Tips To Get Back On Track After The Holidays

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The holidays are over and it is time for everybody to get back to reality! For those of you, who have made healthy a way of living, there won’t be a problem, because your fridge is always full of healthy, real, nutritious food! For those of you, tough, that are “traditionalists” and used the holidays, as the right opportunity to try every junk food on the table, getting back on track with healthy eating might be a real hell! That is why I decided to give you some tips, how you could manage to fight the bad habits formed throughout the holiday season!

1. Ditch the guilt

Guilt is one of the worst companions in our life. By allowing ourselves to feel guilt about past experiences, we are condemned to failure! After all nobody, could improve, with his head turned back to the past, feeling guilt and shame! You overindulged with junk food over the holidays- THAT’S OK! Blaming yourself, won’t help you to wash away the food you ate! The only thing you are about to do, is interfere with your progress! In order to get the desired transformation, a person needs a positive attitude, optimistic view and excitement! You couldn’t have such an optimistic attitude, if you are constantly looking back on the past, feeling guilt!

2.Stop keeping unhealthy food at home

I guess that you got a lot of cakes, chocolates, biscuits and so on during the holidays. Truth is that sometimes it can be pretty hard to stick to healthy eating, when there are such tempting foods in your fridge and your pantry! If you need to do it-go ahead and give them away, but just get rid of them as soon as possible!

3.Cook your favorite healthy meal

I think that all of you are aware that the myth, about healthy eating being  tasteless has been debunked! Even though, junk food has a more intense taste and sometimes comparing a chocolate with an apple, could make the latter taste worse! In order to “calm down” your brain, that getting back on track with healthy eating, doesn’t mean condemning yourself to starvation and tasteless meals, cook something delicious, healthy and favorite! That is gonna recharge you with some enthusiasm to keep on track with your nutrition!

4.Do your favorite workout

Besides getting back on track with healthy eating, those of you that let themselves become couch potatoes during the holidays, could find it hard to get back to working out! As I already mentioned, in order to stick up to something, you need to be keen as mustard by the thought of doing it! That is why you need to forget about structured workouts, about the program you were following and just make sure you take your butt to the gym! Go in there and forget about estimating the right weight,reps,sets and do something you love! Thus you will  find it easier to light the desire and motivation for working out!

5.Try getting back to a structured plan

One of the reasons, why many people cheat on healthy eating is the lack of a structured and consistent plan over the holidays. Usually, we are invited every day to a different place, at a different time. Most of us are trying not to offend the host and make sure to try all of his meals. Thus, we lose it and the chaos conquers our eating habits. There we are, feeling overwhelmed by the inability to keep on track with your nutrition and you decide to give in to food overindulgence!

That is why you need to give it a try and create a structure to your day, that will give you some security and will probably turn into a habit! That will make it easier to eat better and healthier!

6.Drink water

I am sure that you forgot the taste of water during the holidays! I guess that you emphasized on the soda and the alcohol! This in a combination with the junk food you ate, leads to the bad feeling of being bloated, tired and sluggish! In order to help your body, recover from the holiday indulgence, make sure you provide it with enough water, so it could function properly!

Remember that the short term satisfaction, you feel after eating junk food, couldn’t compare to the long term positives that healthy living will give you! Allow yourself to be healthy,energized and happy!