Workout of the day, October, 31

Workout of the day, October, 31


If you are a beginner, scale:

10min. ladder:

push press

hang power clean


If you are advanced, scale:

15min. ladder:

push press

hang power clean


What I learned from failure

What I learned from failure...

I learned that failure is not the end!

I learned that sometimes you have to take two steps backwards in order to take a big leap forward!

I learned that some days you are the bug and some days you are the wiendshield!

I learned that you never know where you will end up- it might turn out for good!

I learned that failure is a test for your commitment. Only when you truly strive for something, you can deal with failure and keep moving!

I learned that no matter how successful you feel today, there is a good chance you will fail again tomorrow!

I learned that failure is the perfect steppingstone for development!

I learned that by fearing failure- you are fearing living!

I learned that failure reveals character! If you are a fighter, failure won’t break you down.

I learned that there is nothing wrong with failing every now and then. Every failure is just one more lesson how things won’t work!

I learned that failure is inevitable, if you aim for success!

Cauliflower Rice

Picture by

Since it is the season of cauliflower, and I totally love cauliflower I decided to give you an easy and tasty cauliflower rice recipe.



1 medium onion, diced

1 head cauliflower

¼ teaspoon sea salt

1 or 2 carrots

1 or 2 peppers


1.  Heat the butter over medium heat.

2. Sauté the onion,carrots and the peppers over medium heat until they get soft.

3.Put the cauliflower in the food processor and blend until you get  the texture of rice.

4. Add cauliflower to the other vegetables and the butter, cover and cook 5-10 minutes, until soft. If you’d like you could put some salt or some other vegetable spice. If you have some bone broth, you could add it.


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It’s not about what you are eating! It’s about what’s eating you inside!

Binge eating disorder

I’ve written before about eating disorders, I will write today and I will write in the future. Even if we realize it or not eating disorders are one of the most torturing diseases out there and the percentage of girls and boys suffering from them is growing everyday. While my main focus so far were bulimia and anorexia, today I will write about binge eating. It is the most common disorder even if most of us that have it do not admit it being a problem.
Binge eating is not the case when you ate a little more of your grandma’s apple pie; not the case when you overeat during the holidays! Binge eaters tend to eat massive amounts of food, quickly on a common basis. They don’t stop when they feel full. They also tend to eat many foods in bizarre combination!

Most often than not weight and wrong eating patterns are a symptom of a problem that has nothing to do with the food itself. Sometimes we get lost in our inability to find effective ways of coping with our stressful life and emotional setbacks. Do you already get it where I am going? Yea, right! I am talking to you! I am talking about emotional eating! Do you remember the last time you felt overwhelmed? The last time that reality was way too much to bear? Do you remember avoiding the hurt by eating huge amounts of food? Do you remember drowning those feelings in junk food? Don’t look aside! I know you recognized yourself! Till when are you going to run away from your problems? When are you gonna face them and leave them behind?
Didn’t you realize that by filling the emotional emptiness with food is only digging you deeper? You are burring yourself alive!

I know that emptiness can be both a physical sensation and an emotion. I know that it’s difficult to describe something when it’s absent. I know that when the emotions start knocking in your head, you loose control. You want that noise reminding you of your failures, your loneliness, your perfectionism to go away. You want to kick them out of your head! You don’t care how they will be gone, as long as they are not there! Thus, you do the easiest things- reach out for food! But look at me and listen! That is not the answer to your problems!

When you feel this emptiness, these negative feelings overtaking you…just wait. Let them roll around and settle in your mind, heart or body! Face it! What scares you about it? Why do you feel so weak? Answer these question and you will find the strength to fight it! When you binge ask yourself “Why am I doing it?”; “What am I trying to avoid?” I know that when the devil in your head is pushing you to compulsive overeating it is hard to think reasonable- but give it a try. You will fail the first time, the second time, but finally the fear you are hiding will understand that you are not a doll. It can’t break you down!

When you feel these emotions creeping in your mind, stay away from food. Just go outside for a walk. It is just a matter of taking your mind somewhere else, where it will feel comfort. Call a friend that knows about your problem- just talk over it, and the troubles will fall from your shoulders. Find another outlet. Find something you enjoy doing- maybe painting? Reading? Or something else! Just find what it is and do it when you feel the urge.
I know it is a long road to travel. But do not give in to emotional setbacks. Instead- WELCOME THEM! Welcome them as an opportunity to fill the emptiness with the best that your life has to offer!

Workout of the day, October 29

Workout of the day, October, 29


If you are a beginner scale:

30 sec max distance

30 sec rest

1min max distance

1min rest

1min 30 sec max distance

1min 30 sec rest

2 min max distance

2 min rest

If you are advanced:

1min run

1min rest

2min run

2min rest

3min run

3min rest

Interview with Travis Maples

Travis Maples

Ines Subashka: Introduce yourself.
Travis Maples: My name is Travis Maples.

IS: How long have you been doing Crossfit?
TM: I have been Crossfitting for  2 years!

IS: Have you been involved in some other sports before that?
TM: Before Crossfit, I played basketball, volleyball, and football in high school. And went on to play football in College before discovering Crossfit in my Junior year. After that, I knew Crossfit was what I wanted to pursue.

IS: How did people around you accept the fact that you are doing crossfit?Did they take a jaundiced view of it?
TM:  At first, giving up college football wasn’t easy, however once my friends and family saw how passionate I was about learning and teaching the sport of Crossfit, it was well accepted. Now I have an excellent support structure from friends and family that do crossfit as well as those that do not.

IS: Do you have a nutrition plan that you follow? If yes, do you meet disapproval from you friends?Or do they understand why you eat the way you do?
TM: I try my best to follow Paleo, however being a college student with limited finances, I do have to cheat and eat the occasional ramen noodle meal. But I essentially try to eat high protein, high fat, and low carbohydrate foods.

IS: What does crossfit mean to you and did it change your life in some way?
TM: Crossfit really has become a huge part of my life. It is my outlet from the stresses of the real world, and has also given me an unbelievable community to be apart of. I love teaching the sport and I will be Crossfitting as long as I am able.

Travis Maples

IS: What is your favorite WOD and which one do you hate the most?
TM: My favorite WOD would have to be...Grace(30 Clean& Jerks for time)! I love the clean and jerk movements, plus it is one of those workouts where you have to go all out from the very start. Some people’s times are so low on it now that you can’t really afford to take breaks. 30 reps ground to overhead as hard as you can! My best time is 1:58.

IS: Is it hard for you to combine your daily tasks with workouts? And have you ever used the excuse that you are too busy to workout?
TM: I’ll often have days that are so full of class and work that I am extremely pressed to workout. But to be honest, I will jam them in at night before bed if I have to. Even if it’s just a run or some interval rowing, I feel better if I do something.

IS: What is your biggest accomplishment in crossfit so far?
Getting my level 1 certification was a big accomplishment, and I’m hoping to add some accomplishments at this years Crossfit Open Sectionals! But physically, breaking sub 3:00 on Fran was a big deal to me. The first time I did it, I got over 4 minutes. I trimmed that time down to 2:55 a couple weeks ago. I was on cloud 9.

Travis Maples

IS: Do you remember some funny story with you and crossfit?
As far as funny stories go, I remember trying to get down handstand pushups in my garage. I put my feet up against a door, and the door swung wide open. I fell on my head and went feet first into my house. Hurt a little, but it was certainly funny.

IS: What advice would you give to the beginner crossfiters in Bulgaria?
TM: Advice to beginners: Keep it fun! Never stress out over a workout, Crossfit is your outlet. If it ever feels like work, you need to find something else.

Workout of the day, October, 27

Workout of the day, October, 27


If you are a beginner, scale:

50 jumps on rope

20 burpees without the push up

20 box jumps

20 toes to horizontal( you can do it with bent knees)


50 jumps on rope


If you are advanced:

30 double unders(90 singles if you can’t do DU)

30 burpees

30 box jumps

30 toes to horizontal or to bar if you can do them

30 swings

30 double unders( 90 singles)

Kettlebell swings- the priceless exercise!

That is how kеttlebells look like!

Back in the days, when I was a basketball player, though I had a pretty good technique I used to be a little slower than I wanted to be. I was desperately trying to make my feet move faster on the court, so I found a track coach and started practicing with her. I did not like the practices very much, because they were a lot different than the intensity of my basketball practices, and back then I was so caught up in the daily routine, that I did not like anything different. But still there was one thing I loved. And that was the kettlebell. Up to that moment I think I have never seen or used one. I remember the track coach made me take a kettlebell and jump with it on a bench. It was hard but still a lot of fun.

That was my first encounter with kettlebells.After I stopped attending the track practices, I forgot about this really useful workout tool. And then last summer Crossfit came, and my life will never be the same! :) I don’t think that there is something in crossfit workouts that I do not like, but there are these exercises that I totally LOVE! One of them is the kettlebell swing.

Whenever I do not have enough time to go to the gym, I can always stop in the middle of the road, take the kettlebell from my luggage-carrier and have a hell of a practice. Kettlebells can be used in so many different ways! Just one kettlebell is enough to frame a hell of a body!

So let’s get back to the kettlebell swings. I love including them in my WODs. I also love including them in my client’s workouts. Some of them though do not have the love for swings that I have. I know that at the beginning a kettlebell swing may look a little weird. When I show how the swing is supposed to be done, most people start laughing because they make the wrong associations with the explosive hip snap.:)

Russian kettlebell swing

There are two types of swings-one is the traditional swing(also called russian swing), and the other one is the overhead swing(called the American swing). I myself have never done the russian swings. I prefer doing swings with bigger range of motion,because I like doing heavier stuff, or actually doing more work. And work is equal to the weight lifted multiplied by the height we lift the object.

Although my preferences to the american swings, when I start teaching somebody doing the swing movement I encourage them to master first the russian swing and then go to the next level and do the american swings. I think it is better to learn the kettlebell swings that way, because most people initially can’t get the movement right. One of the most important things when doing a swing is the explosive snap from the hips.With a focus on this hip action, the kettlebell will rise to chest or chin height easily with no work from the arms and shoulders. This is the point- you shouldn’t be muscling the bell up with your arms. And that is what most beginners try doing-they either try to lift the kettlebell frfm the arms, thus putting more tension on the lower back(which is not reccomended), or doing an unnecessory squatting, and thus interfering with the desired hip movement.

So in order for them to be easier, and think more about the explosive hip movement, than consentrating on the lifting of the kettlebell, I make sure that they first master the russian swings.

American kettlebell swings

When they become natural :) at russian swings, I mostly exclude them from the workout routine and introduce my favorite overhead(american swings). There are a couple good things about the overhead swing. First you’re involving more of the body in the movement, so it’s a more complete exercise. Second, the greater height of the bell means you can easily generate more downward momentum going into the next rep which this means the hips and back must absorb more force and therefore are being trained harder. And last but not least if you’re using the swing as a conditioning exercise, this means more work and consequently more gas necessary.

The kettlebell swing is a really useful exercise. It is really good when practicing for explosive power. I have read a lot about football player’s workout routines, and the swings are some of the most used exercises in the gym, when the goal is explosiveness. It’s an excellent exercise for conditioning the lower back, glutes and hamstrings to volume, improving lower back stamina and stability, and is great even for cardio conditioning- a couple series of high rep swings, can be a good way to substitute your metcons at the end of your practice…

…just one kettlebell and it does wonders with you! :)

Basically, that is how the kettlebell swing, looks like when broken in phases:

Workout of the day, October, 26

Workout of the day, October, 26


If you are a beginner scale:


Overhead squat( pick an appropriate weight)

Deadlift (pick an appropriate weight)

If you are advanced scale:


Overhead squat (45kg/ 30kg)

Deadlift ( 75kg/ 50kg)

Part 2: Health- what it really means?

Physical activity is important!

After we discussed yesterday how food and sleep affect our health it is time to see how physical activity and the mind influence our well being.

3. Physical activity- doing regular physical activity has a lot of benefits not only for your overall look but for your health as a whole. It is proven that physical activity  reduces the risk of developing heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, some cancers, type 2 diabetes and osteoporosis. Regular physical activity also helps to control weight, and may help to ease stress, anxiety, and depression.

You should aim at doing lots of non exercise physical activity, which means having more active lifestyle- so after you read the article ;) get off the PC, leave the chips in the pantry and go for a walk! Besides that it is good if you include some intensive workouts at least three times a week. And by intensive I don’t mean prolonged running, I mean short and effective workouts that include some strength training and sprints. I already discussed  here how strength training could prevent osteoporosis.

The mind-body connection

4. Mind- here we come to the powers of the mind. Your body responds to the way you feel, think and act. When you feel stressed, sad, anxious- your body is actually sending you a signal that something is wrong. There is a lot of books and researches on the correlation between your emotions and your physical health. Poor emotional health can weaken your body’s immune system, making you more likely to get colds and other infections during emotionally difficult times. Candace Pert says that the chemicals which run in our body and brain are the same that run in our emotions, thus we should pay more attention to emotions in respect with health.

The mind/ body connection is a really complicated thing. As I said earlier everything comes up to chemical reactions, which when disrupted lead to “chronic stress syndrome”.  The mixture of hormones released  as a  response suppresses the immune system. This is again due to the way our ancestors adapted dealing with occasional threats during hunting and living. But in todays life this adaptive process is hurting us more than it is helping us. We have really stressful life, and thus we keep the releasing of this hormones constant.This stress response that is continually “on” leads to declining our resistance to disease. Emotions likes grief, feelings of failure, and suppression of anger, produce over-secretion of these same hormones, which suppress the immune system.

Even if we look simpler at things, and take a look at our daily life- we will find out how when we feel emotionally down, it seems like our strength is drained. Everything becomes harder, we feel tired and weak and most likely loose desire to deal with our life. All of this is a consequence of our  not so healthy mind. Good news is that as everything else mind health could be improved if we try harder. In future articles I will give some advices how you could cope better with stress, anxiety and the pressure as a whole!

Now after you are aware how each of the four components influence our overall health, probably you share my opinion and I hope that you will take action to improve all four of them!


Health- what it really means?



One of my favorite ways to show different conceptions and the relations between them are Ven diagrams. Each of the circles in the diagram, shows a different conception and the point where they cross, leads to a new idea or a new conception. So while I was waiting in line the other day, I was thinking what is health? What constitutes  physical health? Thus, after some contemplating I came to the conclusion that there are four components which combination is the base of good health: food, sleep, mind and physical activity.

First of all let’s see what the word “health” truly means. It comes from the old English word “hale”, which means “whole”, i.e. healthy means completed! In order to understand why I consider exactly these four components, to influence our health the most, we will take a look at each one of them.

Ven diagram of health

1. Food- the body uses food to produce the energy needed so we can move, work and function better. Each nutrient, which the foods contain provides our body the micro and macro nutrients needed. By definition energy is the ability to do work. By a bunch of complicated biochemical processes, the body uses the food we consumed and breaks it down so it can use it for energy later on. As I mentioned a lot of biochemical processes take place in the body and in order for each one of them to function properly- the right nutrients should be available. When one of the needed nutrients is deficient, things go wrong and the proper functioning of the body is being disturbed. Although our body is “smart” and has back up plans- meaning it finds ways to keep functioning-this doesn’t mean that everything is going the right way! That is exactly how diseases occur.- when the macro and micro nutrients needed are deficient, the digestion, absorption and secretion are disturbed.  Besides that consuming junk foods- with lots of sugar, sweeteners, corn syrup, trans fats and etc basically we rob our body by not giving it what’s needed. It keeps on functioning but it is slowly eating itself from the inside and this leads to abunch of diseases. Because I don’t want to bore you with complicated explanations I will give a simple example. I and my sister have the same cars- by the same I mean exactly the same- color, model, brand, even the registration numbers are the same besides the last number. The only difference is that mine runs

Food matters!

on gas and hers runs on diesel. One day I took her car and I stopped at the gas station. Without even giving it a thought I put gas in it instead of diesel. Right when I was leaving the gas station it hit me that I made a huge mistake. I turned it off immediately. If I had not remembered that it was her car, probably my sister wouldn’t have a car anymore. So what is the conclusion? Both cars need the same thing-fuel. But the fuel is different- the fuel that makes one of them run good, could harm the other one to a point where it wouldn’t be able to function! It is the same with our body. That’s why we should consume real food- otherwise if we eat junk, undereat or overeat we risk blocking our body’s functioning and get sick.

Sleep is important

2. Sleep- sleep is an anabolic, building process, which main purpose is to restore the body’s energy supplies which have been depleted during our daily activities. We couldn’t maximize our mental or physical capacity if we don’t let this restoring process to happen.

Everything comes down to Circadian cycle or in other words the 24 hour cycle of sleep and wake time. We are programmed to get up and go to bed with the sun. Besides that in our body there are two hormones that also follow the Circadian cycle- growth hormone and cortisol. While we are asleep  the growth hormone is released in our body and what it does is let the restoring process happen. On the other hand, cortisol is released after light stimulation. Its levels are high in the morning and slowly decrease during the day.

Nowadays it is impossible to wake up and fall asleep with the sun, but we could try to do the optimal, in order to get the amount of sleep needed- about 8 hours. Instead what we do is try to ruin our health by consuming lots of energy drinks and coffee, which rises the levels of cortisol, keeps us awake longer and thus we do not sleep enough. This interferes with body’s restoring process and we get to the point of exhaustion, which reflects bad on our physical and mental health, lowers our physical capacity and our productivity. Do you get it now why it is not good watching TV till midnight, drinking energy drinks and so on. The worst thing is that most of us do both- drink energy stuff, sleep little and it slowly destroys us!

Stay tuned for the second part tomorrow, where we will find out how physical activity and mind, influence our overall health!

Workout of the day, October, 25

Workout of the day, October, 25


If you are a beginner scale:

3 rounds:

200m run

20 KB swings with 8kg

200m tire dragging

If you are advanced:

3 rounds:

400m run

20KB swings with 16kg

400m tire dragging


I eat healthy because…

Eat real food!

I eat healthy because it makes me feel energized, it makes me feel good about myself. I love how real food fuels my body so I can be at the top of my game all day long.

I eat healthy because prevention is the best medicine. I strongly believe that food is the main reason behind our good or our bad health. Most people let themselves eat whatever is in sight and later on when tortured by sickness they desperately search for a cure. I’d rather do it the other way. I take the steps towards changing my quality of eating in order to change my quality of living!

I eat healthy  because it helps me improve my workout capacity. The more I give my body what it needs, the more it works in my favor and helps me achieve my goals!

I eat healthy because I tottaly love how real food tastes. By changing your eating habits you will discover how taste buds change with healthy eating.You will find out that the natural flavors of real food could be way better than overly processed aggressive tastes so common with excessively salty and sweet junk foods.

I eat healthy because I owe it to myself. There is nobody else that could take better care for you! Your health and the wuality of your life is in your own hands. Make sure you give yourself, what you deserve. Don’t put up with less than the best!

Workout of the day, October, 24

Workout of the day, October, 24

Coconut cake recepie

Coconut cake

If you are dying to eat a piece of cake, instead of eating some processed crap, get busy in the kitchen and make your own, delicious cake!

Here is an easy recepie for a cake. You couldn’t go wrong, just follow the steps and you will have a delicious coconut cake!

The ingredients:

For the dough:

125 grams butter

2 tbs honey

2 eggs

250 grams flax flour

2 tbs cocoa

1/2 baking powder

100 ml. milk

For the cream:

300 ml milk

40grams semolina

80 grams butter

2 tbs honey

100 grams shredded coconut


For the topping

1 tbs honey

2 or 3 tbs cocoa

40 grams butter

100 grams  nuts of your choice( I used almonds)


1. Preheat oven to 180 degrees. Mix the butter with the honey and the eggs. Mix the flour, together with the baking powder, the cocoa and the milk and then add them to the eggs mixture.

2.Put some butter in the baking form and bake for 25minutes. In this time in a pot boil the milk with the butter. When the milk starts boiling add the semolina, the honey and vanilla. Boil for 5-6 minutes.

3. When the dough for the cake is done baking, cut it in half or you could make one more to put on top.

4.Pour the cream over half of the baked cake dough and put the second piece on top.

5.Then for the topping, melt the butter and the honey with the cocoa till you get a smooth mixture. Then pour it on top of the cake just to soak the upper piece. On top sprinkle the nuts. Put it in the fridge for about an hour and then enjoy it!

Coconut cake

Workout of the day, October, 23

Workout of the day, October, 23

If you are a beginner scale:

3/ 6/9/12

Thrusters( pick an appropriate weight)

band assisted pull-ups or horizontal pull ups

If you are advanced:


Thrusters 30kg/ 20kg

chest to bar pull-ups

The war between high fat and high carb diets

I started writing this article a couple times. Every time I divagated from the main team, as I was either digging way too deeper in science researches or trying to catch every thought that is running through my mind and then write it down, and thus confusing even myself and what’s left for my readers… That’s why I closed my computer, closed my eyes and remembered what a really well known journalist told me at a seminar I attended a year ago. He said, that when I write, I have to close my eyes and imagine I am trying to explain my grandmother whatever I was writing about. He told me to keep it as simple as I can. So I decided that my grandma wouldn’t care for adenosine triphosphate, mitochondria, triglycerides and similar stuff. I guessed that you wouldn’t care either, so here is what I managed to do:

First of all, in order to understand why there is such war between high carbs followers and high fat followers, let’s reveal what stands behind each one of them.

The fat paradigm, claims that the fuel which our body prefers are fats. This is a result of our evolution, where our genes were pre-programmed to function optimally, when we consume fats. In reality the energy for our daily activities could be provided by fats and ketones.  According to this paradigm the only time when we need glycogen, as a main fuel source, is when we need an immediate energy( meaning a burst of energy in an emergency situation)

The high carbs paradigm, claims that the fuel which our body prefers are carbs. Actually the followers of this paradigm, consider that the brain and other organs can’t function properly without carbs. They also believe that fats are what is gonna lead you to death, caused by high cholesterol, high blood pressure and all kind of diseases you could think about!

But let’s look deeper in the two paradigms and find out which one is more trustworthy!

First of all, let’s research my favorite primal people. ;) Do you think that they had a structured menu, where they ate every two or three hours, so they could be sure that their blood sugar levels will be constant, so they didn’t go in starvation mode? Do you think they ate oatmeal for breakfast, so their muscles couldn’t break down? Do you think that their wives cooked potatoes or rice, in order to be sure that her hubby will have his  carbs doze just in time, so he could feel in shape and have strngth for hunting? I doubt it! Let’s find out why! Without getting too deep in scientific researches, let’s follow the logic. We all know that our body is adapted to store fat, which could eventually be used in case of prolonged stravation. Therefore if we do not have food for a longer period of time, in order for our organs to function properly and in order to provide energy for our daily activities, the body is gonna use those stored fats! Where did carbs go? If they are the fuel, which our body prefers, why the liver- the main place where glycogen is stored- can only store about 100 grams of glycogen. That is less than a day’s worth! Plus our muscles can store between 350-500grams more, but this glycogen is not available to be provided to the brain. On the other hand our body has unlimited capacity to store fat- about 100,00grams which equals a million calories!! If carbs are the preferred fuel, why the body has such big capacity to store fat and not carbs?

That is the food pyramid you should follow!

I know that if your whole life you’ve been on the SAD, which claims that you should eat carbs and limit the fat, you probably adapted to use carbs as your main fuel source, but that does not mean that you function optimally and that this is the prefered fuel! Eating mainly carbs, you send signals to your genes to up-regulate the enzym segments and receptors, included in the burning of carbs and storing of fats and to down-regulate those included in burning fat for energy. It takes time to preprogram your body to use fat as fuel again, and what you should do to achieve it is limit the carbs and eat more fat.

Besides that eating carbs, leads to high levels of insulin in your body. Insulin is an anabolic hormone, which your body produces in order to lower your blood sugar. The blood sugar rises when we eat and mainly when we consume carbs. What happens is – your pancreas produces insulin, which will take glucose away from the bloodstream. Then the cells can use glucose to produce energy if it is needed. If they do not use it for energy, glucose is send in the liver, where it is stored as glycogen. Besides that insulin interferes the body to use fat for energy. In the absence of insulin, the cells do not use glucose for fuel and thus the body renews the usage of fat as main fuel source. High insulin, lets glucose to enter the fat cells, converting it in trigycerides. This right here is the main problem! Triglycerides are simply fats, circulating in the bloodstream. As everything else in our body they have an important function, but when the levels of triglycerides are high- there is a reason to be worried! Actually the best way to find out if you are threatened to have a stroke is not high LDL cholesterol (low-density lipoproteins), but the ratio between triglycerides and HDL cholesterol(high-density lipoproteins).Though insulin is essential to life, chronic elevation of insulin will decrease cells sensitivity to it! This is known as insulin resistance. This leads to a lot of diseases like Diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis, coronary heart disease and so on…

As I started drifting from the topic again and making my explanation complicated I will stop here. In the future I will keep on writing on the topic but as a beginning that is enough information to give you some food for thought! If you wanna know more why your body functions better when fats are the main fuel source, read this article, which I read every time I get a chance! It is written pretty simple and in the same time it throws a lot of light on the topic. Of course this is far from a complete information on the topic but as I said it is a good start in understanding what carbs cause you!



Interview with Marianna Tzourtzek

Marianna Tzourtzec

Ines Subashka: Introduce yourself.
Marianna Tzourtzek: My name is Marianna Tzourtzek,My coach calls me Greek Warrior. I ‘m half Croatian and Half Greek, 26 years old and I live in Athens!I’ m a graduate of the physical education university!I work as Crossfit coach from last year but i used to be personal trainer since 2003.

IS: How long have you been doing Crossfit?
MT: I’m doing Crossfit since 2008 and I’ m serious athlete since September of 2009.

IS: Have you been involved in some other sports before that?
MT: I was athlete in Gymnastics for several year in national level!

IS: How did people around you accept the fact that you are doing crossfit?Did they take a jaundiced view of it?
MT: Crossfit is unknown yet so lots of people doesn t know it.When they watch my videos or my training they just are just surprised! They think is difficult, unique and the elite of fitness.

IS: Do you have a nutrition plan that you follow? If yes, do you meet disapproval from you friends?Or do they understand why you eat the way you do?
MT: Yes, I have a strict nutrition plan especially now in my preparation for the sectionals/regionals ! My friends know how difficult is what I do and they understand my sacrifices!

Marianna Tzourtzec

IS: What does crossfit mean to you and did it change your life in some way?
MT: Crossfit for me means Mental strength, power,passion, beauty , heart of lions! My WHOLE life I searched for a fitness that I couldn’t explain. I was always active, always “healthy”.I swum,run, done gymnastics and lived a relatively balanced and happy lifestyle. Then I found CrossFit and my life will never be the same….Because of CrossFit, I will never be satisfied with my fitness. There will always be something to achieve, something to try and something to “get better at”, nothing I can’t do!

IS: What is your favorite WOD and which one do you hate the most?
MT:  I HATE Nancy : 5 rounds for time of 400m run /15OHS and my favorite is any kind of CHIPPER.

IS: Is it hard for you to combine your daily tasks with workouts? And have you ever used the excuse that you are too busy to workout?
MT: It’s very hard being athlete and coach together. I must impart my passion to my clients-athletes in a healty way.Yes there are some days I’ m too busy and I can’ t workout but I always replenish my lost time..

IS: What is your biggest accomplishment in crossfit so far?
MT: I was trying for long time MU and Snatches, now I can manage them so well and I am closer in my goals .

Marianna Tzourtzec

IS: Do you remember some funny story with you and crossfit?
Two months ago, I had to do Fran in my daily training…I wanted to video take it.I was trying hard on the pull up bar when I fell from the bar down on the ground ! I have this on video, it was so funny cause I returned and continued my workout like nothing happened!

IS: What advice would you give to the beginner crossfiters in Bulgaria?
MT: Crossfit is unique ! All crossfitters will find their weird side of themselves.Stenght ,power, they will set personal goals..They will have days of disappointments and will want to be better and better every day! They will grow their tenacity! That’s awesome! DON’T GIVE UP! my quote:”All achievement is the triumph of persistence”

Workout of the day, October, 21

Workout of the day, October, 21

I used to…

I used to…


I used to long for the pounds on the scale to decrease, now I long for the pounds on the bar to increase!

I used to long for being skinny, now I long for being shapely!

I used to eat for fun and comfort, now I eat to fuel my body!

I used to crave junk food, now I crave real food!

I used to workout for weight loss, now I workout to be better!

I used to dream of being fit, now I enjoy being it!

I used to find excuses, now I find solutions!

I used to be ashamed of my body, now I am proud to show it!

I used to try fitting myself in the standards for perfect body, now I enjoy setting my own standards for what beautiful is!

I used to doubt my abilities, now I have no limits.

I used to be afraid of getting bulky, now I encourage others to overcome it!

I used to compare myself with others, now I am simply content with being myself.

I used to be proficient at lifting the fork, now I am proficient at hitting the weights!

I used to get high from sugar and candy, now I get high from working out.

I used to be afraid of my next workout, now I can’t wait for the next workout to come.

I used to do endless cardio, now I lift weights!

I used to break down easy, now I am strong enough to move forward!


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