Delicious Zucchini with Curds, Walnuts and Fresh SPices


Sometimes people are afraid to try healthy living, because they mistakenly believe in the myth that healthy food is plane and tasteless. But this is not the truth. Healthy food might be delicious, it might have a lot of variety, as long as you want to spend some time in the kitchen and treat what you eat with more respect.
Yes, it is easier to go wait in line and then by a piece of pizza or a burger, but I am convinced that the pleasure of food, increases proportionally with the efforts we made for it.
If you grow your own food; if you prepare your own dairy products, I am sure that their taste will be different; you will have a different attitude towards your food and you will appreciate it more.
It is no coincidence that many of the traditions have something to do with preparing food. It is not the act of eating, but the time you take to prepare the meal that matters.
After this lyrical interruption, I just wanted to say that today, I will offer you one of my favorite recipes for stuffed zucchini. My mother and I cooked them and unlike me, she LOVES BAKING food. That is why the end result is a little over-burnt.

Ingredients: [Read more...]

A Journey Through Life Following In The Footsteps of Two Soul-mates: Chronicles of a Sea Journey


We keep our life in the cage called day. A life, that stays behind the bars of daily routine and monotony. We fool ourselves, that we live and deep inside we are constantly feeling an emptiness, which we don’t manage to fill with anything. Until the moment, when we sense that we can not keep on going like this and that we are ready to do everything just so we can find what we need. In reality, what we need is not something material, it is not something that is being won or something that somebody should give you. Actually, it is a matter of personal choice.The personal choice to choose freedom and the challenges that accompany it.

One of the best ways to explore your own self and the world around, to challenge yourself and in the midst of the unknown, to get the chance to reveal more about your own self, is by traveling.

Actually most of us spend their lives as trees. We grow roots in one place and they go deeper and deeper and attach us to the place where we are standing. With every passing year, it becomes harder to make the decision to do something different, something new. Even when we are not happy with the place we are, we keep on putting up with the unpleasant conditions, which slowly, but surely weaken our desire, our will, our longing… they curse our potential.

An inevitable part of the human character is the strive for possession, the hunger for the feeling of owning something. Maybe that is were our fear of change derives from. Leaving the old and predictable, behind our back is equal to losing something that has already been conquered- even if it means leaving the suffering and the pain. We are used to measuring our own self according to what has already been, what we’ve already invested and what we used to be. The world around us is a vivid affirmation, the illusionary trophy of our inner self. That is why we are so attached to it and why we enchain our own self behind the bars of our own existence. By en-caging our own self, we are secure that nobody is gonna take us what belongs to us.

That’s what I use to do. But I met Ivaylo and something deep inside of me froze. It stood up and became still, so it could give reverence to something great. Felt as if something deep inside of me, knew that this time, the curvy alleys of life, crossed my path with somebody who was gonna give me his hand and help me do what I’ve always secretly wanted to do but never found the courage to actually do it- to travel! Travel without a direction but with a clear goal- to get to know my own self and explore the world.

Almost every week, Ivaylo and I challenge our own self- we leave the secure, predictable daily life, so we can embark in an adventure, which starts home, goes through the unknown and ends up at home.

I once read this:

„This is everything: to return. To disappear from one place on the Earth, to leave and arrive again. Without this place, you wouldn’t love neither it, nor the rest of the world, you wouldn’t have a starting point, because you wouldn’t be anywhere.And if you have just your home place, you wouldn’t think about it, you wouldn’t long for it and you wouldn’t love it. And this is not good. You should think, long for and love. So get ready to travel. – Mesha Selimovic 

These words, always give me courage to follow my freedom and explore the world through traveling. Because I know that no matter where I go, no matter what happens I can always return home. Even when I have the feeling that I don’t have anything, here, at home, there is always one place, which is kept just for me.

This is where we ended up the last time, when the unknown welcomed us, and we accepted the challenge without hesitation.

During the last 5 years, I haven’t gone at the seaside, because I constantly postponed my life for later, focusing just on work, work and work again.

That is why, Ivaylo and I headed towards the seaside. Unlike most people, we didn’t make a reservation, we didn’t even know exactly where we were going. The only thing we predicted, was that we will have Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday- four days, which we were supposed to use to the fullest and fill with as many adventures as possible, to gather as many moments, memories and get to know another part of the wonderful world which surrounds us.

We woke up at 2 a.m. on Thursday. After all the day was supposed to be filled with experiences, not with a travel on the highway. We left early.


We outran the day, but it was really nice to us, and just when the tiredness of the early wake up was taking a toll on us, the day offered us one of the most wonderful sights that a person could eyewitness- the sunrise!

It is astonishing to observe how the sun is slowly rising, displacing the night. How the whole nature is taking a deep breath, in the anticipation of something indescribable, but great to appear. By observing the fire ball, emerging from the depths of the horizon and suddenly spilling all over the sky, you feel a sense of meaning and  a sense that you are part of something bigger than yourself.

The road led us to Sinemorec. We didn’t have an idea where we were gonna sleep. That’s why “coincidence: always has a suggestion and led us to the house for guests “Veleka”. 

When we stepped over the threshold, I knew that this will be our home for the upcoming night. There are thousands of hotels and houses, where you can sleep. In first sight, all of them are the same, but they differ with one thing- the atmosphere, that is present inside.

When you get inside the house, you will notice tenths of pictures hanging from the wall- pictures of visitors, beautiful landscapes from the seaside, the sunrise and the sunset. You will meet the nice lady, who has the most beautiful smile, which fills the room with shining. Just when you see her, you will feel that you want to spend the night there, so you can allow a beautiful person, to become part of your life- even for a day.

Аз и Ивайло с прекрасната домакиня :)

Ivaylo and I with the wonderful lady :)

I live so I can gather moments and beautiful sights. I adore reading, when I am surrounded by the greatness of the nature. The balcony with the sight towards the beach, was exactly what I needed in order to invite my inspiration and do what I love- write and read.

Гледката от балкона :)

The sight from the balcony :)

Обичам да наблюдавам света около себе си, да пия кафе и да пиша :)

I love observing the world around me, drink coffee and write!  :)

As I mentioned, our journeys are not an excuse to stay out of shape, but just an opportunity to be in the best shape ever. I love traveling with Ivaylo. He reflects the best part of my own self and he always motivates me to strive to fulfill my potential. He is the one who encourages me to do one more pull-up, when I insist that “I can’t!”, he helps me progress with my handstand and he challenges me to do pistol squats everywhere.

How do we manage to eat healthy while we are traveling?

By traveling, we detach ourselves from the comfort and predictability, from knowing when and where we could find what we need. Still, we never forget to take with us our values. They are what each one of our choices is build on and what, even when we travel, helps us do what makes us feel good- both physically and mentally.

Even before we left, we boiled about 30 eggs and we took them with us.


Sinemorec turned out to be a great place, where you can enjoy delicious, homegrown veggies and fruits.

We are the kind of people who love LUXURY, so we always eat in a five star restaurant or in this case- six star restaurant ( the sight towards the sea, was worth the additional star).

Ето така изглеждаше един от шестзвездните ресторанти, които ПОСЕТИХМЕ :)

That’s how one of the six star restaurants we visited, looked like. :)

When it comes to eating, we always try to buy real food- such that is as close to its natural state as possible. You will find fruits, veggies, nuts, homemade dairy products, meat, fish and eggs- EVERYWHERE!

We buy some of these foods, then we find a beautiful sight and we open the five star restaurant and enjoy our meal.

When you travel, you realize that you don’t need to be dependent on food and that there is nothing scary to be left hungry for an hour or two, until you find where and what to eat. Exactly the opposite- you start appreciating the food so much more and you understand that eating is not something ordinary, but actually a wonderful opportunity to be thankful.

How do we stay in shape while traveling?

The best workout tool is your own body. It has an unlimited capability and when you take good care of it, you can always rely on your movable gym. You can “open”it everywhere- on the beach, in the mountain, on the road, wherever you feel like.

Не пропускаме да тестваме дали колчетата стават за пистолети :)

We don’t skip doing a pistol squat :)

Хубавата ни гледка :)

Our beautiful sight:)

Ивайло и неговия ТЕСТ на колчето :)

Ivaylo Ivanov :)

Още една от красивите гледки :)

Another one of our beautiful views :)

Поредната спираща дъха гледка :)

Another breath taking view :)

Ivaylo and I, always play the role of explorers and we take the paths less traveled. When there is an easy road and a difficult one, we just look at each other and without uttering a word, we already have an agreement that we are taking the difficult path! Thus, we discover places, which few people have visited. Places, which are not ruined by civilization and places which keep the peace and harmony, which become an inevitable part of you. This is the best thing about journeys and visiting new places- every one of them is being stamped on your mind and it becomes an inseparable  part of you.

Every smell, every sound, carry the memory of an emotion or an experience, which you could always invite in your day, even when you are thousands kilometers away from the place you took them.

We love doing pull-ups on branches, doing handstands or pistol squats. Ivaylo loves jumping on cliffs, stones, parapets and everything that seems dangerous and everything that always makes one of my hairs go white. Still, I am always confident that he won’t injure himself, because he always proves that he is really athletic.

Ето един от баирите, които изкачихме по ТРАДИЦИОНЕН начин :)

One of the traditional ways to climb hills- with walking lunges :)

Морската коса винаги "развълнува" косите ми :D

Sea water, always makes my hair go wild :D

When we see a hill, we once again have a wordless agreement, that we are climbing it with walking lunges. In Sinemorec, there was such a hill and after we swam in the sea, we finished with walking lunges uphill.

We went to bed early, around 21:30p.m., because the morning and the sunrise wouldn’t wait for us to sleep and we couldn’t allow the day to start without us.

Още един спиращ дъха изгрев :)

Another one of the breathtaking sunrises :)


At 05:30 a.m., we were already impatiently waiting for the sun to rise. There isn’t a more beautiful sight, than the sunrise on the beach. We enjoyed it and then we took 30-40 minutes to work out.

We warmed up on the hill and then we moved on the sand.

We warmed up with:

2 accelerated runs on the hill

Some running drills up the hill

2 times walking lunges

1 time backward walking on four “legs”up the hill.

We did this on the beach:

5 rounds:

10 jumping squats

20-25 meters sprint

10 burpees

30 mountain climbers with a band

Не знам кое ми харесва повече- гледката зад Ивайло или Ивайло ;)

I am not sure which one I like more- the view or Ivaylo ;)


The day, led us to Lozenetz, where we visited Maya Stoilova- one of the wonderful people I coach. Maya is a windsurfer and she has a surfing school-ОХО (check out HERE).  I was excited that we will try windsurfing, but what happened next, was beyond my expectations.

I felt, exactly the way I would feel in Heaven. All this surfs, the wonderful coaches and the atmosphere. It was clear that everything was created with a lot of care and desire.

Our first lesson, was led by Ceci. During the whole time, I was critically judging his coaching skills, while I was enjoying our steps from learning how to get on the board to actually windsurfing.

Цеци, Ивайло и аз :)

Ceci, Ivaylo and I :)

Мая и аз :)

Maya and I :)

В Рая :)

A sneak peak in Heaven :)

Запаси от сърфове

I always pay attention to the way coaches explain and their abilities to coach and inspire. Ceci was unique and he explained everything so good. I would hire him for a coach in my gym, if he wasn’t a surfer and if he was interested in functional training.

Thus, after one hour in the water, learning how to windsurf, I was ready to go back in Sofia, sell my apartment and dedicate my life to windsurfing. ( :D )

Then we had some fun with our favorite toy- the rings. Maya, Ivaylo and I tried some exercises and we had a lot of fun.


Мая показва умения на халките :)

Maya showing some mastery on the rings :)


Най-доброто сърф училище :)

The best surfing school in Bulgaria :)

След сърф, трябва да се яде :)

After all, after surf time it is food time:)

On the way back, I met some people, I haven’t met for a long time, but people who are part of my most sacred memories. It is strange how on the road, you meet people, who live in your city, but people you rarely see, Suddenly, you decide to go to a place, which is far away from home and as if “coincidence” wanted to bring you to this person. “Fate” crosses your roads, on a foreign land, so you can set a new beginning of an old friendship.

The road from there, took us to Tzarevo, where we found these unique bars. We had a great workouts, in the company of an amazing sight towards the sea.

WP_20140719_102 WP_20140719_104 WP_20140719_109 WP_20140719_113

The workout was as follows:

5 sets of 5 pistol squats

5 sets of max pull ups ( perform the lats rep in each set, by going down really, really slow, pausing at 90 degrees and holding as much as possible)

3 sets of 8 reps glute ham raise

5 sets of 5 negative push- ups

1 max plan

Some stabilizations on the rings

Thanks to Ivaylo, who once again challenged me, I found out that I can do the exercise on the rings ( the one from the pic). I was really proud with myself and really thankful that Ivaylo helped me broaden my comfort zone and realize that you never know what you are capable of, until you actually try.

We went for a walk in Tzarevo. I recommend you visit this place. It is beautiful.

WP_20140719_19_50_38_Panorama WP_20140719_19_53_32_Pro

The night took us to camping Arapya, where we stayed in a bungalow, placed right on the beach.

In the morning, Ivaylo woke up early, and he was really nice to wake me up at 05:30 a.m., so we could greet the sunrise together. I think that during the last 5 years, I was living just for a moment like this. The sunrise was astonishing and the presence of Ivaylo, made the moment even ore precious.

WP_20140720_06_00_42_Pro WP_20140720_06_03_07_Pro WP_20140720_06_06_59_Pro

I love sleeping in bungalows. People, who sleep in a tent or in a bungalow are different from people, who sleep in a hotel. They are so communicative, free and down to earth. Our neighbors were wonderful and even though we stayed there for one night, we managed to talk to them. It is always great to talk to strangers- to feel how the stranger, becomes your soul-mate.

In their absence, on their table, there was a pack of napkins. They had flowers on them. I love flowers and napkins. One of my hobbies is handmade presents. I decided that even though they were strangers, they won’t be mad at me, if I steal one napkin and make a rose of it and then leave it on their table.


Then, we once again took a path less traveled and spent about an hour, sitting on a cliff, observing the sea, the sea-mews and the cliffs.

I think that I have a new favorite activity- observing the sea mew-s and their flight. Have you payed attention to the way these wonderful birds float in the air? The lower they fly, the more energetically they spread their wings, trying to rise higher. Once they rise high in the sky, they stop making efforts and just float in the air, slowly navigating their flight through the spirt of air. They do not resist the wind. They just float on it, navigating their flight towards the desired direction.


Shouldn’t life be like this? Shouldn’t we learn to stop fighting the situations, and start “floating”on what is happening, learning how to use it in a way so we always progress towards the desired direction.

I think I found why we should go at the seaside. We should observe the waves more often. I was sitting on the shore and I observed the way waves formed, how they reach their tipping point, how they shatter down. The wave meets the shore and then returns back. It reminded me of the cyclic nature of all our actions- we gather an inertia, we climb up, and then there comes a moment when we fall down. It feels as if there is no way out. A moment when we get even with the ground, just the way the wave gets even with the shore, then it leaks backwards, just to become part of the whole see and then rise in a wave again.


Isn’t it strange? The nature is everywhere and it hides the answer to all questions, but we usually ignore it, because we are too focused in our illusions.

Сърце...създадено от природата :)

A heart created by nature :)

...и още едно :)

…and another one :)

For example the picture of this flower. Ivaylo always takes great pictures of really small, almost noticeable flowers and insects. Viewed from the high, among everything else, they seem plane. Once you get closer to them, once you take a look at them, you notice the details, which reveal their true beauty. It is the same with people! When you see somebody in the crowd, we all look the same. Once you take a closer look at somebody, once you take the time to silently walk in his life and get to know him, you notice how unique and different that person is.

WP_20140719_082 WP_20140719_087 WP_20140719_090

Don’t judge from above! Take the time to look in the details!

Then, we got on the road again and we headed to Burgas. As always, Ivaylo couldn’t let our journey to be boring- to start from one place and end up at the planned destination without something interesting taking place. I love the way Ivaylo pays attention to the details and everything I say. I constantly speak about the time when I was a child and my parents used to take me camping in Kiten.

As we were traveling to Burgas, Ivaylo took a turn…towards Kiten. We stopped and walked through the village, the beach and the camp. It is great when somebody gives you a chance to breath into life, moments, which are gone, but moments which always wake up the nostalgia inside of you. It is great, when you are in the presence of a person, who gives you the freedom to call your most sacred moments from the past and co-experience the emotions- again.


After the wonderful meeting with the past, it was once again time to get back on the road. We arrived in Burgas, where we directly headed to the sea garden. Most of my friends said great things about it, but I had to make sure they were saying the truth. There is something great about the central parks of each city. They are something like the heart of the city. Even when everything around seems great, exactly in the center, exactly in this place everything is green, colorful and bubbling with life. It is the same with every human being. We live in a world, build on our own illusion and even when everything seems hopeless, somewhere deep inside of us, there is such a green place, where there is still life and flame. A place, which we should often visit and take inspiration, then return in the other world and create something better, something more valuable.

IMG_20140720_140020 IMG_20140720_140211 IMG_20140720_140537 IMG_20140720_140640 IMG_20140720_142801 (1)

The sea garden in Burgas was so much more than I expected. I can’t explain it, but every time I am surrounded by nature, I feel as if I am home. I feel as if, no matter where I go, no matter how far away from home I move, there is always one place I could call home- every par, every place, “decorated”with nature. I always feel comfortable there.

We walked through the alleys and I observed the benches. I imagined, how if I lived there, I would go for a walk every single day, I would pick a bench, sit there and read something or I would just steal a moment from the day and observe how life happens. Then it was time to leave.

No matter where a person goes, he shouldn’t stay there for a long time. What becomes a habit, soon gets neglected. We stop appreciating it, we stop getting pleasure from it.

On the way we picked a beautiful place, where we “opened”the five star restaurant and we once again enjoyed real, delicious food.

Then we gathered some strength for our journey back to Sofia.

WP_20140718_009 WP_20140720_08_15_11_Pro WP_20140720_08_16_11_Pro

We came back home late. No matter how long you travel around the world, you should always return home. No matter how good you feel around the world, home is best! Knowing that you will go to sleep in your bed; that you will wake up early and your day will start just the way you love it; you will drink coffee in your cup, which is a present from a wonderful person; you will go out on time and go to work and on the way you will meet the neighbor and gift him a smile.


It is always great to return back home- after each journey you go back home a different person; enriched by the experience and the people you met; you already know more about the world and you’ve discovered more about your own self. Now your old home looks way different. After all you are not the same and you have a whole different perspective on life!

The journey always ends up great, when your life is full of people like Ivaylo, who always take care of you; who drive you home to the other end of the city, so  you can be home first; get in bed on time and wake up really early- just like you love- so you can read before work and then go and do what you love the most!

I can’t wait for the next journey!


Delicious Raw Cake with Avocado and Pistachio Cream


Last week I had a birthday and I turned a quarter century! I want to say thank you to all of you who made my birthday so wonderful!

Thank you for every kind gesture, for every kind word and for the time you took for me. Thank you that because I have you, I feel as if everyday is my birthday. Thank you that because I have you, I get the privilege to be surrounded by wonderful people who support me who take care of me; people who inspire and motivate me and make every day different, better than the one yesterday and bring so much meaning to my life!

Thanks to every one of us for the efforts you made, for the wonderful flowers, the unique presents and the outstanding books; for all the handmade presents and cards; for all bouquets with carrots, the raw cake, the membership for Jack Kruse’s webinars, for the poems you wrote for me and that behind every present, I could sense the care, the love and the respect you invested.

The most precious thing in a present are the efforts, the care and the love, which the giver invests. I love handmade presents. I am thankful to Monika and Malina who made a delicious, raw cake for me. I asked for the recipe, so I can share this tasty dessert with you.

Here are some of the presents I received :) [Read more...]

Do You Wear High Heels? Then You Definitely Need to See This!

Ines Subashka

Ines Subashka

Some time ago I wrote this post : Do you wear high heels? Check out what you are doing to yourself!  

I realize that high heels are something that exists since the dinosaur extinction and their isn’t an argument or a nature phenomenon, that could have the power to wipe them out of a woman’s  wardrobe.

I acknowledge, that high heels look sexy and stylish, but this doesn’t change the fact that they are harming your body. In the post I mentioned above, you will understand exactly how they damage your body. Today,my focus is different. Today I will show you how to take care of your calves and feet,so you give your body what it deserves. I will show  you how to use my favorite “tool”- a tennis ball. this is my most trustworthy friend and those of you who know me, are aware that I encourage the use of a tennis ball, a s a treatment for everything.:D I have an unwritten rule:No matter what hurts, try curing it with a tennis ball… if it doesn’t work, you are probably have a problem!

The advice in the video is not just for ladies who wear high heels. It is for every person who wants to feel better and get rid of the pain, which is not a result of an injury,but a symptom that you are neglecting your body.

The Most Delicious Raw Cake I Made: Chocolate- Banana Cake

Най-вкусната сурова торта, която направих

The most delicious cake I made

The last couple weeks, I made some experiments in the kitchen and they turned out pretty good. I love cooking healthy meals. I collected a couple recipes, but I haven’t shared them with you, because I shared the recipes you’ve sent me. This week, I want to show off with my best cooking creation- this raw cake.

I have a birthday tomorrow and I intend on preparing it for my parents- they are really skeptical when it comes to healthy food being delicious and I hope that this cake will change their opinion. This will be my triumph and my biggest present.

Ingredients: [Read more...]

I am Sorry… I Quit!


Thanks to everybody who, through the last year started their Saturday morning with my words and my list with “My Favorite Reads of The Week”. In my opinion, when a person changes, what he does should reflect the change in his identity. Otherwise, there is always a conflict between the inner necessity and what you are doing in reality. Lately, writing the post with my favorite reads, became a habit and not something valuable that I am eager to share with you. Part of it is due to the fact that if back in the days reading blog posts, used to give me worthy information, that I was eagerly anticipating to share with everybody else, today it doesn’t give me enough. Today I have the basics and I am searching for something more; my mind is hungry for more detailed and quality information.

When a person writes a blog post, he shares just a little piece of himself; just a small fragment of what is it in his heart and mind. When a person writes a book… then he reveals his life in details. Then a person confides the most precious things he has, by packaging them in words and sharing them with those who are wandering on the same path and with those who need that shared experience and earned wisdom.

This is exactly how I feel. If back in the days, the pieces, the small fragments from other people’s mind and knowledge, were more than enough, today I am hungry for more- today I want to get to the depths of the knowledge about the world, the human body, evolution and everything else. Blogs, used to help me “hear” the opinion of those who have the courage to share parts of themselves, while books, give me the opportunity to understand the details, the causation and the motives. They give me the opportunity, among the sea of information to disregard from the facts that somebody derived and find my own truth.

Обожавам книгите и времето споделено с тях :)

Обожавам книгите и времето споделено с тях :)

That’s why lately I don’t read as much articles, besides the articles of Dr. Jack Kruse, who is really genius and he is way ahead of everybody else. Reading his posts, I feel like I am getting the information and knowledge I need. Lately, I read more books and I use my leisure time to experience the world- just the way it is. I use my time, not about reading about other people experiences, but instead I use it to gather my own experience and moments; so I can have the opportunity to experience, what I read- but this time in my own, authentic way; I use my time, so I can give the truth an opportunity to reveal by itself… instead of desperately searching for it between the lines.


That’s why from next week, I will start a new column. A column, where every week, I will share in details my trips and adventures, the places I visit, the lessons I learn and people I meet. I will share with you, some of the best moments of my life- those, when I get detached from security, daily routine and monotony and I head in an unknown direction, but with a clear goal- to discover more about my own self and the world.

I will show you why a person should take care of himself and his body.

I will show you how you can travel, without having a strict eating schedule; strict sleeping schedule; without knowing when your next workout is gonna be, but still being in the best shape of your life.

I will show you how in reality, everything a person needs, aren’t the caprices of the ego, but the needs of the soul- it is all about sharing your days with people, who reflect the best part of you; people who are headed in the same direction; people with whom you experience the world in its depths and people who love challenging themselves, their notions and convictions; people who have the courage to walk by your side and explore the unknown parts of the world and your own life.

Ivaylo and I :)

Ивайло и аз :)

The key to each enigma in life is hidden in nature. Every answer, which we search is “packed” and “hidden” in some nature phenomenon, nature law or just in knowing the cyclic and transitory nature of everything in the world, which surround us.

We fool ourselves, that nature is something that is apart from us. In reality, nature is our stable base. Nature and the knowledge about it are what differs those who live a life enchained in the ego caprices, from those who live a life dedicated to the freedom to explore life, to leave the feeling of the secure “ground” of the daily life and embark in adventure, where you discover more about your own self; where you keep what you truly need and get rid of what is just weighing on yourself and interfering with your need to fulfill your potential.

I love spending time in nature. The moments when I leave my own self and I merge into worlds, which are beyond me, beyond the frame of the biased mind, beyond the limitations of my thoughts.


Back in the days, my “trips” ran out with 15 minutes travel to the park and a one hour walk through the alleys. I used to go for a walk to the same place, every day and I was fooling myself that I am living. Until the moment, when my path was crossed with a person, with whom we’ve blown over tenths of times, but somebody who I have been looking for my entire life. Since then, every one of my days is different. Unlike before, today I cannot tell you where I am gonna be tomorrow, because I do not live according to a fixed schedule or according to the rules, I used to set for myself- those that placed me into a box in the otherwise vast and unexplored world.

Back in the days, I used to get satisfied with being a slave of my ego and feeding its hunger with achievements. Now, I enjoy leaving my ego to starve, while I am feeding my soul- with emotions and gathering moments, which give eternity to each experience. In my new column, I will share with you our adventures.

The adventures of two wandering people in search of themselves, in search of something more- Ines and Ivaylo.

We will show you how:

-You can improve your handstand, while you are riding your bike in the mountain;

-how you can practice cold thermogenesis, while swimming in some cold pond in the mountain;

-how to improve your balance, while doing pistol squats on a branch, on a railing or you name it;


How to lower your body fat, while eating quality food, bought straight from the producer- some grandma or grandpa, living in a forgotten village, filled with life and meaning;

-how to improve your physical preparation, while climbing in the mountain, swimming in the pond; while riding a bike in the cross country and testing the physical capacity of your body;


- how to improve the strength of your mind, by learning that there isn’t anything scary in not knowing when your next meal will be; by realizing that you can stay hungry for a couple hours; by paying more effort, even though you are feeling tired and you think you’ve reached your limit; by learning how to feel great, while you are all muddy or wet.

-how to start spontaneous conversations with wonderful people, by helping them change a flat tire, or while they help you;

-how to learn from the experience and wisdom of other people, by asking questions about the path they’ve walked and how to actually listen to what they are sharing.

-how to be citizens of the world and discover the intimacy in every stranger;

-how you do not need to wait, in order to do what you’ve dreamed of; you don’t need to wait in order to visit the places you’ve seen on pictures or save money for a long time in order to be able to go on a trip.

Actually, doing all of this, gives a sense of meaning and when it comes to money, it doesn’t cost much. It turns out that experiencing each day in a completely different way, doesn’t require that much money, but it makes you richer- it enriches your soul.

Our new passion is challenging ourselves and visiting laces we know nothing about; it is going on a trip, without knowing the precise destination, knowing jus the end goal- discovering more about our own self and the world. The best part about traveling is that you leave, being one person and then you return home being completely different- enriched by the beautiful sights; by the experiences you had and people you met. You return knowing more and feeling free. You return filled with more enthusiasm to live and give your best.

You return, feeling other people closer to you, because you’ve realized that we are all connected and that on each alley of life, we meet people who help us, people who you could help as well. You return feeling as if life has more meaning, because you already know that each one of us helps in putting together the puzzle of the world and turning it into a better place.

Blame Evolution for Disease: The Origin of Diseases as an Evolutionary Adaptation and How to Find a Cure to Them


You’ve probably heard that the “strongest survive”. This is a truth, which has a deeper meaning than you suggest. Actually what does it mean that the strongest survive? Everything that we are today, our level of development is a result of one thing- evolution!

Evolution by itself has a really powerful weapon, through which it achieves its goal. This weapon is called natural selection. The most important thing about your body is survival. That is why evolution, with the help of natural selection, guarantees, that the strongest and most adaptable spices will survive. On a molecular level, natural selection occurs when a specific type of DNA, becomes common because of the advantages it has for the organisms which carry it.

Genetics or to be more precise epigenetics- the way your genes change as a response to the environment, is my new passion. This is an extremely interesting science and in my opinion it hides the answers to a lot of questions, which we ask on a daily basis and the key solution to most of the problems we encounter. If there is one textbook, which gives the answer to each enigma, that troubles society, it would be called- EVOLUTION.

Have you ever thought for the origin of diseases? Have you ever asked yourself, what is the reason behind their existence and why we cannot find a cure to  most of them, but instead we are just trying to suppress the symptoms?

The answer is that you cannot cure a disease, if you don’t know what causes it. I will suggest you a different point of view. A point of view, which is explored in details, but unfortunately most people, as well as traditional medicine ignore it. I don’t know why- maybe it is more convenient, but it is not good for us!

Anyways, I think that the more people know what is the reason behind the origin of each disease, the more, in the future, we could pay attention to it and challenge the common knowledge and the common cures. We could eyewitness a revolution in medicine.

What is it behind the origin of diseases?

What we consider a disease in our modern society, used to be an advantage for our ancestors. It used to help them survive and adapt to the constant environmental changes. What does this mean if we take diabetes type 1 for example- i.e., the inability of the body to produce insulin, in a response to higher blood sugar levels?

Diabetes type 1 is a genetic disease and it is widely spread in Northern Europe. The disease is highly spread in Finland, Sweden, Norwegian. The further away towards the South we go, the rarer the disease becomes. Actually this disease is not typical for Africa or Asia and most would neglect this information.

If you are more into genetics and epigenetics, then this fact would rise your curiosity and it will challenge you to get in the role of a scientist.

When a disease is genetic and when you observe the tendency for a geographical predominance, then this fact has a logical reason behind it. And it is no coincidence! Here the key to the enigma is once again evolution. The reason is simple. When we observe something like this, we could suggest that this common trait, which we consider a disease, in a particular stage of our evolution was an advantage and it helped us survive.

What does that mean if we take diabetes? Higher blood sugar levels, help living organisms ( in this case humans) to cope better in really cold conditions, because blood sugar lowers the point of freezing in our blood. Think about alcohol. The higher is the sugar content, the less is the possibility for the beverage to freeze. This means that high blood sugar levels are a natural antifreeze, which helps living organisms to survive in colder environment. And once again, what is Diabetes Type 1? It is the inability of the body to produce its own insulin, in a response to higher blood sugar levels.


Insulin lowers blood sugar. All the countries that I listed above, have one common characteristics- cold climate. This means, that the genius which stands behind evolution, led to such genetic changes, where the mechanism , which is responsible for signaling for insulin release, just stops working. Thus, the higher blood sugar levels couldn’t be lowered and the living organisms could survive in extreme cold. When a defect doesn’t match the environment, it occurred for, then it becomes a disease- i.e., it is not an advantage anymore, because the environment is changed and it doesn’t require this survival mechanism.

If scientists turn to evolution as a main source of knowledge; if they understand where and why a particular disease occurred and as a response to what it occurred, then they could use this information in order to cure their patients. How? The only way  to turn the disease into an advantage is to create an environment, which matches the environment towards which the defect occurred. What does this mean? For example, when it comes to Type 1 Diabetes, the most adequate would be cold thermogenesis- i.e. creating conditions which favor colder temperature. Conditions which would mimic the environment which unlocked the defect as an advantage. The proper food choices, together with a conscious control of the environment would be the key to cure every disease.

Maria Doncheva: No Bake- Chocolate Cake



Thanks to everybody who sends me messages with great recipes and everybody who wants to be part of my culinary column. I was sure that you will send me great ideas for healthy recipes and more than everything, I love your kind words. Thank you for all your time and interest.  If you want to share your favorite healthy recipe, check out how to do it HERE.

Today I have a wonderful recipe about a healthy, raw cake, which is the masterpiece of Maria Doncheva. In the future I intend on inviting Maria for an interview, because I think that her knowledge would be helpful for a lot of the women who follow my blog. Who is Maria? 

This is me!

I am a mother of two beautiful children and a breastfeeding consultant.

I’ve been trying to eat healthy and take care of myself, even before I had my children, but now that I have them I have even better motivation to do it.

I prepared the cake for my mother’s birthday and it was provoked by a recipe on your blog.

In two weeks I will be 30, but I feel not more than 21 years old. I am always with a smile and always positive.

Прекрасната- Мария Дончева :)

The beautiful Maria Doncheva :)

And now the recipe. [Read more...]

The Best Articles I Stumbled Upon This Week

Инес Субашка-Ines Subashka

How was your week? Mine was a little bit tiring, but wonderful. My life is full of wonderful, motivated people, who inspire me to give my best-every single day and become a better version of myself.

I love this time of the year, when I don’t get off my bike. Life on top of the bike and life behind the windshield of a car, seems so different- two different worlds.

Riding a bike is like opening a door to a forgotten place- a place where riding your bike, you observe how life is happening- in its depth; you catch every sent and you attach it to an emotion or experience or a sent, which immediately teleports you back to a memory, that you’ve saved deep in your heart. A memory, which always brings good feelings.

If you haven’t ridden a bike for a long time, go ahead and do it. You will not only become physically fitter, but your soul will feel better!


First, the articles on InspiredFitStrong, in case you’ve missed something:

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Stop Failing! 3 Steps That Will Help You Achieve Athletic and Strong Body



Seems like life of most of us is a constant fight, a constant conflict between who we want to be and who we are in reality. Seems as if we miss the present moment and the opportunities around us, because we are way too focused on what we are not, than what we have and how we could use it, in order to slowly, but surely move towards the life and the image we’d like to have for our own self.

Such a fight, a conflict between the present and the desired state of being is the fight to be in a better shape and to be healthier.

Probably you’ve asked yourself a thousand times- why, when there is information in abundance, when it comes to healthy living and even you know what you are supposed to do, you find it hard to get motivated and make the effort towards your goals?

You know what I am talking about, right?

- You know that you shouldn’t overeat with sweets and dough, that you shouldn’t eat pizza or burgers every day, yet every time you have the choice, instead of choosing the healthy alternative you choose the one that harms you.

-You know that smoking is bad for you, yet you keep on smoking cigarette after cigarette.

Why does it happen like this?

We are supposed to be reasonable beings and we know what is good for us, but we somehow fail to do it. Do we really hate ourselves that much? Do we really need to punish our own self? We are great, when it comes to giving advices, but we always fail when we should apply them in our own life.

The topic is unbounded and there are a bunch of perspectives to be viewed. Today I will focus your attention, towards the different stages of awareness, which dictate our behavior. The stages of awareness, which logically explain our “irrational” actions and decision makings.

I’ve always had an intuitive knowledge about the different stages of awareness. I’ve walked the distance towards each one of them and I know what my thinking used to be on every step of the way, what were my actions like and what was the state of my life as a result of my behavior.

Still, the best formulation of the different stages of awareness, was given to me by one of my favorite people- Peter Sage. He is a unique person and if you haven’t heard of him, immediately go on google or youtube and research him. The time is totally worth it.

So, what are the stages of awareness and how they influence the choice you make and how consciously detecting them and observing your own self, could help you find the path to getting in shape and improving your health.

3 stages of awareness

There are three stages of awareness:

1.Intellectual awareness

In our ladder of awareness, this is the first, lowest step. On this stage you are rationalizing the situations and you know what you are supposed to do.

You know that you should eat less packaged foods, less pizza and sandwiches.  You know that you should eat more eggs, meat, fish and greens. You know that you should substitute sitting in front of the TV with walks in the park. You know that it is better to go hiking with friends, instead of going to a fast food restaurant. You know that smoking is harming you. Actually you are totally aware what is right and what is wrong.

Then what is the problem? Why do you fail?

The problem is that you are stuck on that step- on the level of knowledge. You know what is right, but this knowledge is not part of you and your identity. You do not accept yourself as a person who eats healthy. You do not define yourself as a person who prefers physical activity as a form of socialization. You do not realize yourself as a person, who has health as his main priority.

You have one notion about yourself and everything else is just a massive amount of information, which you could not apply in your life. It just doesn’t fit your identity.

2.Emotional awareness

This is the second step. The fact that you climbed on the next level, means, that you are that much closer to success. On this stage, you have the same amount of information, as you did on the first stage. The difference is that this information is already, emotionally attached to you.

What does this mean?

Let’s say that your doctor told you, you have a disease. In order to improve your condition, you should start eating better, you should stop smoking and start moving more. In this case, the information you had on the first stage, is already directly concerning your life. If you keep on ignoring what you now, you will get yourself to a lethal outcome. On this step, your sleeping instincts, are starting to wake up.

As it often happens, pushed by the momentum discomfort, caused by the illness or another physical or mental ill-will, you are forced to change your behavior. You go back home and you decide that you will change your lifestyle. You start working out, you stop smoking, you cook healthier food. Everything seems perfect until the moment, you start feeling better. That’s when you calm down. The emotion which initialized the circle of changes, is fading away. It is left in the past and the sour taste, you had at the beginning is hardly detectable.  

You feel how you slowly start allowing yourself one or two cigarettes, you skip workouts, you start going to fast food restaurants more often and you start buying more unhealthy foods and drinks. Not long after that, you are back to the first step.

Why does it happen like that?

Here, your behavior is once again not backed up by your identity. What you are doing, is not in synchrony with the notion you have about yourself. Instead, it is just a momentum reaction, having the mere goal to quickly fix the situation. On this stage, you are engaging your will, in order to do things, which don’t come from deep inside of you; things which are just supposed to make you feel better. But you keep on accepting yourself as a person who loves smoking, eating sweets and being lazy. You are just forcing yourself to change these habits, because something around you is imposing it. On this stage, you are still lacking the inner necessity to change your habits and your lifestyle.

3.Change in your identity

This is the third stage- the place where your life is being changed.

This is the highest stage and every step you make, in order to get to it is a step which changes your identity, a step which changes the direction of your life and everything that takes you where you’d like to be.

What does this mean?

Another one of my favorite celebrities- Tony Robbins says, that “the strongest force behind the human personality is the need to remain consistent with how you define yourself.” On this stage you are undergoing a change in your identity. A change in the way you see yourself. Truth is that a person acts according to his own identity.

In our case, this means that when somebody suggest a chocolate cake, instead of saying: “I love chocolate cake, but I can’t eat it”( here you are engaging your will and acting against your inner convictions), you’d say: “I do not eat sweet things.” ( you are stating it; there is no inner conflict and you do not feel deprived).

On this stage, you choose to have another notion about yourself, You choose to be a person who takes care of himself, a person who uses his physical capacity, a person who moves and trains. You become  a person who is not dependent on foods, drinks and so forth. On this stage, the strength is within you.

You choose yourself and you do not need to be the victims of the outer conditions and twist your identity so it fits the conditions.  

How did I evolve to the third level of consciousness?

I think that there is no need to comment the first stage. We all start from there. We know what is right, but we always find excuses or we laugh upon those who are on the next stage.  Laughing at those who you do not understand- this is a MUST! ( ;) )

By moving onto the second step, I turned out to be where most people who want to be healthier and fitter, are. The stage where you spin in an enchanted circle- periods, when everything is going perfect, followed by periods when you step back to the first level and you feel like nothing could change the direction of your life. On this stage, you either find the strength to step on the third stage, or you give up and spend your life on the lowest step.

The third step, changed my life. I still remember that day. Felt, as if, I took a decision that was followed by somebody else, infusing my body- a person with different understanding about life, a person with a different identity, essence and behavior.

I remember the day, when I decided that I choose to be a person who takes care of herself; a person who is responsible for her health, actions and state of being. I decided that I won’t be the drunk carrot in my life, who allows other people and situations to direct me.

I realized that I possess the strength to choose what happens to me and what I do.

Since then, day after day, step after step, I am moving towards who I wanna be at the end of my life. Day after day, I go beyond my notion about my limitations and I discover that a person can be so much more and achieve so much more, when he chooses to do it! We do, what is in unison with our identity, with our notions.

What is the notion you have about yourself?

Answer this question and then you will realize if this is what is sabotaging your progress. If you see yourself as a person whodoesn’t lie vegetables and baked meat, but rather as a person who loves cakes and pizza; if you see yourself as somebody who has never trained and physical activity is not for you, how could you expect that you will change the direction of your life? You will be in a constant fight with who you are and who you want to become.

Change your identity. Choose yourself and you will get the opportunity to choose your life.

Lili Petrova: Exotic Salad with Shrimp and Avocado


Image source:

Thanks to everybody who sends me messages with great recipes and everybody who wants to be part of my culinary column. I was sure that you will send me great ideas for healthy recipes and more than everything, I love your kind words. Thank you for all your time and interest. This week, I will share with you, the wonderful letter sent to me by Lili Petrova, as well as, her delicious recipe for exotic salad with shrimp and avocado. If you want to share your favorite healthy recipe, check out how to do it HERE.
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The Most Interesting Things You Will Read This Week

Ines Subashka

How was your week? Mine is wonderful! The more time goes by, the more I learn to live out of the frame of daily routine and I learn to accept the challenges that every DIFFERENT day offers me. During the last couple months, I’ve gathered more experiences, than during the last couple years. Life becomes really “colorful”, once you have the courage to discover it and explore it and not just “securely” put up with it.

Try it yourself! You will find out how great it is to get out of your daily schedule. Actually, you will realize that you are doing a bunch of things and you are even more productive. Initially it is hard to deal with the guilt, that you are doing what you want and not just what you “should”, but then everything comes perfectly.

Thanks to Irina Cankova, for the great recipe for my culinary column. Thank you all that prepared the cake and send me your pictures. Here are some of your masterpieces!

Шедьовърът на Радо :)

Radoslav Rangelov’s masterpeiece.


Шедьовърът на Инна :)

Inna Diamandieva’s masterpiece :)

First, [Read more...]

Can Doctor’s Advice Ruin Your Health? You Bet! Check Out How!



1.I have problems with my lower back and I cannot deadlift or lift weights

I have problems with my lower back, is a reason to do deadlifts and lift weights, and not a reason to avoid them! One of the many things that I do not like about contemporary medicine is the fact, that no matter what pain you have, the solution always comes down to: “No sport and less physical activity, coupled with a recipe for painkillers.” Actually, exactly the lack of physical activity is the worst advice. In my opinion almost every person either has a disc herniation that has been diagnosticized or one that exists but the person doesn’t know about it ( there is no medical tests that prove its existence).

These problems come from not enough physical activity, wrong moving patterns- the wrong way we lean down; the way we move and perform our daily activities. Injuries are due to on one side- a weak group of muscles, and on the other side- a muscle group that is too tight. You know that muscles function as antagonists- i.e. one group performs a particular movement, and the antagonist group, performs the opposite. ( for example, one group is responsible for flexion, the opposite one for extension). Exactly, the underdeveloped, weak muscles on your torso, the weak butt muscles and hamstrings ( weak posterior chain) and the over tight muscles on the anterior chain, are the reasons for your lower back problems.

If I was a doctor, the recipe I would give you for your back problems, would be as follows: “Get yourself in the gym! Learn to perform the exercises PROPERLY, because injuries are not caused by deadlifts, but by terrible deadlift technique; injuries are not caused by exercises, but by performing them wrong. Then, include more stabilizing  movements in your workouts; deadlifts, hip thrusters, good morning, glute ham raise, swings and more pulling movements. Take time to massage yourself with a tennis ball and focus on massaging the muscles on the front of your shoulder, your trapezoid muscles, your hip flexors and your butt.”

Then return in “the doctors office”- the gym and say thank you, by explaining me how wonderful you feel and how content you are that you chose my recipe, over the doctor’s one!

2.I can’t perform upper body exercises, because I have problems with my shoulders.

You do not have problems with your shoulders. You have problems with performing exercises with wrong technique and improper structuring of your training program. I would say that 90% ofpeople, perform pulling movements extremely wrong. Most of them do not activate their back muscles and just overload the chest muscles. Actually, the idea of pulling movements is to activate the muscles on your back, so they can wake them up and “poke” them to do their job- i.e. to take your shoulders back, so you can have a nice, straight posture and the muscles on the front in balance with those on the back.

Overloading the muscles on the front of your shoulder, causes the pain and the injuries that you have. The other reason is that you emphasize way too much on pushing movements and ignore pulling movements. This is true, especially for men, for whom “being in shape” is equal to “How much do you bench press?”.

The recipe for this problem: “TRAIN your upper body PROPERLY! Include more pulling movements. Learn how to perform them with good technique. Massage your chest muscles and you trapezoid. “

3.I cannot squat or perform lower body exercises, because I have knee problems.

I have not trained with a person, who said “I can’t squat, because I have knee problems” and turned out to be right. And I train with a LOT of people.

In my opinion, we often state that we have chronic diseases and injuries, when in reality, the solution to the problem is simple and it rarely turns out to be something that has permanent consequences. More often than not, everything comes up to the fact that we’ve totally neglected our body and the pain we feel is just a symptom about it- something like the scream of our body, which feels neglected.

In most cases, “I have knee problems”, should be interpreted as “I sit all day long, I do not move enough and my hip flexors are so tight.” In this post, you will understand how tight muscles on your anterior chain and weak muscles on your posterior chain, can cause knee pain. Then, take your tennis ball and massage your hip flexors and your glutes. You will soon realize, that the pain you were trying to get used to, might decrease quickly and if you are consistent with the self- care, it will soon disappear.

So, the next time, before you go to the doctor, because you have knee pain and before you hear the death sentence: “Do not train your lower body!”, go ahead and try my recipe:

“Take a tennis ball and a foam roller. Massage every day- in the morning and in the evening for about 5-10 minutes. Train your posterior chain and enjoy your healthy, strong body!”

I can’t wait to share with you a project I’ve been working on. It’s called IFS Journal- my FREE online magazine. Go ahead and subscribe for it HERE.

Download my FREE E-Book- 30 Exercises on Becoming a Wonder Woman. Download it HERE. P.S. Don’t be a stranger and please take a minute to share this post with your friends! I’d greatly appreciate it!

Don’t forget to join my Facebook page! Thank you!

One picture of me and a video of me practicing my handstand push-ups :)

Ines Subashka

Irina Cankova: Healthy Chocolate Cake- The Solution to Sweet Cravings


Image source:

Thanks to everybody who sends me messages with great recipes and everybody who wants to be part of my culinary column. I was sure that you will send me great ideas for healthy recipes and more than everything, I love your kind words. Thank you for all your time and interest. This week, I will share with you, the wonderful letter send to me by Irina Cankova, as well as, her delicious recipe for chocolate cake. If you want to share your favorite healthy recipe, check out how to do it HERE. [Read more...]

The Most Interesting Articles I Read This Week

Прекрасната ми съмишленичка- Ирина Гиргинова :)

Прекрасната ми съмишленичка- Ирина Гиргинова :)

First, [Read more...]

18 Reasons Why Lifting Weights Is Terrible for Women! Think Twice Before You Try It Yourself!


1.You will start liking your body and the negative thoughts, that used to overtake your mind will disappear. What are you gonna do with all this leisure time, that you will have left, when you do not need to check yourself in the mirror, every 30 minutes, being disgusted of your cellulite, love handles and out of shape body?


2.You will find it so much easier to find new clothes, because an athletic body, makes every piece of cloth stunning. You will stop wasting your time, running around the mall, trying on clothes and you will avoid the bad mood, which accompanies trying on new clothes and the dissatisfaction of your reflection in the mirror.


3.You will be able to do your favorite housework activities. Lifting a box from the ground, won’t curse you to hurt your lower back and you won’t be dying in pain for the next month or so.


4.You will start approaching food, not as your enemy, but as your friend. Are you crazy? Now your relatives will have to cook double portions, so you can be fed!


5.You will be able to sit around the table and you won’t just stare the steaks. Now you will be able to eat them, because when you train, your body will know how to use the food and it will actually need it. You won’t be forced to get satiety, with eating just the garnish. You will be able to eat from the main dish, without feeling any guilt!


6.Your health status will dramatically improve and with every workout and with every healthy meal, you will get further from osteoporosis and diseases. Feel guilty- you will rob the health care system, when you stop investing in it by buying tons of pills and visiting the doctor every week.


7.With every healthy meal and with every workout, your muscles and your healthy body, will eat cellulite and they will make your skin smoother. You will be proud by the way your legs look! Shame on you! Who is gonna watch the anti- cellulite cream’s commercials and then give money for them? [Read more...]

They say that the book that is left unwritten, is what kills you. Then what is left about the life that is left unexperienced?


Image source:

“Always turn your head to the sum- this way all the shadows will be left behind you.”- Walt Witman

I once again couldn’t wait for the morning. My body needed sleep and rest, but my soul was restlessly revolting. It was poking me to wake up and meet the new day- in the company of silence. There is something magical about the hours before the sunrise. It seems as if nature takes a deep breath, because it senses the coming of something wonderful, indescribable. Something that could not be stuffed into words and doesn’t have definition. Something, which is beyond the visible, but gets so deep and touches all your senses. Seems as if nature becomes silent, in the eager anticipation of the first morning rays. A light, which silently and tenderly, sneaks through the windows and makes its way through the thickest woods. A light, which sneaks in the room and tenderly fondles my tired body.

The whole nature is being silent, in anticipation for the moment when darkness will say goodbye to silence and will yield its place to the new day- the new beginning.

I love silence. Seems as if there is nothing in it, and in reality this “nothing” is my everything. One of my favorite qualities of silence is its emptiness… and the freedom to fill it with whatever I feel like. And today, I want to fill it with myself.

Silence gives me space to breath into life, what is otherwise left neglected. It gives me the opportunity to give life, to all the things, which bring meaning to our existence, but the things that are patiently waiting behind the door of our fast paced day and never dare to ring the bell- scared that there is nobody to hear them. Scared that the meaning is [Read more...]

Avgustina Todorova: When Nature Gives You Fruits… Make an Ice Cream

Сладоледът на Августина

Сладоледът на Августина

Hey, beautiful machines!

With a sweet – scented and delicious step, I am entering in the new culinary column of Ines- I believe that many of you will follow my example. As you understand from the headline, I won’t suggest you a recipe for steaks, eggs and veggies, and I will directly shot at the irresistible butt- sweet temptations.

The reasons behind this are simple- I have a weak link- fruits ( yes, Ines, I know how you are shaking your head right now (note from Ines: read HERE why), but I insist on emphasizing the fact that I am making a huge effort to control the amount and frequency of fruit consumption; I adore cold foods- they make me feel fresh; I think that every now and then, everyone of us needs a healthy dessert, filled with sweet odor and breathtaking colors.

What could be a better personification of everything I just wrote, than a homemade ice cream without sugar, cream or artificial ingredients( read the taste that is killing you)

Before you see the recipe for the delicious, ice cream, I’ve prepared you a short introduction of my personality… My name is Avgustina and I am an editor in a popular, Bulgarian magazine. My passion is literature and I’ve dedicated myself towards my goal of finishing my Ph.D and then make my dream come true- unify science, art and words in an unseperate unity, which I dare to call my mission/ my calling.

I am about to dedicate myself to become a teacher- a mission, which requires boldness and patience, but a mission which brings a lot of meaning to my life. 

I really believe in fate and I know that a year ago, Fate, was winking me and introduced my to Ines Subashka. Back then, she gave a wonderful interview for our website, and she managed to go on top of the list of people I’ve worked with, with her honesty, inspiration and wisdom. You are an amazing woman, Ines! For a long time I postponed going to the gym and training with her and her team. I was searching for excuses in my busy day… Until a month ago, when I grabbed my bag, my sneakers and my sister ( for courage) and I headed to the gym.

Irina and Victor (note from Ines: the other coaches on my team) welcomed me and then I met Ines, who said “Let’s do it, Avgustina! How come you can’t?

You are wonderful! You create a new meaning in people’s life, you help people start loving themselves and constantly search for their better self. I am so thankful for having you in my life. 

Августина :)))

The beautiful Avgustina :) ))

And now the recipe for the fruit ice cream.

Снимка 1


4  bananas

3-4 strawberries

a handful of berries

about 50ml. milk


a big strawberry

half a peach

Freeze the fruits.You can do it from the night before.

Снимка 2

Place all the fruits in the blender, add the milk and then blend until you get a smooth mixture.

Снимка 3

Pour the cream in two bowls and decorate with peach and strawberry. Eat immediately or place the ice cream in the fridge.

Сладоледът на Августина

Avgustina’s ice cream

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And one picture of me, practicing my handstand walking :)

Ines Subashka

Ines Subashka

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The Most Interesting Articles I Read This Week


How is your week? Mine is great and I am really content with my workouts and the way I feel. It is unique, when you get to feel every little movement, which your body performs and when you are able to feel your muscles activating properly. If you are still hesitating, about training, do not postpone it anymore! Make physical activity your primary need and you won’t be sorry! The human body is meant to move, not to be sedentary.

Eat good, quality food. Take more time for your health, because it is the base of each dream and each endeavor. If we have health, we can achieve everything! Take care of your health, instead of wasting it and then trying to return it back.

Have a wonderful weekend and find some time for my favorite reads.

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The Pre Learned Helplessness: Why Do We Feel Scarcity in a World Full of Abundance

Image source: James Clear

Image source: James Clear

We whine that life passes by us, we feel like victims, like people robbed by opportunities and pleasure. We feel scarcity in a world, which is full of abundance. Do you really think that life leaves us at the sidelines? Or maybe, we are too blind; too overburdened by the frame, in which we are trying to stuff the meaning?

We give definition to every emotion, every feeling and experience and when “the word order is changed”, when “a comma or a dot is missing”, we carelessly ignore what’s going on. We deny the opportunity, just because on the surface, it doesn’t fir the “right”definition.

We work with absolute values, in a world, which is a personification of relativity.

What do the conditions of life really express? We blame others, we blame our bad luck, but how often do we stop to rush through life and take a short glimpse, a closer look at it? How often do we stop, in order to observe how life happens, while we are running through the present, running out of breath toward a future which is just an illusion?

What do the conditions of life really express? Probably clothes, carefully and methodically sewed by us… clothes, which are in direct correspondence with the model of thoughts, which we are hiding deep inside our subconscious.

The outer conditions, actually our whole life, the way we experience it, is just a parade of what we are nurturing in our minds.

We are absorbed in the gale of our own emotions. We are slaves to our feelings and we feel helpless under their control. And after all, what are the feelings? Aren’t they just our predominant attitude towards life? Aren’t your feelings towards me, towards the person besides you; the feeling towards a particular situation or job, just a [Read more...]