, and today I will share with you one of them. Kristina Borisova, who is a professional chef sent it to … [Read more]

The Food Intolerance Bible: A Guide to Cure Stomach Pain, Bloating, Food Cravings and Mood Swings

In our evolution, somewhere along the way, we made the wrong turn and we distanced ourselves from our natural environment, which offers us an abundance of the resources, which we need in order to survive and thrive- both physically, emotionally and … [Read more]

6 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Working Out

1.Workouts don’t make you healthy, movements makes you healthy! We live in a society, where we worship extremes. We swing from one extreme to another. This is true for our workouts- we either don’t train at all or we train to exhaustion and call … [Read more]