I eat healthy because…

Eat real food!

I eat healthy because it makes me feel energized, it makes me feel good about myself. I love how real food fuels my body so I can be at the top of my game all day long.

I eat healthy because prevention is the best medicine. I strongly believe that food is the main reason behind our good or our bad health. Most people let themselves eat whatever is in sight and later on when tortured by sickness they desperately search for a cure. I’d rather do it the other way. I take the steps towards changing my quality of eating in order to change my quality of living!

I eat healthy  because it helps me improve my workout capacity. The more I give my body what it needs, the more it works in my favor and helps me achieve my goals!

I eat healthy because I tottaly love how real food tastes. By changing your eating habits you will discover how taste buds change with healthy eating.You will find out that the natural flavors of real food could be way better than overly processed aggressive tastes so common with excessively salty and sweet junk foods.

I eat healthy because I owe it to myself. There is nobody else that could take better care for you! Your health and the wuality of your life is in your own hands. Make sure you give yourself, what you deserve. Don’t put up with less than the best!

Workout of the day, October, 24

Workout of the day, October, 24