Favorite Reads of the Week: 02/25/2012

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It’s time for the Good Reads of the Week. I read some pretty good stuff this week and I can’t wait to share them with you! Make sure to take some time of your weekend and read this great articles!

First the artices on InspiredFitStrong from this week:

How Do I Start Eating Healthy?

Gluten Free Nut Cookies

How Long Will the Pain Last?

It’s All Up to You

Exercises You Are Not Doing but You Should

Atletikko Fitness: The Gym Where Your Hard Work Leads to Results

And now the Good Reads of the Week:

In Praise of Older Women
Lois Rain- Big Study: Vaccinated Kids 2-5 More Diseases Than Unvaccinated
The Ultimate Guide to Crossfit Lingo

Eric Cressey- 7 Things I learned in 2011

Jonah Lehrer- What Jeremy Lin Teaches Us About Talent

Mark Hyman- Gluten: What You Don’t Know Might Kill You

Mark Hyman- Three Hidden Ways Wheat Makes You Fat

Francine Shapiro- Why Our Unconscious Rules Us and What to Do about It

Juli Bauer- Embrace Them Thighs

Comparison,Competition and Fun: Tommy Hackenbruck

John Gaglione- 6 Secrets for a Supreme Squat

Dr.Mercola- Pasta Not Bacon Makes You Fat

Mike Spagnola- Is This Preventing You from Becoming an Unstoppable Athlete

Kevin Cann- Carb Addiction: Cake Is the New Crack

Ben Bruno- Motivational Fitness Videos

Jon-Erik Kawamoto- A Surefire Way to Learn the Clean

Crossfit Games- Ease Jason Khalipa

Lisa Thiel- Baby Bump in Road to Games 2012

Jason Ferruggia- Win a Free Copy of the Renegade Diet

Did you like the articles? You know how much I love to read- share with me your favorite articles!  :)

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