5 Habits That Keep You Fat

Jessica Stephen

Jessica Stephen

1.Excuses about your present state

There is nothing wrong with being out of shape and making the decision that you want to change. As my dad told me, once, when I injured myself and I was whining that I will get out of shape: “It doesn’t matter. People get in and out of shape. What matters is, at the end of your life, when you draw the line, the sum of the time you were in shape to outweigh the sum of the time you were out of shape.” Thank you dad! This advice helped me a lot, not only to accept the downs, but also to realize that nothing is conclusive and that what matters are the efforts we make in order to change for the better.

Excuses, in their essence are a sign of denial- the one making the excuse denies his present state and behaves as a victim- not he and his actions caused his present, unwanted state, but some external factors, which are not under his control. This is a really convenient position, but for who?  By denying, we are just getting stuck, deeper, into the unwanted state and we get further from the possibility to achieve the desired state.

How often do you hear:

-I want to be in shape, but I do not have time to work out.

- I want to eat healthy, but I do not have time to cook.

-I want to eat good food, but they don’t have it in my workplace.

There are so many excuses, that somebody could write one of those books “365 days of wisdom”, but in our case “365 days of excuses.” Truth is that while we find excuses, we deny opportunities- actually they don’t get in our sight at all, because we do not assume their existence. In order to achieve the shape you want and improve your health, you should be honest and sincere with yourself.

Something like an honest conversation with yourself:

“Ok, Ines! That’s enough. You’ve been eating bad, you postponed your physical activity. All your actions and unhealthy habits, led to your present state and if you want to change the consequences, you should change your actions.”

Now, substitute my name with your own and after you leave your excuses to the side and after you take responsibility for your health and life, the opportunities will start popping.

Advice: Excuses are the weapon of the ego- its way to defend itself and its identity and always be “right ”in other people’s eyes. But we are not our ego and the false image it creates. We are so much more than this and that is why we should leave our ego at the door and face the truth!

2.The idea that if you burn it with physical activity, then you can eat it

Every time I hear this, my heart skips a beat. I hear it on a daily basis: “What’s wrong with eating junk, if I work out after that and burn it?

What is wrong?

The worst is that by having such a notion and a philosophy, this means that you are far away from a healthy lifestyle. The idea of “making a sin” and then compensating with it with extra work is the wrong path to follow. Here, I will once again repeat, that eating and working out is not with the mere goal- weight loss. Nutrition and physical activity are for health. Everything that we do- from eating to physical activity is an information that enters the body and “decodes” data about what is going on in our surroundings and how the body should react to it.

I am sure that, when junk food enters inside the body, it sends signals that we are living in an industrial building, where the main elements- fire, air, earth and water do not exist, and instead, they are substituted with artificial sweeteners, tarns- fats and some more chemicals for better taste. In one sentence- you are not people, you are machines. So why would the body need to function in the way it was created, if it is not being used this way?

I still remember the time, when I used to eat two pieces of cake, happy, that I swam for two hours and I deserved them. Food is not supposed to be earned this way. We should eat and move for health, not in order to burn calories. The human body is not a trash can, which fits a bunch of crappy food, that is gonna be set on fire.  Food provokes hormonal responses, and our appearance is a result of this hormonal responses. Take care of your hormones and they will take care for your appearance. Give them quality food and stop behaving like slaves, which are supposed to get a certain amount of work done, in order to earn their food.

3.Your incline to fool yourself for the quantity of food you eat.

I often happen to train with people, who are doing great with workouts, but still, they do not have progress in their appearance. They complain, that they are eating properly, but they are not losing weight. After a more detailed conversation, I reaffirm my suspicions, that they are just eating way more, than they actually need. When I ask how many times a day they eat, I get this answer- two or three times a day. If I dare to ask about snacks, the information starts flowing:

-Well, I eat two- three handfuls of nuts; a couple bananas or an apple and some yogurt. And if I starve too much I might eat a healthy bar, that I’ve previously made.

Yes! No wonder that you don’t have progress. Food is considered not just your main meals, but all the snacks in between, as well. In order to avoid this discrepancy between the real quantity of food you eat and the one you think you eat, I will ask you to eat mindfully- i.e. when you eat…JUST EAT!

Sit around the table and get alone with your plate ( well you might have a company). Just do not work, read, watch TV or etc.

4.You think that 1 hour in the gym is enough

Now, you are probably thinking:  “Ines, I do not have my whole day for working out!”

Actually, I am gonna surprise you, but I am really happy that you do not train all day long. I do not expect it from you. The human body is created for movement- but movement, which is natural for its functioning. There is nothing natural in spending 2-3 hours on the cardio machine or working out on other machines in the globo gym, doing exercises with the belief that you are improving your health and fitness.

The human body is not a bunch of separate parts- it is not a triceps, a biceps or a hamstring. It functions as a whole, complete mechanism and all of its parts are in direct relation to the rest. Logically, we should move our body the way it functions- as a whole mechanism, and not as isolated parts.

I almost diverted from the topic. Pardon me, but I think I could write a whole book on the topic about working out in the gym and using machines. And still. Even if you take 1 hour for physical activity, it is more important what you do during the rest 23 hours.

If you are active for one hour, but then you spend the rest of the day sitting, you lose all the positives from your morning activity. If I am honest, I’d recommend you divide this 1 hour into 4. Yes, exactly this- 4 times of 15 minutes. Take 15 minutes, every 3-4 hours and do something active- go up and downstairs; do a couple sets of squats and pushups. Health is in the movement, not in the hardcore, one hour workout.

I know that this may seem suspicious, but trust me- I’ve done all the mistakes that you can imagine and no matter what stage you are at, I know how you fell- I’ve been there, I’ve done that, I am with you!

5.You forget that our appearance is an expression of our health

A healthy body is neither thin, nor fat. A healthy body is in the norm- probably, it is no coincidence, that everything has a golden middle and that every index has norms. Everything outside the norms, especially when there is huge diversions( in both directions) is not healthy! Health is a result not just from nutrition and physical activity, but also from our lifestyle as the main component is rest!

Sometimes, I think about the paradox, that all technologies function in a way that resembles the way living organisms function. We have deeper knowledge about technology- we know that we should charge our phone and our PC and we don’t leave our home without the recharger for the iPhone. Yet, we often forget our own recharger- quality food and enough rest.

Sleep is REALLY important. You have no idea how many positives you miss, when you don’t sleep enough or when you go to bed, in times of the night that are nowadays acceptable, but from your body’s perspective and its evolutionary adaptation they are a sin towards humanity.

Do not forget that we are a part of nature. It is the only thing, that has been with us and that is still a constant in our life- yes, it changes, but we adapt to those changes. Nature exists in  cyclist   and we do as well. Day and night are not just for entertainment. Day and night have their meaning and they sign the start or the end of a bunch of processes in our body, and each one of them is important for the way we feel and the way we look.  

Number one goal of our body is survival- if it is constantly stressed from the deficiency of rest and sleep, it won’t bother with our superficial goal of appearance. The sick body, doesn’t look good. The tired body, leads to a hormonal response that doesn’t look good in the mirror.

Start going to bed earlier- between 22:00-22:30 p.m. and wake up earlier. We underestimate the importance of this, but you will see how much better you feel and how much better you look. Because, realize it or not, we often indulge in bad food and excess working out, when we feel bad. The better we feel, the more conscious we think and the better decisions we make. The rested body, feels and looks great!

Osteoporosis: The Unsuspected Reason For This Disease and Why It Affects Young Women

Vanessa Tib

Vanessa Tib

A lot of people think that because bones are “hard”, they are not an active tissue in the body. This is not true. Bones are an active tissue, which is constantly transforming. Bones constantly renew themselves- they constantly get rebuild, in a response to different kind of stress. On the contrary, bones are being resorbed in the places in the body, where such a stress is not existent. From the fact that bones are an active tissue, follows the fact that they require a big amount of energy. Each tissue, which needs energy, is directly connected with the biochemistry of the hormone- leptin.

I’ve talked before about osteoporosis, the connection between leptin and osteoporosis , and I’ve previously tried to explain you why the common notion about osteoporosis does not look at the main cause of the disease and what is actually the adequate cure.

Today I will make a turn and I will drag your attention towards a complete different point of view- I will try to explain you why osteoporosis is widely spread, even among young people; why we suffer more and more from diseases, which harm our bones and their health.

Let me first sum up the common knowledge about osteoporosis.

The common knowledge

Every time you hear osteoporosis, the first thing that pops up in your mind is calcium deficiency. If you’ve been diagnosed with osteoporosis, doctors will immediately recommend you to supplement with calcium and vitamin D. Osteoporosis is one of these diseases, which are considered to be geriatric- i.e. they are common among older people. Diabetes, heart diseases and so forth, used to be a “natural” consequence of getting older and an inevitable accompanying factor.  The highest risk of osteoporosis, is about women in menopause- i.e. once again after a certain age.

Actually, in my opinion, each disease could be tracked back and its “roots” could be found in our lifestyle. This inevitably includes diet/ nutrition habits, the amount of physical activity, sleep, as the main components of our lifestyle.

As I mentioned, osteoporosis is considered to be a disease, typical for older women, who have low levels of estrogen.

Nowadays, though, you will notice that even young women suffer from osteoporosis. I’d even say that it is considered inevitable. The question is not “am I gonna suffer from osteoporosis”, but rather “how much time do I have before I get diagnosed with osteoporosis.”

Before I continue, I will ask you to think what is it that determines if our bones are healthy or not?

The health of our bones, depend on the signals that are being sent to our body, and the hormonal response that follows them.

When the body is exposed to some kind of external stress ( and I mean physical stress)- caused by our daily physical activity or working out, then the body receives signals that the bones should be strong enough in order to sustain the body. When such a stress is missing, the body receives signals that bones are not needed. As you know, number one priority for our body is survival. Everything that is in excess, in the matter of functions, will be altered, so it doesn’t waste precious energy. The same happens with our bones. When the body considers that it doesn’t need them- they will start resorbing.

I’ve mentioned before about the connection between leptin and osteoporosis. What is the connection between osteoporosis and posture?

Here, I will once again turn to Physics and I will show you how Physics’ laws, have direct influence on us and how neglecting them, leads to more diseases.

Every one of us knows about gravity. It acts upon everyone of us. Few people realize exactly how gravity works- it acts in a straight ( perpendicular) angle- i.e. when the object, the person it acts upon, stands in a different angle, the strength of the load is the same, but the weight and the reaction of the support are different. The reaction of the support, acts upon the person- it is less.

Probably you are aware that weight is just the property of the body to participate in the gravity effect.

Now, imagine our own body. If we are standing properly- vertically ( in neutral position), then we are in a position where gravity acts the same way, but the weight and the reaction of the support ( the floor) on the person is bigger. This means that our bones bear the whole reaction ( the whole load). This means, that the signals sent to our body, are to keep the bones healthy and strong, because there is some stress on them and this means they are needed for our survival.

What happens when we move the way most people do- leaning forward, using predominantly one side and etc.?

You might not realize it, but if you “undress” the human body to its fundamental construction- i.e. its skeleton and compare one in a vertical position ( neutral position) and one with a bad posture, you will notice how the one with the bad posture is in a different angle. In this case, the load that the bones bare will be less that the real load, because gravity acts upon the center of Earth, and it won’t act with the same strength over the whole body ( the same gravity, will lead to a weaker reaction of the support, i.e. the body will bear less load).

This will immediately be a signal for the body that the bones, as an active tissue, which wastes energy, could be resorbed, so the body can redirect its energy resources towards functions which are more important.

Probably this sounds strange, even ridiculous, but it is the mere truth. The way we stand, walk and so forth, has much bigger importance than we think.

Physics’ laws act upon each living organism and the fact we ignore them, leads to a lot of problems- both health problems and other problems we face on a daily basis.

That’s why I am gonna ask you to stand up, with your feet parallel to each other; squeeze your butt and keep your belly tight; keep your chest down; bring your lats down and your head back. You are all set! You are in neutral position and your body and bones will bear the whole load you carry around!


A Foreigner In Your Own Life

Един от красивите мигове на плажа в Синеморец :)

One of the beautiful moments in Sinemorec :)

A day when you feel a foreigner in your own life. You feel like somebody has taken your body, tied you on the bleachers of your own existence and is now forcing you to watch how he is outraging over everything you are.

The day is just starting and you’ve been awake for a long time. You are impatiently spurring it. A day, when you feel exhausted from the fight with your ego and you give up… fighting with t. You decide to depart somewhere- towards the places where the ego can’t live; the places where it loses its strength and its meaning.

You pack your suitcases and you leave all doubts, fears and disappointments. You undress them layer by layer and you are left naked- by your own self. You are tired from the lack of completeness. If something is missing, this means that it used to be a part of you… it means that it was there, but somebody has stolen it… or you scattered it.

You depart on a long journey- in order to gather your own pieces; in order to put yourself together. You travel with the hope that someday, you will once again return- complete; that you will be able to once again open the door of your apartment and this time you won’t feel as if you are in prison- instead you will feel home; that you will once again make your favorite coffee and you will take every sip with a satisfaction and you won’t feel a dependence on it; that you will be able to once again go to the front porch and feel peace and not a desperate try for salvation. A day when you hope… and you depart on a journey to gather the pieces of your own self.

Още един запечатан миг от моя живот :)

One more “stolen”moment of life :)

Who is she? Does it matter! Everybody has felt this way and everybody has moments when he feels the unbearable weight of his own fears and doubts; the expectations which are suppressing you and the never- ending longing to be more. These are the moments when the salvation is there and it Is not in the escape from your own self, but just the opposite- it is in departing on a journey, where with every mile you get further from the illusions you’ve built in the city- those that limit you and suppress you. You depart on a journey, where you get to know the world, just the way it is and you see yourself- just like you are- free from your ego. At least that is what I do…

I love these stolen moments from life… or actually these moments of life, stolen from the existence. Surrounded by the greatness of the nature, realizing the deeper meaning behind every bird, every stone or every flower… because The Universe is a perfect mechanism and nothing exists by coincidence, nothing is superfluous and everything hides more behind the mask of its cover. I have the feeling that lost in our daily life, we accept the world around us as a décor… as something artificial.

Гледах морето и се чудех как може да приемаме това за нещо обикновено? :)

I was observing this and I was thinking how could we think it is just something ordinary :)

Once we departure, though, the day starts waking up; the “décor” manages to get a deep breath, when we lose the leash, that is keeping our days in the routine… suddenly we feel the pulse of the world- in every blow of the wind , every song of the birds, every touch of the raging waves with the calm shore. Everything we let languish, suddenly is being filled with life and uncovers the meaning we are so hungry for.

The morning walks on the shore… the moment when the world becomes a place just for you and the peace you feel. Seems as if everything goes silent, so it can allow you to enjoy the feeling… that you are never alone. The whisper of the wind, the voice of the splashing waves- everything reminds you to trust the rhythm of life; it cues you that everything has a much deeper meaning than the visible and that you need to be patient, so it can reveal in front of your eyes.

I taka a handful of sand and I observe how the grits are leaking through my fingers… just a few mussels are left, which astonish with their perfect shapes. I ask myself…. Isn’t that life? We let our days leak like grits… precious moments, shattered in pieces from vanity, neglectful attitude… Just a couple handfuls of memories are left, which gather the moments of true life… a couple mussels, which we managed to seize and keep.


I promised myself that I will give my best to seize every moment and fill it with meaning; that I will challenge every day to reveal the answers, which my mind couldn’t find and which are keeping me awake every night. I was walking on the beach and I had the chance to live my life in the short moment of 50 meters sand and sea- which was unfolding in the never- ending horizon and the sun which was always shining above me.

The waves were gently touching my feet and just when I felt their touch and when I wanted to keep them, they backed off and left me longing… for their return and the feeling they carried with themselves. They reminded me about life… about the short moments when you feel like the doors to another world open and just when you feel like owning it, it slips away… and if you are wise enough, you will be patient for the next opportunity, once you realize that everything obeys the perfect rhythm of nature and that nothing disappears nor is being lost… one day, everything you manage to wait for, comes back to you!

And some more pictures from my vacation in Sinemorec last week.

Heavenly Cream with Figs- A Dessert For Those That Don’t Have Time To Cook


Every time I think about the variety of fruits, which the nature offers us, I wonder why people still buy crappy food, wrapped in glittery packages, which couldn’t even compete with the taste of real food.

A healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean- “I will never eat desserts again.”A healthy lifestyle means- “From now on I will choose the best for myself and I will fuel my body with quality food.”This means real food.

If you feel like eating something sweet- then eat it. But there is one condition- cook it yourself.

Cooking is just like art- you have some materials and a “canvas”and you create- whatever you feel like.

It is the season of figs- I love them. And even though in my opinion, the best dessert is the fruit itself, I love experimenting in the kitchen.

Today I will offer you a recipe for a delicious cream with figs.


10 big figs

300 grams mascarpone

50-60 grams walnuts


a couple drops of rum

fruits or nuts by choice for decoration


Blend the walnuts. Add the mascarpone cheese and blend again. Add the figs and blend again. Add the vanilla and the rum, stir good, decorate and then serve.

4 Types Of People You Meet In The Gym! Did You Recognize Yourself?


1.The Know It All Kind of Trainee

I love them. I myself am a vivid representative of them. Tell you the truth, they are among the biggest challenges for a coach because they know EVERYTHING. Sometimes I wonder why they search for the services of a personal trainer, when they obviously have no intention on listening to his advices and recommendations.

This type of trainees never listen what you are telling them.

When you tell them that their technique is not good, they usually do exactly the opposite of what you told them.

-Do you really think that’s too heavy? Oh, you are wrong. I am just warming up with these dumbbells. I intend on taking the heavier once for the next set.

-Do you really think that I don’t perform the Bulgarian squats properly? Are you kidding me! I’ve watched more videos than you and I know better.

-Do you really think that I don’t rest enough? Find yourself a job and leave me alone!


An advice to this type of trainees:

When you use somebody’s help, because you believe in his philosophy, the methods he uses and you want the results he has, then you should have more faith in his words- even when they serve as stones thrown at your ego.

There is nothing wrong with having an opinion and DISCUSSING your different approaches and notions. This, should happen between the sets and before or after the workout. If during the exercise, your coach tells you to stop… this doesn’t mean: “In a minute! Just hold on until I finish my set!” This means “Stop! IMMEDIATELY!.”

I often tell you that the gym is just like life- sometimes we are so lost in our own self and what is happening to us, that even if we have a bunch of knowledge how to progress and how to get out of the situation, we don’t manage to apply it, because we see just part of the picture. Unlike us, the side viewer sees the WHOLE picture and he can give us a pretty good advice, which will accelerate our progress.

This happens with the coach as well. Just because he is correcting your technique doesn’t mean that he is trying to call you not good enough.

Actually, no matter how advanced you are, you always need a mentor and a coach. Somebody who will serve you as a corrective and somebody who will direct you.

There is a huge difference between knowing and doing. Just because you’ve watched a thousand videos on how to perform a Bulgarian squat, doesn’t mean that you are doing it right. The right performance depends on if your body can perform the movement.

Every time I train with beginners, they get troubled that I constantly repeat the same thing, over and over again, but they still don’t manage to do it. In this case, I always tell them that I KNOW that they understand me and that they realize the proper way to perform it, but it takes some time for their body to learn the movement and change the bad habits.

That’s why even if you are advanced, when your body is tired, when you have some kind of imbalance or something else that is interfering with the proper technique, it doesn’t matter how many videos you have previously watched. The body follows the path of least resistance- take heavier dumbbells and your good technique will immediately suffer.

If you are the kind of Know-it-all trainee- BE ONE! The truth is born in the argument! But remember, that the side viewer sees the whole picture. Remember, that you trust your coach, because you believe in his philosophy, the methods he uses and the results he has. In order to achieve the same, you should walk on a path, which is at least close to his path! Walk and believe!

2.The super athlete who is always in a rush

images (1)

This category is reserved for the most athletic among the trainees, which usually have a background in some sport.

They are partially overburdened with the desire for perfectionism, and partially by the never ending hurry, caused by the notion that “more is better”.

You will recognize them, when you see somebody who NEVER takes time to rest- even when they go to the dumbbell rack, they are probably still doing some kind of an exercise( maybe walking lunges?), so they don’t waste precious time.

They are never content with themselves and even high sport’s achievements don’t bring them satisfaction. They always want more, without realizing how much they have now.

I think that this is the image which fits most careerists- those with huge success in their job, who never take the time to actually enjoy their own triumph and always fill their schedule to the fullest- they just derive their own identity and the feeling for being useful from being busy.


Just because you are sweating a lot in the gym; just because you leave the gym dragging on the floor, doesn’t mean that you worked hard and that you took the most out of the workout.

The rest is important. It is no coincidence that the cliché- “The rest, gives birth to the champion” has passed the test of time.

I never stop repeating that exercises should be performed SLOWLY and that you should take ENOUGH time to rest between them.

When you perform the exercise quickly, the movement is usually done by inertia and with the help of gravity. Usually, your technique is suffering and in most cases you might be able to do a lot of exercises in one training session, just because you are not doing any of them properly and you are not loading your body.

When you perform the exercises slowly, then you resist the gravity and you don’t do it by inertia- your muscles perform the work and you keep them under tension longer. Then, you control the trajectory of the movement and your technique is not suffering. In this case, you do not need to perform a lot of exercises, because less number of quality reps will load your body adequately.

The rest! It is really important and if you pay enough attention to it, it will accelerate your progress. I know that 15 seconds after you finish your set, you are feeling ready to start with the next one. This is a deceitful sensation. The nervous system recovers six times slower than your muscles and just because your legs feel ready for the next heavy set of squats, this doesn’t mean that your nervous system is ready. That’s why you need to rest more. You do not need to be running out of breath and strength, in order to feel like you had a good workout. Too much work is not a sign of doing everything right, but exactly the opposite- it is a sign of bad structuring of your training session and bad execution!

3.Those that take the words “The rest gives birth to the champion” way too serious


There are two cases in which I give the chronometer to the trainees- first, I might do it with the super-athletes so I can make sure they rest enough and that they won’t rush through the training session. The second case is with people who fit in this, third, category- they can rest throughout the whole workout. They are never ready enough to start the next set and anyways, they enjoy taking with others.


Neither one of the extremes is appropriate. If you rest way too much, if you never get out of your comfort zone, you never get to challenge your body and load it properly.

If you always claim that you don’t have enough time to work out, then you probably fit in this category.

For the average trainee, the rest should be between 45-90second, depending on the work weight and the number of reps. In the common case, I’d say 60seconds.

4.Those that are always hungry for more


This type of trainees are a huge challenge as well. They are something in between super athletes and the-know-it-all trainees. You will recognize them, because at the end of the workout, they will look at you and say “Was that all?”

The reason that this kind of trainees want more, is that they rush throughout the workout, they don’t perform the exercises properly and thus they don’t get the most out of every rep.

If you perform the exercises slowly, with adequate weight and with proper technique, then you don’t need to do all exercises that you know of and fit them in one workout.

So, instead of competing how many exercises you can do, focus on doing the exercises SLOWLY and PROPERLY!

How Are Malls Destroying You: The Unexpected Way Shopping Is Harming Your Health


“Illnesses do not come upon us out of the blue. They are developed from small daily sins against Nature. When enough sins have accumulated, illnesses will suddenly appear.”—Hippocrates 

The more I broaden my view and my knowledge, the more I gather experience, the more I realize that the biggest mistake humanity made, is the fact that we got disconnected with nature.

We live, as if we are separated from it. We live, as if every one of us exists independently from everything else. We stubbornly ignore the fact, that we are actually dependent on nature and that proportionally with its extinction, we lose our health and our ability to use the physical potential of our bodies.

In the future, I will try to gradually offer you a different perspective about a healthy lifestyle, diseases, weight and everything that intrigue us.

I will try to provoke your critical thinking and make you look in a different direction- to realize, just as I did, that good health and fitness, are not a result of diets and a lot of physical activity. I’d say that these are just the details.

Probably you’ve noticed how when you are in nature, when you are on a vacation, you feel extremely good. As if somebody “plugged” you and recharged your “batteries”. Actually, metaphorically said, that’s exactly what happens to the human body, when it has direct contact with nature and the Earth as a whole.

In most cases, people give the credit for the urge of energy, to the fact that they don’t work. Actually, I challenge you to try and feel it yourself, how when you go in  nature and you keep working, you will still feel great and you won’t experience the tiredness and the lack of motivation, that you feel when working in the office.

The reason behind this?

The reason is called electromagnetic fields. Please, do not close the post. Even if it sounds complicated, you don’t actually need to dig dip into the details. It is enough to get the meaning and give it some thought.

All living organisms on the planet, are influenced by electromagnetic fields- natural ( those coming from Earth- probably you remember from high school, that Earth has a negative charge and that it gives electrons) and artificial- those coming from technologies- here imagine your cell phone; Wifi- which has become the most vital necessity of our modern times; your PC and etc.

Here, I will once again mention that we rarely pay attention to the fact that we are connected with nature and that we are constantly exchanging energy with it- not because I am a fan of some kind of a spiritual cult, but because everything in the world comes up to physics and mathematics and the fact can’t be neglected.

In order to feel good, we need to have energy. If we lose energy, we start feeling bad, tired, our body suffers and we start getting ill.

When it comes up to energy, everybody imagines a chocolate and thinks that it is gonna recover our strength. Actually food is a secondary form of energy.

The main way, that we gain or lose energy is through the exchange of electrons, through the electromagnetic fields.

Why is that true?

We are once again talking in terms of physics. It is an interesting fact that the semiconductor of technologies I s made out of silicon, whereas the one of the living organisms is made out of carbon. What happens when you get your cell phone in your hands?

When two semiconductors are built from two different materials, and they are placed next to each other, one of the systems will lose electrons in favor of the other. Which one? The one which is built out of a material with less atomic mass. In this case silicon, has a bigger mass than carbon. This means that when we hold the cell phone, when we are surrounded by a bunch of WiFi-s and other artificial electromagnetic fields, our system, i.e. our body loses energy ( we lose electrons) and gives them to the semiconductors of technology.

It is time to talk about the mall. Have you noticed how you feel, when you spend time there? Personally, I rarely make trips to the mall. The rare cases, when I spend about 30 minutes there ( I love their huge bookstores), I start feeling sleepy and tired and I lose my desire and motivation.

The more I expand my knowledge in physics and chemistry, the more I understand the reason. The mall is a sea of electromagnetic fields, which are constantly stealing our energy.

What happens, if instead of going to the mall, we go in nature?

As I mentioned, the Earth has a negative charge and it gives us electrons- i.e. energy. I love imagining the Earth as a wall-plug, and our legs as a plug. By spending time in nature, we are literally recharging.

If some of you have dig deeper into human physiology, you are probably aware of the fact that all inflammation has a positive charge- i.e. the opposite of the electrons and the opposite of what gives us energy.

What happens when we lose energy to our surroundings- the technology one? We create the perfect premises for inflammation, which precede diseases.

Take the time to watch this movie.

RESONANCE – BEINGS OF FREQUENCY from james russell on Vimeo.

Actually, what harms our health is the environment we live in. You know that I am extremely keen on epigenetics- how our environment affects our genes- which one lock and which one unlock.

In my opinion, diseases are not a result of genetic heritage, but of epigenetics- the environment we live in and the influence it has on us.

Just think about the experiments with identical twins, which have been separated since they were born. Even though they have a lot of identical, genetic material, the environment they live in, reshapes them as a totally different personalities, with different health condition. This is just another, let’s say superficial proof, how our environment, influences our health and life.

You have no idea how many things I’d like to share with you. Still, the information is really different and sometimes difficult to adopt, that’s why I will dedicate the future to my mission- to offer you a truth, which most people ignore, but which most desperately need.

In the process, I will ask you to question yourself on a daily basis- “Do I spend enough time in nature or am I fooled by the modern lifestyle and do I get disconnected from it?”

I will ask you to make the effort, to isolate artificial EMFs as much as possible and slowly become independent from their existence.

Personally, I am not a fan of technologies and for the past couple years, I am slowly getting rid of the,. Now, the only technologies at home are the oven, the fridge, the laundry machine, my PC and my phone. I don’t have a TV or some other type of technology and I do not intend on having.

My goal is to find a way, to make the effort, on a daily basis, to build my life in a way, which will allow me to free myself of the necessity to have cell phone and of my dependence on my PC.

I know that most of you are probably thinking: “Ines, you’ve totally lost it.”And I am not gonna be mad at you. Back in the days, I had the same opinion about people, who had convictions like my present notions. But do not forget that we are inclined to label as insane, what we can’t understand.

That’s why I am gonna ask you- do not ignore my words and try to find the meaning. The more a person knows, the more the world broadens and the more points of view he gets to have. The more points of view you have, the bigger the guarantee that you will find the truth, which will free you from the slavery of ignorance and the existence on autopilot.

Ok, I lost enough electrons writing this post. I am going for a walk in the woods. What about you?

Are You Gonna Travel? Try These Exercises That Will Keep You Fit On The Road and Keep The Lower Back Pain Away!


Image source:http://blog.wodshop.com/

I once again “stole”a couple days and I headed to the seaside. The place where time doesn’t exist and where I do not need to squeeze my days into a pre-planned schedule.

The place is beautiful, but as always a long travel is accompanied by long hours of sitting, while on the road. I hate sitting. If you know me in person, you already know about the tension in the atmosphere, which increases proportionally with the time I spend sitting.

I guess that you are just like me, and that’s why I decided to show you some of the exercises I do while traveling. They have nothing to do with exercises that make you stronger and leaner. These are exercises, which will help you take better care of your body on the road.

Probably, you know how stiff you feel after you spend some time sitting and you are familiar with the lower back pain that accompanies this. Here is what you can do in order to avoid this.

Here are some pictures from the wonderful place I am talking about.

Инес Субашкаmore4more3more2more

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#1 IFS Podcast: Decoding The Science of Ultimate Human Health and Fitness With World Famous Neurosurgeon Dr.Jack Kruse


Today I have the pleasure to share with you an interview with the famous neurosurgeon - Dr. Jack Kruse. I strongly believe that each one of us has a mission on Earth, and Dr. Kruse is a vivid example about a person who has found his mission, dedicated his life to it and using every day as an opportunity to be the master of his own fate and help others reveal the strength and health, that are actually intrinsic for all of us.

People like Dr. Kruse, change the world and people like him, who are brave enough to stand in front of the world and show the truth, deserve the attention of each one of us. That’s why I will ask you to take the time and listen to the interview. Then head off to his website and spend as much time as you can, reading, challenging your mind, your convictions and among his words, revealing the truth that will set you free of the slavery of disease, dissatisfaction and poor existence.

In today’s interview with the world famous neurosurgeon, biohacker and health expert Dr. Jack Kruse, you’re going to discover how:

-To improve your health through using cold thermogenesis;

-Why exercise and nutrition alone are not enough to improve your health and get in better shape;

-What is the cause of leptin resistance and why leptin is actually more important then insulin;

-How being disconnected from nature and being exposed to artificial EMFs is the surest way to gain more fat and get ill;

-How cold thermogenesis and a higher fat diet influence the health of women;

-Is it possible to cure teeth naturally and what is actually the cause of tooth decay;

-How fluoride affects us on cellular level;

-What are the two metabolic pathways and how they affect our carbs and fat intake throughout the year;

-Is Intermittent Fasting appropriate all year round or should we use it in winter

Resources  Dr. Kruse and I discuss during this episode: 

-Energy and Epigenetics 4: Light, Water and Magentism ( a MUST read)

-The Teeth in Disease

-The Root Cause Behind Tooth Decay

- Cold Thermogenesis: The FAQ’s

- The Must Read Books about Electromagnetic Fields

-Epi- paleo RX: The Prescription for Disease Reversal and Optimal Health ( the best book you will read)

-Monthly Webinars: Detailed, Authentic Information about Health, Disease Reversal and Improvment of our Environment

-Follow Dr.Kruse on Facebook

About Dr. Jack Kruse:

Dr. Jack Kruse has a free Biohacking 101 course and is a respected neurosurgeon and CEO of Optimized Life, a health and wellness company dedicated to helping patients avoid the healthcare burdens we typically encounter as we age. He is a member of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, the Congress of Neurologic Surgeons, and Age Management Medicine Group.

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The Most Delicious Healthy, Raw Cheesecake That Will Make You Forget All Junk Foods


Image source:redbookmag.com

It is time for another healthy recipe, which was sent to me by one of the wonderful women whom I coach- Deliana Nateva. Didi is an extremely hardworking, motivated person and you have no idea how much she has progressed in the gym.

Besides that she has a special attitude not just about workouts, but also a special attitude about life as a whole. Didi pays attention to the details and she takes the time for “the spices”, which make life different, give it a sweeter taste and bring a feeling for a fulfilling life.

Today, I will share with you the recipe for a raw, healthy cheesecake. It is delicious.

Before that, I want to share with you that I had the most wonderful weekend. On Friday, one of my dreams became a reality and I did my first podcast, a skype interview with Dr. Jack Kruse. Those of you who know me, are aware what this means to me and how much I love Dr. Kruse, his point of view and the way he treats his patients.  I can’t wait to share the interview with you, and even though some things might be a little more complicated, I hope you are like me and that you love challenging your mind and your beliefs.

Then, on Saturday, I and my crew of coaches, visited Plovdiv, where we had a great workout with our local followers. Besides that I had my first seminar there, and I can’t wait for many more to come.

So, in order to prepare the delicious, summer dessert you need this:

One baking dish- one of those you use for muffins.


For the base:

1 гmug dates or  figs ( I experimented with 3:1 dates and figs)

1 tea cup raw nuts ( I used walnuts)

For the filling:

1 1/2 tea cup raw cashew ( soak it before that for 6 hours)

the juice of 1 lemon

2-3 table spoons melted coconut butter

1 tea cup mixture of curds and milk- the more is the milk, the more liquid will be your cream, so add more curds

1/2 tea cup honey

For the topping:

fruits, tahini, peanut butter, nuts… I had sesame tahini, dried berries and peaches.


In order to prepare the base, blend the pitted dates and the figs and slowly add the nuts.
If you use dried fruits, you might need to add some water in order to make the dough more sticky.
After you mix all the ingredients for the base, distribute them in the baking dishes.
The cream is pretty easy- just place everything in the blender and process until you get a smooth mixture. Cover the base with the cream.
Leave the cheesecakes in the fridge for an hour. Then decorate with the topping.

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I Was Wrong! This Nutrition Plan Doesn’t Work!

Ashley Horner

Ashley Horner

…following strict rules doesn’t work!

I adore observing people and my own self. I love tracking the behavior and the reasons, the situations and the emotions which provoke it. I believe that the model we apply in one area of our life is applicable to everything else we do.

I think that we’ve mistakenly fallen to believe that what we need in order to achieve success in our career is completely different from what we need in order to be in better shape or in order to achieve another goal.

With every passing year, I observe my own personal development. I sincerely believe that a person has no duty to have the same convictions and act in the same way for the rest of his life. I think that life is in the dynamics. Life, by itself is not static and exactly our desperate try to approach it from a static view- i.e. without changing or adapting towards what is taking place around us, leads to a bunch of conflicts, which could be spotted in our behavior and the decisions we make.

In my opinion, almost everybody who takes the path towards a healthier lifestyle, initially makes a mistake, which “swallows” us in the enchanted circle of dissatisfaction and lack of results.

We think that health and being fit are a result from discovering something external- discovering the best diet, the best combination of foods, a workout structured in a particular way. Thus, by chasing the wrong goal, we take the road, where we encounter more obstacles and many of us get discouraged; many of us start believing that they are not good enough, that we do not have the premises to be who we want to become.

Personally, I went through a roundabout path, on my way towards a healthier lifestyle. I tried a bunch of diets and training methods, in order to realize that none of them works. I know that now you are thinking that I am in a big mistake. You will rush giving me examples about people, who are ripped and follow strict nutrition plans. I will ask you to hold on for a second and I will ask you- do you really believe that life is all about eating and training? Do you really believe, that being slaves of the clock and time, strict schemes and plans and living like machines, preprogrammed to act in a certain way, runs out the meaning of life?

Let me ask you, since when eating right after we wake up; right when we are done working out has become an obligation?

Humans are probably the only reasonable creature, who rarely uses his mind consciously and more often than not is led by habits and learned behavioral models.

I am sure that every one of you KNOWS how you are supposed to eat, how much you should move in order to achieve your goals and be in a better shape. The why do few manage to do it? Why few people listen to their body’s signals and the rest are trying to force their body to function up to a training or nutrition plan, which does not fit their own needs?

Actually, the truth is that many are incline to self-destructive behavior, because we do not love our own self. Just look around yourself! Do you see what I see? Wonderful women and often times men, who are obsessed with thoughts about their appearance, their weight, their size. People who are afraid of food, as if it is their enemy, and not a necessity, a fuel which give more life to the functional, capable thing we possess- our own body.

We do not love ourselves enough and this is reflected in each one of our actions. We think that we are not good enough and we are constantly punishing ourselves for it.

Do you think I am wrong? What is your attitude towards those you love? You are always trying to give your best for them- you choose the best cuts of meat, the best vegetables, you try to make their life easier so they can rest more and enjoy more. How often do you do this for yourself? Let me guess… NEVER! If you happen to do it, you feel guilt, because you think that you do not deserve it!

What makes you think you are not enough; that you do not deserve eating a whole steak, but instead you should cut it in three and fill the rest of your plate with veggies, so you don’t get fatter?

What makes you think that you don’t deserve skipping a workout and going to the park for a rest, when your body is screaming from exhaustion and this is being reflected in every single pan you have?

Day after day, I realize how our approach to being fitter is totally wrong.

Day after day I ask myself, why do we become slaves of the clock and why do we eat according to a schedule… and when something goes wrong, our ego is immediately feeling neglected and we feel anxiety and nervousness that we didn’t get to eat.

Since when, eating 5 times a day became an obligation? Do we really need it? Who said we should? Our body? Do you really believe that your body is feeling good on such a nutrition plan, when you keep in mind, that you keep on staring at the clock, every 30 minutes, scared that your next meal won’t come soon enough?

I don’t care if you are gonna be honest. I know how you feel- I’ve been there.

I wonder why do we need to split our meals in grams and calculate every bite, which is on our plate.

Isn’t it better if we eat twice a day, but by having a meal, we could have the freedom to feel pleasure from eating, without eating every bite, scared that it will stick to our butt or that it will disturb the “perfect” macronutrient ratio?

I’ve realized that following strict nutrition plans has nothing to do with being healthy. I realized that being a slave of the clock is far from healthy, because we are not just bodies, just an appearance. How does it matter if you have abs, when your mind is suffering and when you are feeling encaged in your own body? Does it really matter  if the cage is golden or rusty? It will always be a cage!

It takes time, to realize that we can be who we want to become and look the way we wish, without searching for external sources, which will reveal us the secret to success!

It takes time to realize that what interferes with our goals, has to do with the fact that we’ve got distanced from nature and our own self; that we’ve stopped analyzing our own behavior and that every moment we should ask ourselves “WHY?”

Why am I eating? Because I am hungry or because this is what is written in my nutrition plan?

Why am I having dinner, when I do not feel hungry or why should I have breakfast right when I open my eyes, when my body is not giving me signals that it needs fuel?

Why would I cut the steak in two and eat it every two hours, instead of just eating the whole steak and then eating again in 5-6 hours?

Being mindless as become the norm and the engine of our robot-like behavior. We act by habits and every day is just a copy of the day before.

This is not life… this is just existence!

Today I want to tell you, that you deserve- to love and accept yourself. You deserve to take care of yourself and give the best to your body, your mind and your soul.

You deserve eating quality food, in the quantities your body needs- not in the quantities your plan dictates!

For some time, I am on a different stage of my personal development and even though this might lead to a conflict with my mind and hesitations, every now and then, I know that I am on my way to become free from schedules and plans.

I know that what every one of us needs is knowledge- knowing what we need; observing our own self and our own reactions and spotting which choice, which action is accelerating our progress and which is just keeping us busy, but not improving us.

I know that when a person knows, then he doesn’t need to search for something external or follow a particular scheme. When a person knows, then he is capable of eating more in one moment  and then keep going without food for a longer period.

Because no matter how cliché it might sound, a person can be everything, when he accepts and loves himself. When we accept something, we have the freedom to change it. When we accept our own self, when we respect our own self, then we will start giving it what it needs and what makes it feel better.

Then we will realize that our body doesn’t feel good when we stuff it with foods, which do not come straight from nature.

The body doesn’t feel good when we force it to do cardio, in front of the TV, between the walls of a building.

Our body doesn’t feel good, when we give it more food than it can digest.

Our body doesn’t feel good when we give it less food, than it needs.

Our body doesn’t feel good when we fight with it, but it feels good when we move in synchrony with it.

I am gonna ask you to close this post. Forget everything you’ve read and listen to what your body needs. Then you won’t make mistakes and slowly but surely, the more you trust your own self, the faster you will eyewitness your own, miraculous transformation- both inner and outer.

You can! Just stop searching for reasons why you can’t and find the way to make it happen!

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Summer, Raw Cream with Cashew, Peaches and Coconut Butter


Every time I am in the kitchen, I wonder why people don’t like cooking. I contemplate on why people consider cooking to be a boring activity, which they are supposed to do by duty.

I adore time spend in the kitchen. For me, the kitchen is like an atelier, where I have a variety of “colors” and a canvas, where I get to give freedom to my imagination and create something that carries an immense pleasure for my senses.

Cooking is something like meditation. I found out that what brings the most pleasure is creating something- to start from scratch and see how, minute after minute, thanks to your efforts, it grows in front of your eyes and becomes complete.

Well, we get the chance to experience this, every single day- by taking the time to cook.

This week, my time in the “kitchen atelier”, led to this delicious, raw cream with cashew and peaches.

I adore cashew and peaches and I decided to prepare an easy, raw cream.

It turned out delicious.


2 peaches ( peeled and cut in pieces)


100 grams raw cashew ( soak it before that)


1 vanilla

1 table spoon coconut butter



Blend everything together. Then place in the fridge.

Eat win the presence of wonderful people and do not forget to make some raw cream for them.


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How to Survive The Stomach Flu on a Paleo Diet?

Снимка: http://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/

Image source: http://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/

Summer is one of our favorite seasons- the time to rest, the time we take to share with people we love; the time we take to visit places where we haven’t been, but places which offer us comfort and inspiration; places which make us feel home, even if we are at the other end of the world.

Still, summer vacations are inevitably tied with some not so pleasant emotions- summer viruses.

I suggest that most of you are keen on healthy eating ( actually I am sure you are). Probably, every time when you become a victim of some stomach virus, besides the physical discomfort, your mind carries the burden as well- born by the conflict between your convictions and your reasoning.

We are all aware of the traditional methods to cure the stomach virus- baked bread, crackers and other similar foods. You are well aware that such foods are far from healthy and not something that is on your menu, when you are feeling well. Do you really need to eat them?

Before I answer, I want to emphasize on the traditional cures for the stomach flu- pills.

In my opinion, our body is our best advisor. It knows best what it needs and it always has a way to state it. The problem is that, usually, we are so engaged in thinking what “we are supposed to do”, that we totally ignore the signals and the voice of our own body.

The problem with traditional medicine is that pills don’t cure the illness, but just suppress the symptoms. The problem is that pills are not a long term solution, but a short term fix. Besides that, most pills have a negative influence on the body.

I’ve always found it strange, when somebody has a physical discomfort- let’s say he feels like puking and immediately rushes to buy pills, that will interfere with puking.

I like spreading the following recommendation: “If you take pills, you will get better in a week. If you don’t take pills, you will get better in 7 days.”

The stomach flu, suggests that you have some kind of bacteria, an infection that attacked your body. Puking, diarrhea, stomach sickness as a whole, are a mean through which your body, in a natural way, tries to get rid of this bacteria. By taking pills against the puking, we block the natural mechanisms of our body, to cope with the invaders.

Besides that, when we have stomach virus, we usually don’t have huge appetite. Then why would we insist on eating? Just give it a thought! There is a reason behind your lack of appetite. And it is in the fact that your body is trying to concentrate its efforts, so it can cope with the intruders as fast as possible. If we give our body more food, it will be busy digesting it and we will weaken its ability to deal with “the bad guys”.

What should we do when we get the stomach flu?

1.Listen to your body.

-if you don’t feel like eating, don’t eat. You won’t die if you eat less for the next 2-3 days.

-if you feel like puking, don’t rush to take pills. Give your body a chance to deal with the flu by itself.

-if you feel tired, don’t try to do all the work, you haven’t done in the last year. Take a break and use the opportunity to sleep. Sleep is the best remedy.

How should you eat?

Nature gives us an abundance of remedies, yet we ignore them. We neglect the traditions, which carry a lot of wisdom and knowledge and we turn to contemporary methods, which spin us in an enchanted circle, called- constant trips to the hospital.

There are  a lot of herbs and spices, which we could take when we feel sick.

-elderberry- you might not be aware of it but when you have a stomach flu, elderberry tea is a really effective way to cope with bacteria

-ginger- ginger is really popular lately, so I won’t explain the positives of it. Probably you already know them better than me.

-cornel- a tea from cornels is a great way to cope with diarrhea without taking pills

-vitamin C

-onion and garlic- it might sound strange but these foods should be present in our menu on a daily basis. They are a great source of prebiotics- i.e. the food of our good bacteria. In order to sustain a balanced gut flora, we should feed the bacteria- those that help us. The state of our stomach is such, that is the state of the food we give to these bacteria. If we feed bad bacteria, we will suffer inflammation and stomach discomfort.

As Jeff Leach says: An onion a day, keeps the doctor away. It is something like a  periphrases of   “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.”

As I mentioned, you don’t need to eat, when you don’t feel like it. If you still need to eat, do not turn to crackers.

What I’d recommend you is to emphasize on homemade bone broths. They are extremely healthy ( read more HERE) and they will help you recover your body, by refueling you with some minerals, which you lose when you have diarrhea or when you puke.

I’d recommend you take probiotics, because the presence of a virus, suggests that your gut flora is out of balance. In order to recover it, you might help your body, by taking some probiotics or by receiving them from homemade yogurt, kefir and so forth. Fermented foods are really important for a balanced gut flora. They should be present in your menu, not just when you are sick, but all the time.

On the video below you will see Ben Greenfield and his wife- Jessa, explaining and showing how to prepare fermented foods.

Maybe you didn’t know it, but 70-80% of our immune system is in our gut and its health, determines the strength of our immune system. The more you take care of your gut, the stronger your immune system is going to be and the less you will suffer from bacterial infections.

Take some digestive enzymes, which will also aid your better digestion.

When you are sick, you can drink coconut water, because it contains a lot of electrolytes, which will help your body recover from dehydration.

Here is the place to say that you might not be hungry, but you should drink liquids. Drink teas; eat bone stocks ( homemade- I hope I don’t need to remind you ;) ); drink water and if the plane taste does not appeal you, squeeze a lemon.

I rarely get sick, but when I get sick, I usually get a stomach flu… and I never eat crackers. Everybody is always astonished, when I eat eggs, meat or etc. The only difference is that usually, in this case I eat less quantities or not so fatty cuts of meat, as I do on a regular basis.

As a whole I try to listen to my body and sometimes I definitely feel like eating some carbs when I get a stomach flu. Then I give my body carbs, but not in the form of crackers, but instead I have an apple, some berries or some citrus fruit. Your body will tell you what it needs. Just free your mind of “I should” and interpret the REAL signals of your body.

Think that what you eat, feeds the bacteria in your stomach. After all you wouldn’t want to feed the bad bacteria, but instead you want to give more power to the good bacteria, right? Then give them foods that will “nourish”them.

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Salty Balls: Cheese Balls with Fresh Spices

Solty Candies+Blur

Lately, I think that besides having a gym, I should also open a restaurant. You have no idea, how many people, who train in our box, bring healthy dessert, raw cakes and salty delicious meals.

Every time I am absent from the gym, somebody calls me and says: “Ines, you have no idea what is going on in the gym- do you know how much food, people bring?”

Probably this means, that when I am there, they are scared to bring food. ( :D )

The person who takes the most care about our healthy restaurant is Malina Lazarova. These salty balls, were a present for one of my co-workers- Victor Donchev. I immediately asked for the recipe.


Bulgarian Cheese

olive oil



ground walnuts

red pepper

sesame seeds

favorite green spices ( cut )- oregano, dill,parsley, green onion

 1 (1)2 (2)3


Bulgarian cheese is a homemade cheese. Blend it with a little olive oil, so you get a smooth mixture. Do not add too much olive oil. Then add garlic and blend again.

Shape the balls. You can place a nut, a grape or something else in the middle. Then roll them in some of the spices or a combination of them.

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Mistakes We Make When We Go to The Beach: You Are Making Them Too, Aren’t You?

Sally Fitzgibbons

Sally Fitzgibbons

August is the month, when more often than not, everybody starts looking at their reflection in the mirror- even those, which don’t pay much attention to their appearance throughout the year. This is the month, when the saying: “It is better to be ashamed for one week at the beach, than sweat all year round in the gym.”, loses its power and validity and everybody starts looking for the quickest, most effective method to get in better shape for the beach and have a better looking bikini body.

What are the methods and means, which most people use in this case?

Usually, everything comes up to working out to exhaustion and taking supplements in abundance. We behave as if for one week we literally sleep in the gym, we will manage to make up for the lack of physical activity throughout the rest of the year. We behave as if supplements are magical pulls, which “soak” our thoughts and desires; pills which encode the appearance we’d like to have and once we take them, they immediately remodel our bodies according to the perfect body shape, we have in our mind.

This enchanted circle is the plot, which most people observe in their own life, year after year. We rarely learn from our mistakes and usually, each summer is just a fading copy of the summer before it- we are still the same; we have the same outlook on life, our health is slowly sliding down and getting worse and parallel with it, our body is growing bigger and we are getting out of shape.

Mistake 1: Trying to Make Up for The Lack of Physical Activity Throughout The Year, with Exhausting Workouts

I will be harsh and I will say it: Just because you are gonna “kill” yourself with working out for 1-2 weeks, will neither make you look like a fitness model, nor help you get in a better shape. Even the contrary. When you get to the beach, you will feel tired, your body will suffer from the deprivations and because, as we know, in life, everything comes up to balance, your body will search for it- and this will be masked as the irresistible urge to go on a see-food diet- eat everything you see and limit your physical activity.

Truth is that the damages, caused in the long term; those that are a result of a constant accumulation, cannot be fixed with a short term methods. What you did to your body throughout the year, cannot be fixed with 1-2 weeks effort.

If you really want to have results and if you’d like next summer, to be different, make the decision NOW. Make the decision that your life doesn’t run out with one week at the seaside; that you are not a doll, which is supposed to walk on the beach, while others are admiring the way you look. Make the decision that you are a human being, who deserves to feel great, all year round; that you value your own self and your health and that you won’t let yourself live, led by the inertia for 11 months and then wonder how to turn the negative course of the situation.

Make the decision that you deserve to climb up the staircase of life, with every passing day, instead of sloping down.

How about, instead of exhausting yourself with workouts, chose to make the first, but most important steps towards change- the one, which you’ve been needing for a long time. Make the first steps towards the change of the way you accept your own self, your body, your health, your life. Realize that the meaning of life is not about looking good in front of the others, but feeling good about our own self.

Because, does it really matter what other people will think of you on the beach, when you are not satisfied with the way you feel and when you do not accept your own self?

It doesn’t matter how other people see us. What matters is how WE look on our own self. When in every single moment we choose what is best for us, when we have a clear vision of our priorities and what is it which makes us feel good, each one of our choices, will be dictated by this mindset.

Realize that it is NOT better to be ashamed for one week at the beach, instead of making efforts all year round. There is nothing more satisfying, than feeling better about your own self and the choices you make.

We do not need to look like fitness models; to resemble a moving model from an anatomy book. What we are supposed to do is take care of our own self- to fuel our body with quality food and give it the movement it was created for.

Mistake 2: Buy supplements, as if we are buying veggies

Sometimes I get astonished by the fact, that the first thing most people think about, when they decide to get in shape is what supplements they should buy.

I ADORE this question!

When are we gonna stop being slaves to the myths and when are we gonna stop being misled by the commercial and actually start using our critical thinking and make decisions independently?

Do you really believe that supplements will do what you don’t have the will, the desire or the consciousness to do?

Do you really believe that something which comes in a box, in the form of powder or pills, could substitute real food? Or do you really believe that this is the proper way to act?

I never comment, but I always indignant with people who preach healthy lifestyle, yet they upload pictures of 5-10 boxes of supplements. They rush to show off with the new delivery and they think that the fact that when they travel they need two suitcases- one for their clothes and one for their supplements, is something to be proud of. Really?

Actually not! Yes, supplements might help you in the short term, but is this a reflection of “healthy”?

Everybody passes through the period, when appearance comes before health. I’ve also been there- the time when I was ok with torturing my body, just so I could make it look the way I wanted it to be. The body is hardy and it endures such a behavior- in the short ter. The question is what are we gonna do, when your body gives up; when it quits fighting with our ridiculous behavior and when we receive a signal, for its refusal to be an associate in its own suicide, masked as a disease.

Supplements are not the decision. Why?

Our body is not as simple as we think it is. Just because it needs protein, doesn’t mean that if we drink protein shakes in abundance it will be happy. Just because L-carnitine is something our body produces, doesn’t mean that giving it larger quantities will be of bigger help.

I had a short period of my life, when I used to buy amino acids and I thought my body needed them. I was misled by the advices: “You waste a lot of energy, you can’t go without supplements. You won’t recover well.”

Fortunately, I realized some things on time:

1.It is better to give my money for real food, instead of giving them for supplements.

2.Amino acids might be needed for our body, but they should come from food- this way, they come with a combination of other macro and micro-nutrients, which aid their absorption and their use in the body. This is true for every nutrient. After all, our body doesn’t work with what we eat, but with what we absorb!

3.I do not need supplements to recover. The body has the perfect mechanisms to recover and it is constantly sending us signals when and what it needs. Why would I take supplements, to recover me, when I could just give my body a break from working out; when I could just sleep a little more and instead of working out, I could just peacefully spend some more time in nature?

Why should I artificially force my body to keep on functioning to the max, when it obviously doesn’t want to and when it needs rest?

4.I do not need to be dependent on pills. Powders and all kind of things, which fool my mind and make me believe that without them, I cannot achieve my goals.

How often do you see people who are dependent on supplements? People, who get panicked when they forget to take their supplements and they rush to blame their lack, for their bad performance. I see it on a daily basis. Isn’t it ridiculous? Why do we once again attach our abilities and potential to something external and why do we allow to feel helpless, when we don’t have the opportunity to take the “magical supplements”?

My advice is to stop buying supplements in your desperate try to look better on the beach. It is better to save this money and invest them in more experiences. You better save this money and invest them in better, higher quality food.

Let this summer be different and set the beginning of your new, more conscious self.

Let yourself to realize that when you make an effort all year round, when you take care of yourself, you won’t go to extremes, like desperately trying to get in shape. Realize that it is far more satisfying to make a better choice, on daily basis and feel great all year round; to be proud with who you are; to have energy; to stay away from becoming a slave of superficial goals and the desperate try of your ego to attract attention and receive praises.

Let today, step by step, be the beginning of your path- up, on the staircase of life. Start with a healthier breakfast; take the time for a short but intensive workout. Remember that more doesn’t always mean better.

Success comes not when we add to what we have and who we are, but when we subtract- the useless; what is interfering with our progress and what is holding us back.

Go at the seaside and feel great- not because everybody will turn head after you, but because even when you are walking by yourself on the beach, at 6a.m.; even when there is nobody around you, you are feeling content with the person you are and the choices you make- in every single moment!

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Raw Chocolate Bars with Coconut Filling

Ставаме все по-добри в здравословните десерти :))

We are getting better at cooking healthy desserts :) )

My wonderful co-worker- Victor, had a birthday. I have two favorite presents- a book or something handmade/ home prepared. Vic appreciates healthy desserts and I decided to make him my favorite healthy chocolate bars.

At the end, I decided to use part of the mixture and make some healthy chocolate balls.

And what is a person if he cooks alone? That is why I had Ivaylo cook with me. Cooking is a lot of fun, when you share it with wonderful people.


When somebody has a birthday, they usually assume that their nutrition is cursed to failure, because you can’t celebrate your birthday without FORBIDDEN foods.

Personally I don’t like labeling food as “allowed” and “forbidden”. In my opinion food is either healthy- such that gives your body what it needs or unhealthy- such that robs it and harms it!

That is why my advice would be, if you’d like to eat something sweet, cook it yourself! You have no idea what is the advantage of homemade food, compared to processed foods, bought from the supermarket.

Today, I will share with you a recipe for the delicious chocolate bars and healthy chocolate balls.

Ingredients: [Read more...]

6 Mistakes I’ve Made with My Diet So You Don’t Have To


In my opinion the path I “walked”, and probably the path most people walk on when trying to make the transition from unhealthy to healthy eating, is equal to evolution- an evolution in the way of thinking, the attitude towards life, health and the way our body functions.

As everything else, that undergoes evolution, the same way our attitude towards nutrition, goes from one level- where we use food just as a mean to satisfy each caprice and each need of the mind, to actually looking on nutrition as something valuable, as a source of health and as a reason to be thankful.

Today, I look on healthy eating from a totally different perspective, compared to the way I approached my diet in the past. As we talked with one of my friends, it is humiliating to read your own, old articles. But I wouldn’t remove them from the blog. I would just periodically, update the information. Thus, everybody who walks on my path, will see that there are a minimum amount of “essential” steps, which we should  make- mistakes, which we should make, in order to become mature and realize what is truly significant.

Today, I will share with you some of the mistakes I made. Or to be more precise, part of the steps towards my personal evolution in the world of healthy nutrition.

1.I used to NOT be interested in what, how and why works. Instead I tried to force myself to fit in somebody else’s working formula

Imagine it like a math problem. If you do not know neither the formula, nor how to get to it, or if you don’t get the logic behind the whole process, but you are still trying to learn by heart the end result or worse- you are cheating from somebody else’s solution, you are usually bind to fail. The next time when you are supposed to solve a similar problem, you will have absolutely no idea how to get to the answer and no idea what is the logic behind the solution.

The same happens with your body and with your nutrition. When we do not have an idea how the body functions, we don’t know what it needs. When we don’t know what it needs, we can’t be sure what nutrients we should fuel it with. By taking the ready to go formula, i.e. the diet, which works for somebody else, we could hope for just one thing- that we will be lucky enough, so the formula contains what our body needs today. Yes, but luck won’t be with us every day. There will come a moment, when, because of our different needs and lifestyle, our body will need different food and different macro and micro-nutrient proportions.

By trying to force our body to get used to the ready to go formula- diet, we leave it unsatisfied, and from there on, comes, a cascade of unpleasant consequences- we feel the need to eat, because our body is hungry for something particular, which is not present in the ready to go formula. Then we start overeating, because biology always trumps willpower- by using our willpower, we can cave in our body for a limited amount of time. After that the body will ask for what we  have deprived it form.

How to avoid the mistake:

In a long term aspect, the quick always turn out to be the slowest. With a risk to postpone your transition to getting in better shape and the improvement in your health, invest some time, when you will learn how your body functions and what it needs. Then, on the base of this knowledge, build the formula ( the diet), which worked for you. This formula will have one “x”, which is called “THE PRESENT MOMENT”. This “x” is actually the present day and the needs that it will impose on your body. This means that your diet should change, taking into account the different activities you perform.

That’s where mistake number two comes into play…

2.I used to take my nutrition as something static

A mistake which is closely connected with the first one. Actually the diet is not something static, but something dynamic. You do not need to start every single morning with exactly 3 eggs, not more than 7 olives, three flowers of broccoli and two pieces tomato.

The diet changes, taking into account, many factors from our surroundings, which influence our body. And this is kind of logical. Our body functions in a way, which strives to sustain homeostasis- let’s call it balance. Homeostasis has a different manifestation, which is called allostasis. This means that our body conforms its functioning with the signals, which the environments sends it.

From here, follows the fact that with the change in these factors, you need to adapt your nutrition plan, in a way that it will correspond to the environment and in a way that it will give your body what it needs.

What do I mean? The nature of life is cyclic. Seasons, for example, reflect this cyclic nature.  With the change in seasons, the climate changes, as well as the foods which are available. This is no coincidence. I’ve told you before how and why seasons influence the macronutrient proportion in food and I’ve previously suggested you how with the change in the climate you should adapt your nutrient proportions.

A way to avoid this mistake:

Listen to your body and the signals it sends. Your body is wiser than every fitness magazine, than every sport’s guru. Our body is constantly “communicating” with the environment and then it gives you instructions how to react. The mistake is that we usually ignore this instructions and we try to impose it on something else

Imagine the body as a complicated machine, which comes with a textbook of instructions. When it comes to technologies, I always ignore the instructions and this always leads to a bunch of problems. One of my friends- Dako ( who is an IT), always tells me: “Ines, take 15 minutes to read the textbook with the instructions and then you won’t have problems.” Well, I will play the role of your own Dako, and I will tell you- take some time to understand how your body functions and then you won’t face difficulties.

3.To be a slave of strict schemes and diets

A common mistake, made not just about nutrition, but about life as a whole. The mind always needs to attach to something, so it can find security, even though security is an illusion.

Back in the days, I made the mistake to follow strict diets and every diversion was equal to a mistake. It was a reason to feel guilt and to feel as a complete failure. This is one of the premises to develop an eating disorder. Besides that, food problems are connected with the problems we have with our own personality. By following strict nutrition plans, we are setting our own trap, where sooner or later- we fall.

As I already mentioned, the diet is not something static and a strict scheme is bound to a long term failure.

A way to avoid this mistake:

The information and the knowledge you will adopt, by avoiding the first two mistakes, will help you stay away from strict rules. You will already know what and when you need to eat and you won’t need to set external limitations which are supposed to control and direct your actions.

4.I made the mistake to think that it is enough to eat the same foods on a daily basis and I used to never bring in some variety or include spices.

There was a moment, when I used to preach that it doesn’t matter that I eat the same thing on a daily basis. I used to find it tasty and my body “received enough nutrients”. I used to explain how I do not need spices and that boiled chicken breasts, salad without condiments and so forth are really healthy.

Diet is not something static and our body has different needs, depending on the variety of factors from the environment.

Besides that, in order for our body to function properly, it should USE the food. Our body doesn’t work with what we eat. It works with what it absorbs1 There are a lot of premise for the good absorption of food, but one of them are undoubtedly enzymes and balanced gut flora.

By eating the same foods over and over again, we exhaust these enzymes and we create an unbalanced gut flora. Thus, even though we eat high quality food, we fail to absorb it and our body is starving for nutrients.

There is more to it- after I read countless books, I got to the conclusion, that traditions, when it comes to cooking our food and the abundance of spices are not just a caprice of gluttony. Spices, which are typical of some meals, actually assist in its preparation, which makes its nutrients more bioavailable.

And even though I have no problem with eating boiled chicken without any spices, nowadays I avoid doing it.

Let me add that the preparation of food and the time we invest in it, demonstrates attitude towards our nutrition. I’ve noticed that when we prepare our food with more care, we appreciate it much more- we do not eat just to satisfy our hunger. Eating becomes a real pleasure.

A way to avoid this mistake:

Remember, that it is no coincidence that traditions resisted the test of time. They have their roots in a time period, when people used to pay more attention to the world around them, they took care of their body and they listened to the signals it used to send. I think that we can trust their wisdom and the traditions they’ve imposed.

Remember that every day is different and we should approach it from the perspective of the present moment, and avoid living according to a template- no matter if we speak about food or another area of our life.

5. When I saw food I used to see numbers. I used to feed my body with quantity and not with quality

One of the most common mistakes is turning every bite of food in its calorie equivalent. Even though I strongly believe in the laws of thermodynamics and even though I believe they cannot be ignored, I can bravely state that it is not just the quantity of the calories that matters, but also the quality of the food.

Imagine what happens in your body as a chemical process. Food that we eat, causes a particular reaction, a particular process. We know from chemistry lessons, that if we mistake the quantity or the type of the elements, we will cause a different chemical reaction. The same happens with our body when we give it crappy food.

Besides that, nutrition is something like an information, something like a code, which our body deciphers and based on it, our body determines what is gonna happen with our health. Crappy food is a code, which our body cannot decipher. It is a material our body cannot use and a material which stops the proper functioning of our body.

A way to avoid this mistake:

Stop slaving the calories in and calories out philosophy. Change your attitude towards food and towards your health and choose to feed your body with real, quality food.

Our body is smart and when we give it what it needs, it will return the favor. It will start regulating the quantity of food we take and we will need to just observe the signals it sends- are we hungry or not.

And here comes the next mistake…

6. Eating through a strict schedule- in particular time and particular number of meals

This is really ridiculous. I state it with a hand on my heart. This is one of the things, that were the hardest to avoid. When you get your mind used to the fact that you should eat in particular time, you start existing on autopilot. You stop listening to your body and you do not give it much thought if you are hungry or not. What matters is that at 14:00 you MUST eat.

Since when did eating become an obligation? Isn’t it a need, meant to satisfy our body’s needs, when they arise, and not when the arrow of the clock or the nutrition plan from the magazine impose?

How to avoid this mistake:

Forget the word “MUST”. Nothing is an obligation! You are the one who is choosing. Eat when you are hungry. Sometimes you don’t even need to eat- you won’t die if you feel some hunger, but neglect your primitive instinct and eat 30 minutes later. Your muscles won’t disappear, nor your body will start storing fat.

Actually, I could keep on writing about my mistakes for eternity. I think I am in the mood to write a whole book, and probably when I finish it, I will remember that I’ve missed something and I will have to write a second edition.

I will limit myself with these 6 mistakes, because I appreciate your time, but I will say something in conclusion- weight problems, health problems and everything else you could think of, comes from the fact that we’ve distanced ourselves from nature and from our own body.

Somewhere on the path, humanity made the wrong turn and with every passing year, we are getting further away from what we need. We are losing the right focus and we concentrate too much on the things that keep us busy, but don’t bring any value.

Today I will aks you for something. Close this article and all the forums you are reading. Close the magazine, where they promise you that you will get fit in a week.

Stand up from the chai and for the next couple minutes don’t do anything. Just stand and ty to pay attention to your own self. Feel what your bod is sending you as a signal and interpret what you really need.

Ask yourself:

Am I hungry or did I once again fool myself that I “MUST” eat?

Do I really feel like working out or am I a slave of my habit to work out on a daily basis?

Do I feel like eating eggs or am I doing it just because my “guru” is eating eggs every single day?

Be conscious for a moment and I am sure that you will notice how the path you need to walk on is revealing in front of you!

Everything in life is so much simpler- even getting in shape. The solution is in being able to differ the meaningful from the meaningless; to focus on the 20% which bring results and stop wasting efforts for the rest 80% which are just keeping us busy!

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And some pictures from my last trip :)

Delicious Zucchini with Curds, Walnuts and Fresh SPices


Sometimes people are afraid to try healthy living, because they mistakenly believe in the myth that healthy food is plane and tasteless. But this is not the truth. Healthy food might be delicious, it might have a lot of variety, as long as you want to spend some time in the kitchen and treat what you eat with more respect.
Yes, it is easier to go wait in line and then by a piece of pizza or a burger, but I am convinced that the pleasure of food, increases proportionally with the efforts we made for it.
If you grow your own food; if you prepare your own dairy products, I am sure that their taste will be different; you will have a different attitude towards your food and you will appreciate it more.
It is no coincidence that many of the traditions have something to do with preparing food. It is not the act of eating, but the time you take to prepare the meal that matters.
After this lyrical interruption, I just wanted to say that today, I will offer you one of my favorite recipes for stuffed zucchini. My mother and I cooked them and unlike me, she LOVES BAKING food. That is why the end result is a little over-burnt.

Ingredients: [Read more...]

A Journey Through Life Following In The Footsteps of Two Soul-mates: Chronicles of a Sea Journey


We keep our life in the cage called day. A life, that stays behind the bars of daily routine and monotony. We fool ourselves, that we live and deep inside we are constantly feeling an emptiness, which we don’t manage to fill with anything. Until the moment, when we sense that we can not keep on going like this and that we are ready to do everything just so we can find what we need. In reality, what we need is not something material, it is not something that is being won or something that somebody should give you. Actually, it is a matter of personal choice.The personal choice to choose freedom and the challenges that accompany it.

One of the best ways to explore your own self and the world around, to challenge yourself and in the midst of the unknown, to get the chance to reveal more about your own self, is by traveling.

Actually most of us spend their lives as trees. We grow roots in one place and they go deeper and deeper and attach us to the place where we are standing. With every passing year, it becomes harder to make the decision to do something different, something new. Even when we are not happy with the place we are, we keep on putting up with the unpleasant conditions, which slowly, but surely weaken our desire, our will, our longing… they curse our potential.

An inevitable part of the human character is the strive for possession, the hunger for the feeling of owning something. Maybe that is were our fear of change derives from. Leaving the old and predictable, behind our back is equal to losing something that has already been conquered- even if it means leaving the suffering and the pain. We are used to measuring our own self according to what has already been, what we’ve already invested and what we used to be. The world around us is a vivid affirmation, the illusionary trophy of our inner self. That is why we are so attached to it and why we enchain our own self behind the bars of our own existence. By en-caging our own self, we are secure that nobody is gonna take us what belongs to us.

That’s what I use to do. But I met Ivaylo and something deep inside of me froze. It stood up and became still, so it could give reverence to something great. Felt as if something deep inside of me, knew that this time, the curvy alleys of life, crossed my path with somebody who was gonna give me his hand and help me do what I’ve always secretly wanted to do but never found the courage to actually do it- to travel! Travel without a direction but with a clear goal- to get to know my own self and explore the world.

Almost every week, Ivaylo and I challenge our own self- we leave the secure, predictable daily life, so we can embark in an adventure, which starts home, goes through the unknown and ends up at home.

I once read this:

„This is everything: to return. To disappear from one place on the Earth, to leave and arrive again. Without this place, you wouldn’t love neither it, nor the rest of the world, you wouldn’t have a starting point, because you wouldn’t be anywhere.And if you have just your home place, you wouldn’t think about it, you wouldn’t long for it and you wouldn’t love it. And this is not good. You should think, long for and love. So get ready to travel. – Mesha Selimovic 

These words, always give me courage to follow my freedom and explore the world through traveling. Because I know that no matter where I go, no matter what happens I can always return home. Even when I have the feeling that I don’t have anything, here, at home, there is always one place, which is kept just for me.

This is where we ended up the last time, when the unknown welcomed us, and we accepted the challenge without hesitation.

During the last 5 years, I haven’t gone at the seaside, because I constantly postponed my life for later, focusing just on work, work and work again.

That is why, Ivaylo and I headed towards the seaside. Unlike most people, we didn’t make a reservation, we didn’t even know exactly where we were going. The only thing we predicted, was that we will have Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday- four days, which we were supposed to use to the fullest and fill with as many adventures as possible, to gather as many moments, memories and get to know another part of the wonderful world which surrounds us.

We woke up at 2 a.m. on Thursday. After all the day was supposed to be filled with experiences, not with a travel on the highway. We left early.


We outran the day, but it was really nice to us, and just when the tiredness of the early wake up was taking a toll on us, the day offered us one of the most wonderful sights that a person could eyewitness- the sunrise!

It is astonishing to observe how the sun is slowly rising, displacing the night. How the whole nature is taking a deep breath, in the anticipation of something indescribable, but great to appear. By observing the fire ball, emerging from the depths of the horizon and suddenly spilling all over the sky, you feel a sense of meaning and  a sense that you are part of something bigger than yourself.

The road led us to Sinemorec. We didn’t have an idea where we were gonna sleep. That’s why “coincidence: always has a suggestion and led us to the house for guests “Veleka”. 

When we stepped over the threshold, I knew that this will be our home for the upcoming night. There are thousands of hotels and houses, where you can sleep. In first sight, all of them are the same, but they differ with one thing- the atmosphere, that is present inside.

When you get inside the house, you will notice tenths of pictures hanging from the wall- pictures of visitors, beautiful landscapes from the seaside, the sunrise and the sunset. You will meet the nice lady, who has the most beautiful smile, which fills the room with shining. Just when you see her, you will feel that you want to spend the night there, so you can allow a beautiful person, to become part of your life- even for a day.

Аз и Ивайло с прекрасната домакиня :)

Ivaylo and I with the wonderful lady :)

I live so I can gather moments and beautiful sights. I adore reading, when I am surrounded by the greatness of the nature. The balcony with the sight towards the beach, was exactly what I needed in order to invite my inspiration and do what I love- write and read.

Гледката от балкона :)

The sight from the balcony :)

Обичам да наблюдавам света около себе си, да пия кафе и да пиша :)

I love observing the world around me, drink coffee and write!  :)

As I mentioned, our journeys are not an excuse to stay out of shape, but just an opportunity to be in the best shape ever. I love traveling with Ivaylo. He reflects the best part of my own self and he always motivates me to strive to fulfill my potential. He is the one who encourages me to do one more pull-up, when I insist that “I can’t!”, he helps me progress with my handstand and he challenges me to do pistol squats everywhere.

How do we manage to eat healthy while we are traveling?

By traveling, we detach ourselves from the comfort and predictability, from knowing when and where we could find what we need. Still, we never forget to take with us our values. They are what each one of our choices is build on and what, even when we travel, helps us do what makes us feel good- both physically and mentally.

Even before we left, we boiled about 30 eggs and we took them with us.


Sinemorec turned out to be a great place, where you can enjoy delicious, homegrown veggies and fruits.

We are the kind of people who love LUXURY, so we always eat in a five star restaurant or in this case- six star restaurant ( the sight towards the sea, was worth the additional star).

Ето така изглеждаше един от шестзвездните ресторанти, които ПОСЕТИХМЕ :)

That’s how one of the six star restaurants we visited, looked like. :)

When it comes to eating, we always try to buy real food- such that is as close to its natural state as possible. You will find fruits, veggies, nuts, homemade dairy products, meat, fish and eggs- EVERYWHERE!

We buy some of these foods, then we find a beautiful sight and we open the five star restaurant and enjoy our meal.

When you travel, you realize that you don’t need to be dependent on food and that there is nothing scary to be left hungry for an hour or two, until you find where and what to eat. Exactly the opposite- you start appreciating the food so much more and you understand that eating is not something ordinary, but actually a wonderful opportunity to be thankful.

How do we stay in shape while traveling?

The best workout tool is your own body. It has an unlimited capability and when you take good care of it, you can always rely on your movable gym. You can “open”it everywhere- on the beach, in the mountain, on the road, wherever you feel like.

Не пропускаме да тестваме дали колчетата стават за пистолети :)

We don’t skip doing a pistol squat :)

Хубавата ни гледка :)

Our beautiful sight:)

Ивайло и неговия ТЕСТ на колчето :)

Ivaylo Ivanov :)

Още една от красивите гледки :)

Another one of our beautiful views :)

Поредната спираща дъха гледка :)

Another breath taking view :)

Ivaylo and I, always play the role of explorers and we take the paths less traveled. When there is an easy road and a difficult one, we just look at each other and without uttering a word, we already have an agreement that we are taking the difficult path! Thus, we discover places, which few people have visited. Places, which are not ruined by civilization and places which keep the peace and harmony, which become an inevitable part of you. This is the best thing about journeys and visiting new places- every one of them is being stamped on your mind and it becomes an inseparable  part of you.

Every smell, every sound, carry the memory of an emotion or an experience, which you could always invite in your day, even when you are thousands kilometers away from the place you took them.

We love doing pull-ups on branches, doing handstands or pistol squats. Ivaylo loves jumping on cliffs, stones, parapets and everything that seems dangerous and everything that always makes one of my hairs go white. Still, I am always confident that he won’t injure himself, because he always proves that he is really athletic.

Ето един от баирите, които изкачихме по ТРАДИЦИОНЕН начин :)

One of the traditional ways to climb hills- with walking lunges :)

Морската коса винаги "развълнува" косите ми :D

Sea water, always makes my hair go wild :D

When we see a hill, we once again have a wordless agreement, that we are climbing it with walking lunges. In Sinemorec, there was such a hill and after we swam in the sea, we finished with walking lunges uphill.

We went to bed early, around 21:30p.m., because the morning and the sunrise wouldn’t wait for us to sleep and we couldn’t allow the day to start without us.

Още един спиращ дъха изгрев :)

Another one of the breathtaking sunrises :)


At 05:30 a.m., we were already impatiently waiting for the sun to rise. There isn’t a more beautiful sight, than the sunrise on the beach. We enjoyed it and then we took 30-40 minutes to work out.

We warmed up on the hill and then we moved on the sand.

We warmed up with:

2 accelerated runs on the hill

Some running drills up the hill

2 times walking lunges

1 time backward walking on four “legs”up the hill.

We did this on the beach:

5 rounds:

10 jumping squats

20-25 meters sprint

10 burpees

30 mountain climbers with a band

Не знам кое ми харесва повече- гледката зад Ивайло или Ивайло ;)

I am not sure which one I like more- the view or Ivaylo ;)


The day, led us to Lozenetz, where we visited Maya Stoilova- one of the wonderful people I coach. Maya is a windsurfer and she has a surfing school-ОХО (check out HERE).  I was excited that we will try windsurfing, but what happened next, was beyond my expectations.

I felt, exactly the way I would feel in Heaven. All this surfs, the wonderful coaches and the atmosphere. It was clear that everything was created with a lot of care and desire.

Our first lesson, was led by Ceci. During the whole time, I was critically judging his coaching skills, while I was enjoying our steps from learning how to get on the board to actually windsurfing.

Цеци, Ивайло и аз :)

Ceci, Ivaylo and I :)

Мая и аз :)

Maya and I :)

В Рая :)

A sneak peak in Heaven :)

Запаси от сърфове

I always pay attention to the way coaches explain and their abilities to coach and inspire. Ceci was unique and he explained everything so good. I would hire him for a coach in my gym, if he wasn’t a surfer and if he was interested in functional training.

Thus, after one hour in the water, learning how to windsurf, I was ready to go back in Sofia, sell my apartment and dedicate my life to windsurfing. ( :D )

Then we had some fun with our favorite toy- the rings. Maya, Ivaylo and I tried some exercises and we had a lot of fun.


Мая показва умения на халките :)

Maya showing some mastery on the rings :)


Най-доброто сърф училище :)

The best surfing school in Bulgaria :)

След сърф, трябва да се яде :)

After all, after surf time it is food time:)

On the way back, I met some people, I haven’t met for a long time, but people who are part of my most sacred memories. It is strange how on the road, you meet people, who live in your city, but people you rarely see, Suddenly, you decide to go to a place, which is far away from home and as if “coincidence” wanted to bring you to this person. “Fate” crosses your roads, on a foreign land, so you can set a new beginning of an old friendship.

The road from there, took us to Tzarevo, where we found these unique bars. We had a great workouts, in the company of an amazing sight towards the sea.

WP_20140719_102 WP_20140719_104 WP_20140719_109 WP_20140719_113

The workout was as follows:

5 sets of 5 pistol squats

5 sets of max pull ups ( perform the lats rep in each set, by going down really, really slow, pausing at 90 degrees and holding as much as possible)

3 sets of 8 reps glute ham raise

5 sets of 5 negative push- ups

1 max plan

Some stabilizations on the rings

Thanks to Ivaylo, who once again challenged me, I found out that I can do the exercise on the rings ( the one from the pic). I was really proud with myself and really thankful that Ivaylo helped me broaden my comfort zone and realize that you never know what you are capable of, until you actually try.

We went for a walk in Tzarevo. I recommend you visit this place. It is beautiful.

WP_20140719_19_50_38_Panorama WP_20140719_19_53_32_Pro

The night took us to camping Arapya, where we stayed in a bungalow, placed right on the beach.

In the morning, Ivaylo woke up early, and he was really nice to wake me up at 05:30 a.m., so we could greet the sunrise together. I think that during the last 5 years, I was living just for a moment like this. The sunrise was astonishing and the presence of Ivaylo, made the moment even ore precious.

WP_20140720_06_00_42_Pro WP_20140720_06_03_07_Pro WP_20140720_06_06_59_Pro

I love sleeping in bungalows. People, who sleep in a tent or in a bungalow are different from people, who sleep in a hotel. They are so communicative, free and down to earth. Our neighbors were wonderful and even though we stayed there for one night, we managed to talk to them. It is always great to talk to strangers- to feel how the stranger, becomes your soul-mate.

In their absence, on their table, there was a pack of napkins. They had flowers on them. I love flowers and napkins. One of my hobbies is handmade presents. I decided that even though they were strangers, they won’t be mad at me, if I steal one napkin and make a rose of it and then leave it on their table.


Then, we once again took a path less traveled and spent about an hour, sitting on a cliff, observing the sea, the sea-mews and the cliffs.

I think that I have a new favorite activity- observing the sea mew-s and their flight. Have you payed attention to the way these wonderful birds float in the air? The lower they fly, the more energetically they spread their wings, trying to rise higher. Once they rise high in the sky, they stop making efforts and just float in the air, slowly navigating their flight through the spirt of air. They do not resist the wind. They just float on it, navigating their flight towards the desired direction.


Shouldn’t life be like this? Shouldn’t we learn to stop fighting the situations, and start “floating”on what is happening, learning how to use it in a way so we always progress towards the desired direction.

I think I found why we should go at the seaside. We should observe the waves more often. I was sitting on the shore and I observed the way waves formed, how they reach their tipping point, how they shatter down. The wave meets the shore and then returns back. It reminded me of the cyclic nature of all our actions- we gather an inertia, we climb up, and then there comes a moment when we fall down. It feels as if there is no way out. A moment when we get even with the ground, just the way the wave gets even with the shore, then it leaks backwards, just to become part of the whole see and then rise in a wave again.


Isn’t it strange? The nature is everywhere and it hides the answer to all questions, but we usually ignore it, because we are too focused in our illusions.

Сърце...създадено от природата :)

A heart created by nature :)

...и още едно :)

…and another one :)

For example the picture of this flower. Ivaylo always takes great pictures of really small, almost noticeable flowers and insects. Viewed from the high, among everything else, they seem plane. Once you get closer to them, once you take a look at them, you notice the details, which reveal their true beauty. It is the same with people! When you see somebody in the crowd, we all look the same. Once you take a closer look at somebody, once you take the time to silently walk in his life and get to know him, you notice how unique and different that person is.

WP_20140719_082 WP_20140719_087 WP_20140719_090

Don’t judge from above! Take the time to look in the details!

Then, we got on the road again and we headed to Burgas. As always, Ivaylo couldn’t let our journey to be boring- to start from one place and end up at the planned destination without something interesting taking place. I love the way Ivaylo pays attention to the details and everything I say. I constantly speak about the time when I was a child and my parents used to take me camping in Kiten.

As we were traveling to Burgas, Ivaylo took a turn…towards Kiten. We stopped and walked through the village, the beach and the camp. It is great when somebody gives you a chance to breath into life, moments, which are gone, but moments which always wake up the nostalgia inside of you. It is great, when you are in the presence of a person, who gives you the freedom to call your most sacred moments from the past and co-experience the emotions- again.


After the wonderful meeting with the past, it was once again time to get back on the road. We arrived in Burgas, where we directly headed to the sea garden. Most of my friends said great things about it, but I had to make sure they were saying the truth. There is something great about the central parks of each city. They are something like the heart of the city. Even when everything around seems great, exactly in the center, exactly in this place everything is green, colorful and bubbling with life. It is the same with every human being. We live in a world, build on our own illusion and even when everything seems hopeless, somewhere deep inside of us, there is such a green place, where there is still life and flame. A place, which we should often visit and take inspiration, then return in the other world and create something better, something more valuable.

IMG_20140720_140020 IMG_20140720_140211 IMG_20140720_140537 IMG_20140720_140640 IMG_20140720_142801 (1)

The sea garden in Burgas was so much more than I expected. I can’t explain it, but every time I am surrounded by nature, I feel as if I am home. I feel as if, no matter where I go, no matter how far away from home I move, there is always one place I could call home- every par, every place, “decorated”with nature. I always feel comfortable there.

We walked through the alleys and I observed the benches. I imagined, how if I lived there, I would go for a walk every single day, I would pick a bench, sit there and read something or I would just steal a moment from the day and observe how life happens. Then it was time to leave.

No matter where a person goes, he shouldn’t stay there for a long time. What becomes a habit, soon gets neglected. We stop appreciating it, we stop getting pleasure from it.

On the way we picked a beautiful place, where we “opened”the five star restaurant and we once again enjoyed real, delicious food.

Then we gathered some strength for our journey back to Sofia.

WP_20140718_009 WP_20140720_08_15_11_Pro WP_20140720_08_16_11_Pro

We came back home late. No matter how long you travel around the world, you should always return home. No matter how good you feel around the world, home is best! Knowing that you will go to sleep in your bed; that you will wake up early and your day will start just the way you love it; you will drink coffee in your cup, which is a present from a wonderful person; you will go out on time and go to work and on the way you will meet the neighbor and gift him a smile.


It is always great to return back home- after each journey you go back home a different person; enriched by the experience and the people you met; you already know more about the world and you’ve discovered more about your own self. Now your old home looks way different. After all you are not the same and you have a whole different perspective on life!

The journey always ends up great, when your life is full of people like Ivaylo, who always take care of you; who drive you home to the other end of the city, so  you can be home first; get in bed on time and wake up really early- just like you love- so you can read before work and then go and do what you love the most!

I can’t wait for the next journey!


Delicious Raw Cake with Avocado and Pistachio Cream


Last week I had a birthday and I turned a quarter century! I want to say thank you to all of you who made my birthday so wonderful!

Thank you for every kind gesture, for every kind word and for the time you took for me. Thank you that because I have you, I feel as if everyday is my birthday. Thank you that because I have you, I get the privilege to be surrounded by wonderful people who support me who take care of me; people who inspire and motivate me and make every day different, better than the one yesterday and bring so much meaning to my life!

Thanks to every one of us for the efforts you made, for the wonderful flowers, the unique presents and the outstanding books; for all the handmade presents and cards; for all bouquets with carrots, the raw cake, the membership for Jack Kruse’s webinars, for the poems you wrote for me and that behind every present, I could sense the care, the love and the respect you invested.

The most precious thing in a present are the efforts, the care and the love, which the giver invests. I love handmade presents. I am thankful to Monika and Malina who made a delicious, raw cake for me. I asked for the recipe, so I can share this tasty dessert with you.

Here are some of the presents I received :) [Read more...]

Do You Wear High Heels? Then You Definitely Need to See This!

Ines Subashka

Ines Subashka

Some time ago I wrote this post : Do you wear high heels? Check out what you are doing to yourself!  

I realize that high heels are something that exists since the dinosaur extinction and their isn’t an argument or a nature phenomenon, that could have the power to wipe them out of a woman’s  wardrobe.

I acknowledge, that high heels look sexy and stylish, but this doesn’t change the fact that they are harming your body. In the post I mentioned above, you will understand exactly how they damage your body. Today,my focus is different. Today I will show you how to take care of your calves and feet,so you give your body what it deserves. I will show  you how to use my favorite “tool”- a tennis ball. this is my most trustworthy friend and those of you who know me, are aware that I encourage the use of a tennis ball, a s a treatment for everything.:D I have an unwritten rule:No matter what hurts, try curing it with a tennis ball… if it doesn’t work, you are probably have a problem!

The advice in the video is not just for ladies who wear high heels. It is for every person who wants to feel better and get rid of the pain, which is not a result of an injury,but a symptom that you are neglecting your body.