The Most Interesting Articles I Read This Week

The beautiful Stephanie Davis

The beautiful Stephanie Davis

How was your week? Mine was full of motivated, inspiring people and every time I am in the gym with them, I feel wonderful and complete. I am not the kind of people who rest a lot and I rarely go on a vacation, because I totally love my job and it is kind of my source of energy. Still, it is Easter here and I took the weekend off and I came to my country village- the heaven on Earth. I love nature, I bought two books, one of them is Jack Kruse’s book, which I’ve been waiting to read for a long time and besides everything else that I am gonna do, I will spend a couple hours in front of the fireplace- reading.

Have a wondefrul weekend. Feed your soul, not just your body. Take some time to go through my favorite reads for the week.

Here are two pictures from my wonderful day.


First, the articles on InspiredFitStrong for the past week:

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Jakon Rath

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Athletes and Coaches Answer: What Is Your Strategy to Stay Fit During The Holidays

Марина Декова

Marina Dekova

Easter is coming and a lot of people are searching for a strategy to stay fit, despite the temptations that accompany the Holidays. That is why I decided to ask some coaches and athletes what is their strategy to stay fit during the Holidays. Here is what they answered.

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Linda Robertovich

Линда Робертович

Линда Робертович

Facebook page: Upgrade you by Linda Robertovich

Holidays are definitely a temptation when it comes to delicious food. Personally I am not a fan of eating a variety of foods in one sitting. If I give in to temptation, I’d rather it be throughout the day, in small quantities. I am not a fan of eating a dessert after your main meal.

My strategy is to never get on the Holiday table starving. Before I eat, I would drink 500ml water and then emphasize on veggies and lean meats. I don’t eat a lot of carbs. Discipline is the base of everything, as well as the habits we’ve built. I rarely allow myself to cheat on my nutrition, and I do it mainly during my summer vacation, not during the Holidays.

If it happens by accident, then I follow another strategy on the next day- O eat mainly veggies and nuts and I do more cardio. Coffee and green tea after an indulgence are a great choice. Another strategy that works is placing a photo of your best body or the one you are trying to achieve and keeping it on your fridge. It works for me. But I haven’t done it in years because I already have enough discipline.

Radoslav Rangelov

Радослав Рангелов

Radoslav Rangelov

I don’t train during the holidays, but I am always on the go, because I love active rest. I don’t ever get inactive and I hike, I ride a bike, go for a walk or travel on a pre-planned destination. When it comes to nutrition and Easter- I’ve never liked sweet bread and since I was young I emphasized on eggs. Keeping in mind the massive amounts of eggs, which I eat on a daily basis, my food on the holiday won’t differ much from my food on a typical day. No matter if it is a holiday or just a regular day, for me food doesn’t differ much, because proper nutrition and an active lifestyle are part of my philosophy and it is not dependent on what day it is.

Iliyana Kostova

Илияна Костова

Илияна Костова

According to me what matters is the nutrition and the training regimen on a daily basis and a short pause for Easter won’t make that much of a difference. Sure, I search for healthier alternatives like natural egg dye, organic eggs and gluten- free sweet bread  and other healthy flours. But this doesn’t mean that a couple pieces of the traditional sweet bread are poison.

For Easter I give my soul and body some rest and I don’t train. I dedicate my time to my family. I eat normally, but I might eat a couple pieces of sweet bread besides eggs which are my favorite food. I don’t think that I deprive myself by not eating junk.

After Easter I renew my training right on the next day. I emphasize on cardio and I am back to my normal nutrition plan.

I have a balanced diet. I eat healthy protein, carbs and I add healthy fats to every meal. I do not eat processed, fried foods or foods that come in glittery packages. Enjoy the holidays and eat a lot of egg whites, more eggs and less sweets and enjoy the traditions.

Marina Dekova

Марина Декова

Марина Декова

I don’t stop working out and eating the way I eat- the way that helps me achieve my goals, no matter if it is a holiday or a regular day. Besides that I do not think that the body loses its athletism and health in the time frame of a couple days ( which is the time the Holidays last). When a person has goals and follows them, he is not tempted by junk. Everything is in our inner motivation. When it is lacking, then you will be tempted by everything.

Erin Stimac



Facebook page: Erin Stimac Nutrition

My strategy to stay fit and healthy during the Holidays would be: Even though the Holidays are usually a time to celebrate and spend time with friends and family, they can often times be very stressful. I try to schedule time to relax so that I don’t get too busy to take time for myself.

We all know that a healthy outside starts on the inside, so I believe that taking time to relax is important to staying mentally and physically healthy.

Relaxing can be anything from getting in some extra sleep, meditation, or even a workout that you enjoy. As far as nutrition goes, I try to cook something healthy and delicious that I know that people that I celebrate with will like.

Often times people LOVE healthy foods-especially when they don’t know it’s healthy! Cooking with fresh, whole ingredients and lots of healthy fats can make food delicious and satisfying, and I love to share those types of foods with my friends and family!

Irina Girginova


I wouldn’t say that I have a strategy. It is great that the Holidays are here, but this is not a reason to create a some kind of a magical plan for working out or eating. I am trying to have a long term strategy for my health and athletism. That’s why I will try not to ruin the results I’ve achieved with endless eating of junk. It is true that on Easter the sweets are delicious, but I will spread their consumption throughout the whole year, not just in one day. I intend on taking advantage of the more leisure time and I will enjoy different outdoor activities.

Dolia Pipileva

Доля Пипилева

Доля Пипилева

Since I’ve been training, my strategy is pretty much the same, no matter if it is a Holiday or not. I will keep on training as usual- with weights and if I can’t get to the gym, I have everything necessary to put together a fantastic workout at home. When it comes to nutrition, I love the food during this time of the year and especially the Easter menu, because I find it really healthy- green salad, plenty of eggs, meat, pretty much the foods I eat on a daily basis. If you ask for the sweet bread, I will be direct and say- I will eat! My family always prepares homemade sweet bread and I can’t wait to eat a piece of it with a cup of milk. After all I will try not to turn it in my main food of choice.

Enjoy the Holidays and rest.

Yuilian Todorov

Юлиян Тодоров

Юлиян Тодоров

Facebook page: Yuli’s Gym


My “strategy” could be summed up like this: I have an approach, that allows everybody to overeat during the Holiday.

Let’s be honest- it is clear that on the Holidays a diet is cursed to fail.

In the rare cases when I’ve seen somebody resist the Holiday treats, in a week or two after them, “the martyr” can’t resist the psychological burden and gives in to indulgence. And usually the comparison between what he ate after the Holidays and what he would have eaten on the Holidays, shows that the indulgence after that leads to a lot more food that’s been eaten.

That’s why I quit trying to motivate people to be on a diet during the Holidays. We are human not robots. And after that it is a Holiday, not a typical day.

If you ask about the Easter bread, my recommendation would be to follow a bodybuilding style of eating Easter bread. What do I mean? Bodybuilders throw yolks and eat fast carbs with proteins without fats. In the case with the Easter bread, if a typical size is 350 grams and we use the rule “before eating one Easter bread, eat a bowl of seasonal salad with 7 egg whites and then you have the right to eat one Easter bread.”If you want another Easter bread, you repeat the scheme.

If we are talking about a trained individual, I will just exhaust him with workouts, during the last couple days before Easter. Then he will feel the duty to eat all the eggs and Easter bread he can, in order to recover from the overtraining.

And what is my own strategy? I’ve been eating real food for a long time, I’ve build my muscles slowly in a natural way and now, I can allow myself eating whatever I feel like, in moderate amounts.

 Ines Subashka

I've never felt or looked better :)

Ines Subashka

Facebook page: Ines Subashka-InspiredFitStrong

My strategy for the Holidays can be summed up in a couple words- consciousness and conscious choices. I’ve given up the slavery of strategies and diets, in the way most people approach the word diet. I do not have a strategy, I have a philosophy. A philosophy, which is not just about nutrition, but a philosophy about life, and I base every single choice on it.

If you love Easter bread, then eat Easter bread. The thing is that there is a difference between eat and indulge. When you choose consciously, then you can eat a piece of Easter bread and everything will be great. If you are a slave to your emotions and a piece of the bread, leads to you eating the whole Easter bread, then you lose the balance.

Still, no matter what you do on the Holidays, no matter what you eat, it is just 3-4 days, which on the background of a whole year, couldn’t have such a tremendous effect.

I am not gonna eat Easter bread or junk. Not because I  am on a diet, but because some time ago I took the decision to base every single choice on the premise to do the best for myself. I can be bold enough to say that I have enough experience and enough knowledge to state and realize that the best thing for me will be a plate of delicious, fatty lamb and a huge salad.

For me the holiday won’t be a personification of food, but rather than that a personification with the place where I am gonna be and the people I am gonna surround myself with.

If you want a strategy for your workouts, I will tell you this. The day before Easter, go to the gym. Load the bar and turn on your timer. Spend 10 minutes in the gym. Complete five squats- ass to grass, every minute on the minute. 10 minutes; 50 squats with enough weight, that makes your 5th squat your optimal rep. Then eat whatever you want on the next day.

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Healthy Nut Bread (Gluten-Free)


One of the beautiful women who follows me  on my Facebook page, Tsvetelina Yordanova, shared with me this great recipe about nut bread. Here is the recipe and I will be waiting for your pictures.

Ingredients: [Read more...]

This Post Has Nothing to Do with You but Everything Written Concerns YOU!


The world we live in is a composition of the images, which build it- images, which in every stage of our life, reflect our inner self. Sometimes it is strange how a bunch of people could be physically present in the same place, and inside they are carrying complete different universes.Universes which make them “citizens” of a whole different world. A world which is not visible for the majority, but which is approachable just about those who possess enough sensitivity to feel it and live it.

People who surround us are our “grained” personality. Every person is a piece of the puzzle of our own personality. The composition of people, who are part of our life, are who we are.

Often times we detest reality, we rebel against people who are part of our life and we fail to realize that they are such, because we are such.

Every person who for one reason or another is a part of our life, is our fading copy- an intense reflection of a trait in our own character- such which we detest and deny or such, which we adore and welcome.

The world around us and everything which surrounds us is just a materialization of who we are; a desperate try of life to attract our attention to our strengths and weaknesses.

Often times we get into the trap of wanting and self- pity. We want a particular type of people to be part of our life and we question their true existence. We doubt the abundance of life and its fair ability to give us those who we need.

Actually, I want to tell you a truth. People you read about in books- exist. Those beautiful,  complete personalities are real. Those who enter your life silently on their toes and those who do not try to change you, but instead they inspire you to be your best version. People, whose presence can always be felt, because they are so different, so real, that a person couldn’t ignore them.

Those people exist and attracting tem in your life is a matter of chance and luck.

Attracting them in your life is a matter of who you are. I will repeat it again- everybody else is the scattered piece of our own essence. In order to change the composing pieces, we should change the original image. In order to change the world around us and people who surround us, we should first change ourselves.

Imagine it like this. Who we are, emanates a particular energy. Something like vibrating on a particular frequency. Then we attract the pieces from the puzzle of our own personality- those who vibrate on the same frequency. If we want to change what we attract, we should change the frequency that we vibrate.

Everything and everybody who you want to attract is already somewhere around you. Probably the problem is not in their existence and lack of desire to be part of your life. Probably, the problem is that you are not complete and you are not able to notice and attract them.

The world could be just the way you dream it. It is up to you to gather the right pieces and put together the puzzle of your own essence. The more you are, the more profound will be your life and the more meaningful you get to live.

The responsibility is all yours. Take that responsibility and life will reveal you an abundance, which you don’t even suppose is there!
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11 Ways to Decorate a Healthy Holiday Table


Easter is coming. I love spring and probably this is why Easter is my favorite holiday. Besides my passion for lifting weights, eating pork steaks, standing on my hands and standing on one leg on different tiny surfaces, I have a secret hobby, called handmade crafting. I love making handmade presents, drawing, sewing and stuff like that.

It might seem strange, but even if it is completely different from what I do in the gym, it is an outlet which makes me feel wonderful.

I decided, instead of suggesting you a Sunday recipe, that it would be nice to offer you different ideas to decorate your healthy food and make your holiday table look even better.

Don’t forget that holidays are not an excuse to eat crappy food. Actually they are the perfect premise to eat real food- there is plenty of meat, eggs, fish and veggies. So be smart and eat good, in order to feel good and enjoy!

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The Most Interesting Things I Stumbled Upon This Week


Ines Subashka

Ines Subashka

First, [Read more...]

5 Reasons You Are Getting Fatter When You Go on a Diet


Image source:

If I have to sum up which are the most common questions people ask me, I’d go ahead like this: Ï am doing everything properly, but I am not losing weight. I eat the right things, but there are no results. Why?”

When fooling yourself, that you are actually doing something to change in a better direction, is equal to ignoring reality and remodeling it in order to fit your own notion and your own illusion of how things should happen, the dreamed results are usually cursed to failure. Ignoring reality and the facts is the most secure way to never achieve your goals.

As I love saying, with the exception of some pathological cases, which in contrast with what most people seem to believe, are actually rare, there isn’t such a thing as Ï do everything right, but I do not have any results.” I could agree that if you’ve been  ruining your body for a long period of time, and throughout your whole life you’ve been “working hard” to go against your biology and your health, once you change your lifestyle for the better, the results will be slower to take place, but there will always be such- i.e. your progress might be slow and reaching the end goal might take more time, but this will not make you feel as if nothing is happening.

I insist on saying that I am often astonished by people’s incline to identify with different diseases, resistances and syndromes and then blame them for their own lack of consistency and adequate actions. Because even though it might be painful, the truth is just one- all these diseases are actually symptoms. They are the symptoms, through which your body is screaming that what we are doing to The moment, you take actions to sustain your health and change your lifestyle, these symptoms will slowly but surely disappear. I insist on emphasizing- SLOWLY!

It’s just how things happen. You’ve been “taking good care”for your diseases with your unhealthy habits and now you can’t expect it to just be gone in two months. Sometimes you might need YEARS, in order to turn the destructive course of your health and make it slowly crawl towards improvement. You need to take the time- it might seem like eternity, but it is surely worth the efforts and the patience. After all it is far better to live the rest of your life, feeling better every day, than building your life on the unstable base of excuses and putting up with the nonsense that if it takes so long, you better not make the effort.

But still, as always  I got a little bit off topic, but I love writing and reading and sometimes I want to share with you some thoughts and passions- even if some of you consider me to be arrogant and direct. As I love saying, I think that true friends tell you the truth even when they know that it will hurt you, instead of feeding the lie and watching you slowly but surely destroying yourself. Well, even though it is a virtual world, I consider you to be my friends!

And  now, what are the reasons your diet is having the opposite effect, and instead of making you lose weight, it is making you gain weight.

1.You really choose quality food, but you think that this choice is a green light to eat in unlimited quantities.

It is time to understand that food is fuel. And as such, it doesn’t matter if it is good quality food or bad quality- if you overeat and overdo the quantities, the results will be far from what you wish. The excess fuel, will always be transformed and stored for later use.

The difference between unhealthy and healthy food is the ability of your body to distinguish it   and then use it according to its purpose, so it can fuel the biological processes that are taking place.

The risk of eating unhealthy food in smaller quantities, so you do not exaggerate your daily energy expenditure, is not limited to your weight. Do not forget that your diet is not with the mere goal- appearance. There is a deeper more meaningful goal- HEALTH. By eating junk, we are constantly giving our body material, which it can’t distinguish. Material, which it doesn’t know how to partion. Material which bugs the proper functioning and then leads to a bunch of messes. Take a machine and pour inside a liquid or hard particles, which it doesn’t distinguish and which it doesn’t know how to use. The machine will break down. Exactly the same happens with your body.

Here, I wrote a post, where I shared about an experiment I made and the shocking results I got. This post will explain you why even though you are eating healthy, you lack results.

2. You eat too many “healthy desserts”

I love cooking and I love experimenting with different recipes for healthy desserts, as you’ve probably noticed from the Recipe index on my website. Still, do not get fooled that I eat mainly these foods. This kind of desserts, are usually calorie dense and you can easily go overboard with the quantities. After all, as you already know, healthy food in unlimited quantities might interfere with your progress. In the Universe nothing evaporates and nothing loses existence. Everything is being transformed with one or another form of energy. And if you eat a bunch of Paleo Banana Tartalets , or if you are constantly eating Chocolate Avocado Mousse, no wonder that you are in a plateau.

The word “healthy” is more the excuse you are using in front of yourself. An excuse, that if it has the label “healthy”, then it is allowed. Actually everything is allowed, the thing is that if you have a goal, you should know which actions will lead to it.

My advice is to stick to eggs, steaks, fish, veggies and avocado, and as far as healthy desserts are concerned, leave them for some sporadic occasions. Healthy desserts are what you better choose when you have the desire to eat some junk. In this case, you better eat healthy chocolates, even though they are calorie dense, instead of buying some processed crap.

3.You have the wrong definition for “diet”

A lot of people don’t seem to achieve their goals, even though they are following a diet. The reason is in their wrong definition for diet. Most people underestimate this fact, but the way you approach nutrition has a key role, when it comes to if you are gonna achieve your goals or not. Definitions are what dictates your following actions and when your definition for healthy is wrong, no wonder that you don’t see the results you want.

Many people approach diets as starvation and torture. A Torture which is worth the tolls, keeping in mind the desired end goal. This approach will always take you to the wrong nutrition plans. The most common diets, miss the most important premise, which guarantees a fit and athletic body – HEALTH!

When your body is healthy and when it functions properly, then you won’t need to fight with it and deprive it from something in order to get what you aim for.

If for you a nutrition plan is just the way you provide your body with quality food; the way you give your body the material it needs in order to function properly, then you automatically exclude the ridiculous diets, which spin you in an enchanted circle of starvation and the binge eating that follows; the guilt that settles and the strong feeling of dissatisfaction and lack of results.

The first and most important condition in order to sustain normal bodyweight is to be healthy. As weird as it may sound, the excess weight is just a symptom for some kind of dysfunction- even if this dysfunction means damaged metabolism.

Ridiculous diets, which have the mere goal to get you to the superficial- the appearance, without taking in concern the meaningful- the function, are just sharpening the symptoms and depriving you from the ability to finally achieve your goals.

4.You are following the wrong “rules”

No matter what we do, we usually start our journey towards our goal, by following not the rules, which are in synchrony with our own convictions, but by following the rules of those, who in one way or another, have already got the results we strive for. And there is nothing wrong with this, but only if you accept it as a temporary plan.

I firmly believe that success leaves footprints and that we should learn from those who have already achieved what we want. Still, everybody should adapt the common valid rules of success, to his own personality, convictions and lifestyle.

Every one of us starts his journey towards a particular goal, by using the ready template, created by somebody who has walked before us, but it is our duty, in the process of traveling, to change and adapt everything to our own self.

Just because I am eating eggs and pork steaks and I have achieved something when it comes to being fit and healthy, this doesn’t mean that if you are disgusted by eggs, you should force yourself eating them.

You can achieve the same results with your own body, by using the basics- real food! But the macronutrient proportions and the variety of foods, should fit your own taste.

I will tell you a secret. In the past I used to believe that strict schemes and rules are the key. Back then I didn’t achieve anything. Today, I really don’t care. I can eat two times today. Tomorrow I can eat four. Today I could eat steaks all day long, but tomorrow I might not eat them at all. And I won’t feel as if I’ve got off the diet. My diet is being exhausted with this- real food in quantities which satisfy my body’s needs.

Никога не съм изглеждала и не съм се чувствала по-добре, отколкото днес, когато не съм роб на правилата.

I’ve never looked or felt better and nowadays I can proudly say I am not a slave of food and rules!

From then on, everything is minor. When food is not the center of your life, you will achieve everything with ease. The more you chase something, the more it will run away from you.

Release the armful and stop going into extremes. Your athletic version exists and it is just a matter of time to let it happen- give yourself  some time and freedom and you will achieve it!

5. You live against the laws of nature

If there is one thing, which is the foundation of my philosophy about life and every area we choose as our endeavor, this is that everything happens in synchrony with nature’s laws. The once which run the world; the laws which are valid in nature. I think that we have distant ourselves from nature and the essence of everything and that is why our life is a constant fight. By ignoring the laws, we are failing to understand where we make a mistake and what is it that makes us stumble over and interferes with our goals.

Here, I can write a short book, but I will give you just some food for thought.

We think that diet is the only reason for excess weight. This for the most part is true. It is true that the quality and the type of food we eat, has a tremendous effect on the way our body functions and the way this is being expressed on our appearance.

Still, there is something else. Often times, especially in our contemporary society, food is something like an outlet. Food is the salvation, where most people try to drown their emotions; food is the shelter; the tool we use to get away from reality and the way we take our attention off of what we should do, but what we desperately want to avoid.

We’ve made food to be our escape. An escape from the present moment and an escape from conscious living. The lack of consciousness and presence, is what day after day is slowly killing us, sucking life away from our existence and leaving us to become minor people, walking on the surface of Earth, surrounded by abundance but ignoring it and suffering from a deficit of meaning.

I think that for everything in life, for every problem and everything that happens, the answer is hidden in nature. If we observe it enough, we will always find an analog in nature, for our present situation and we will always have the opportunity to observe what happens in nature and how we can act in our own life.

What is the analog, in nature, of an overweight person?

I am gonna surprise you! The answer is STARS! Have you ever thought about the similarities between people and stars? And I am not talking about the superficial answer about the glitter and success. Stars use fuel in order to emit light. The most quality fuel for stars is hydrogen. When stars run out of hydrogen, they start using another type of fuel, but they can’t function optimally. The new fuel is not the same and stars change their light. With this change stars start slowly dying. Do you know what happens with dying stars? They expand!

Does this make you think about something? People and the fuel they use. If we eat quality food, then our body receives the best fuel and then it functions optimally and we “glitter”- with appearance, athletics and functionality. Change the fuel and start eating crappy food- your appearance changes and your body, similarly to stars starts expanding and you start getting fatter.

Do you understand how important is food? Do you understand why a diet which does not fit the most important condition- health, but a diet which is just limiting calories, allowing for low quality fuel, makes your body expand and die?

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A couple pictures of me and some of my clients:)

Инес Субашка

Ines Subashka

Габриела Субашка


Димитър Дачев


Адриана Шимук и Надя Петрова

Adriana and Nadejda

If You Change The Way You Observe The World, You Change The World You Observe

Моят ден вчера <3

A picture from my day- yesterday<3

She was walking alone, but felt as if somebody or something was there. She felt the tangible presence of something, which was always beside her, but she never managed to see it- just feel it. When she stopped, it stopped with her. When she was trying to run away, it was running away with her.

What could it be? What was it that had a tangible presence, yet obtrusive absence?

It was Life- her own life.

One of the most significant, yet, the most neglected facts is that the world behaves the way we expect it to behave. What we observe, usually changes its behavior according to what we expect to see. A realization, which is hanging in the air of our existence and is waiting to be grabbed and used, but most people don’t even notice it, because they are too busy wondering and whining why their life and people around them are such.

The world is such, because you are such.

Everything around us has a behavior, which is in synchrony with our own expectations. We expect everybody to be bad, evil, jealous and mean. We expect everything to always have the worst possible outcome. And of course, keeping in mind that the Universe is like a copy machine, which always copies each one of our thoughts, every intense feeling and then sends it carefully wrapped in the shape of a situation or a person, who enters in our life, in order to hand it to us, it is no wonder that people are drowning in dissatisfaction, apathy and desperation.

The original is such, the copies will be such as well.

Life is our best friend. And friends always do what we need. Friends master the art of giving us time- time to be beside you and help you and time, when they back up, so they can give you space to gather the experiences you need. Then, they come back again and reach out for your hand, so you can go through everything together.

Life does the same. It is constantly obeying our desires. It suggests us abundance, but when we are too lost in our preliminary expectations and when we ignore the abundance, just because it is not wrapped as we wish it to be, life steps back. It helps us see, by allowing us to be shattered by what we’ve welcomed in our life, because of our wrong notions. Then, it once again offers a helping hand and tries to give us courage and confidence to start walking on the path, where we will find what we search.

Life is something like plastelin, and our bodies, words, thoughts and emotions are the instruments, which reshape it according to our own convictions. Convictions are what moves our world in the direction it is headed. Convictions are what is being reflected in each one of our gestures, words and actions.

We are the once who shape and create the world where we lie. A truth, which most people deny, because of the heavy burden of the responsibility, which this realization brings. Once you realize that everything which happens to you, takes place just because you’ve previously invited it in your life, you have no other choice but to be and act consciously; to choose each action, each word carefully.

People throw their words rashly, and then they turn into victims, when their heavy words, crash on our life and cause harm.

Right now every one of us is standing on the border of two worlds- one, where everything is wonderful and possible and one, where everything is dark and cursed. And the best part is that every one of us chooses the direction where he redirects his efforts. The path and the efforts are the same. The difference is in the end result and the journey itself.

Everything around us behaves in the way we expect it to behave. The behavior of everything which has life, is being dictated by the notions and convictions of the observer. Your life is being reshaped, according to the way you observe it.

Once I read that every sunflower becomes the sun; that what we observe, what we notice is what we become.

If you are too busy focusing on the ugly, the injustice, then you and your life will reflect just this.

I choose something different. I chose to observe the beauty in the days- and it is everywhere. The world is an abundance of wonderful and terrible experiences. There is everything for everybody and it is our choice, which determines how much and what we get.

Be conscious and know that life is walking beside you and imitates you- frown and it frowns; hate and it hates; be happy and it will be happy as well.

Everything behaves in a way to please the expectations of the observer. Change your expectations and the world will follow you as a shadow.


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Healthy Homemade Chips? Is It really Possible?


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The other day I had a meeting with my wonderful co-workers- Irina, Dolia and Victor. They were joking that I was gonna treat them with chips and beer. Everybody who knows me is aware that I don”t ever eat or drink these foods.

Then, I remembered that chips could be actually a healthy food. Yes, I am not brain-fogged. I am not talking about processed chips bought from the supermarket.The one that will make your hands greasy and the salty taste that will leave you desperate for a gallon of water.

I decided that in the future I will surprise everybody who doubts the possibility of me treating people with chips. The surprise will be, that I wouldn’t buy processed chips, but I would prepare homemade chips. There isn’t anything more tasty.

That is why I decided to suggest you an easy and delicious recipe for homemade coconut chips.

Before you get crazy in the kitchen, go ahead and read what the experts said, I can’t wait to share with you a project I’ve been working on. It’s called IFS Journal- my FREE online magazine. Go ahead and subscribe for it HERE.


Ingredients: [Read more...]

The Only Articles Worth Reading for The Past Week

Инес Субашка

Ines Subashkа

Before you go ahead and read my favorite reads, I can’t wait to share with you a project I’ve been working on. It’s called IFS Journal- my FREE online magazine. Go ahead and subscribe for it HERE.

First, [Read more...]

CAUTION Carbs! The Forbidden Macronutrient and What The Experts Think about It!


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If there are topics which should never be discussed on the dinner table or in public, these would be the topics about politics, religion… and CARBS, of course! These are the topics, which force people to lose their mind and try everything, just to defend their own point of view.

I love discussing exactly these topics- those that help you earn a bunch of criticism and a bunch of supporters. I think that in discussions like those, you get to discover a lot of information and a lot of pieces from the puzzle of your own truth. Then you can use the new data, as a stepping stone to a deeper understanding.

That’s why I decided to reach out to some well-known doctors and experts, who have kind of controversial opinions about carbs and fats and ask them one question:

What is your take on carbs? What should be the proportion between carbs and other macronutrients and what type of carbs do you recommend? Do you have a different approach to carb intake, when it comes to the average person and when it comes to athletes? [Read more...]

The Twisted Reality


The mind loves to get attached. To belittle experiences and existence and then pack them and stuff them in the frames of the well-known.

The mind loves to put labels on reality and arrange it in predicted order of happening. Labels, which  do not allow us to see in the unbounded Universe and obtain from its abundance. Labels, which draw the perimeter of our own existence. Walls, which keep us in captivity, give birth to the feeling of hopelessness and sustain the notion that what we see, exhausts what we can become. And in reality the visible, doesn’t exhaust the opportunities. The visible is just hinting about the courage of those who dared to search and discover beyond the limitations of the well-known, the secure!

The mind fixates the world in a spot and doesn’t allow it to broaden- enriched with the experience, the gathered pain and the wisdom which cured it.

The mind gets attached and fools us to put labels not only on what is around us, but also on what is inside of us.

The mind attaches our identity to the material world and convinces us, that this is who we are; that this exhausts the opportunities, the meaning and longings.

And every attachment by itself is followed by fear- the fear to [Read more...]

Quick and Easy Rosemary Crackers

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I love crispy, crunchy foods. Maybe that’s why I love eating carrots. :D Today I will suggest you  really delicious and quick to prepare crackers.


240 grams ground  flax seeds

2 eggs

100 grams grated parmesan or romano cheese

1 Tsp minced fresh rosemary

1 Tsp sesame seeds

Sea salt or kosher salt for sprinkling

butter for the baking sheet


Add all the ingredients in a bowl and mix good.

Then spread  A LITTLE butter on the baking sheet and spread the mixture. Make it as thin as pssoible, so you can have crispy crackers.

In a preheated oven, bake for 7-8 minutes, then flip and bake for another 2-3 minutes.

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The Most Interesting Articles for The Week


How was your week? Mine was different! Lately I am challenged to go out of my comfort zone on a daily basis, but I think I kind of like broadening the constraints of my own personality.

Besides that this week I tried my first handstand pushup.

Have a wonderful weekend and don’t forget to take some time and read my favorite reads for the week.

First, [Read more...]

Using Bodyweight to Get in the Best Shape of Your Life

Al Kavadlo

Al Kavadlo

Everyone of us is looking for a way to be fit and have a stunning, athletic body. We need to find the best optimal way to achieve it. Our daily schedules are so busy, yet we crave fitness and athletism.

In my opinion, even though I am a huge fan of lifting weights, the true measure for strength is what you are able to do with your own body- no additional weights. It is just and your own bodyweight. True mastery shows when you are able to control your own bodyweight, through different moving patterns.

That’s why I consider bodyweight exercises and different bodyweight variations to be the best choice for everybody wanting to get fit and sexy, with minimal equipment, everywhere, any time!

Once you master bodyweight movements, you can use a bunch of different methods to bring variety and make your workouts challenging and fun. And all you need is just your own presence. You can do them everywhere- in the park, in the hotel room, in the gym, on the beach.

What modern people need is freedom. People need to stop being dependent on conditions and circumstances, and that is what bodyweight exercises give you- the freedom to achieve high level fitness, no matter where you are.

Bodyweight movements are a really challenging way to test your bod’s limitations and raise above them.

I love doing pistol squats, handstands, planks, pushups and pull ups. I love walking in the park and taking 10 minutes for a quick bodyweight, intensive workout.

Because believe it or not, being in shape is not about working out a lot- it is about doing it often, with high intensity. And that is what bodyweight movements allow you- to train throughout the whole day- taking just short breaks for some intensive bodyweight movements, pump your blood and make your body feel awesome.

Lifting weights is a great way to be fit, but bodyweight exrecises are what your body craves and needs.

This week only you can pick up $1,153 worth of bodyweight training material for 97% Off.

Discover how to burn fat, increase strength and transform your body with the

Ultimate Bodyweight Bundle.

It is a great opportunity to get a bunch of knowledge for a really low price. I myself am a huge fan of most experts that are included in the Ultimate Bodyweight Bundle and I assure you that this is THE BIBLE of bodyweight exercises- the compilation of the best!

Here are some of my bodyweight achievements :) Well, the plank is plus some weight, but…you can always ask a stranger to sit on your back! ;)

I Am Sorry to Disappoint You! Working Out Is For Egocentrics!

Ines Subashka-Инес Субашка

…or maybe not?

A lot of people have a neglectful attitude towards working out. Most have the opinion that this is the required dose of evil and torture, if you want to look good for the 1 minute of fame in front of the mirror or the one week on the beach. People fall in the trap of seeing just the superficial side of working out.

They see, just the accompanying attribute of being fit and looking stunning, and ignore what really matters- the opportunity to earn back your health in a natural way, through working out; the opportunity to gain back your strength and your body’s proper functions.

For me, the gym is not just the place where a bunch of cocky, insecure people gather, secretly throwing a glance at their reflection in the mirror, admiring their own self. Actually the gym is much more.

For me the gym is the place, where in controlled conditions I have the opportunity to teach myself and my clients how to move our bodies properly.

The place where a person gets the opportunity to identify his weak spots.

The place where I manage to drag some attention to people’s wrong moving patterns, which they perform on a daily basis. Patterns, which are so wrong and harmful for our bodies- every wrong lean to pick something up, every day spend sitting with a twisted posture- with your shoulders rolled forward, your legs crossed on top of each other and so forth- slowly but surely destroy our health and robs the interferes with our body’s proper functioning, robbing us out of the opportunity to move good, without pain and use our body according to its full potential.

The gym is something like my lab, with the exception that I do not experiment with people. I experiment with myself, and then, when I realize that something will be of use for others, I share it with everybody- so that I can help them, so I can give them the tools, through which, in a natural way they can cure their body and earn their health back.

The gym is the best place where you can correct the damages, which our unhealthy lifestyle and bad moving patterns have caused.

In the gym, in controlled conditions, you can REMEMBER how to squat properly, how to lift heavy objects, without injuring your lower back. The gym is the place where you get the chance to perform a movement, multiple times, consciously tracking how your body moves in space, acknowledging how it responds to every move and what it feels.

In the gym, you get the opportunity to feel your body and memorize which movements feel right and which feel wrong. Thus, when you go back to your daily life, where your mind is occupied with a bunch of things, your body already knows- you’ve [Read more...]

The Confession of a Vagabond

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Image source:

Sometimes we spend a long time, wandering through the mazes of our own life. As if we know what we are looking for, we know the direction, but when we start walking on the path, it feels as if every road leads to a dead end. We walk back and forth, we think that every time we are approaching the situation differently, and at the end the lesson shows that every time we make the same mistake- just the situation and the characters in it are different.

Sometimes a person should get lost a bunch of times and fail to realize why it happens. You ask yourself a lot of questions, but you never manage to formulate the properly, so you can get the answer.

I’ve lost myself countless times and probably I will lose myself twice as much. While you are wandering it is easy to fool yourself that nothing has meaning and that you are not “predestined” to be and have what you long for. And one day something happens- by accident- just like everything happens, when you’ve previously invited it with your intention, and then with your actions. Coincidence and the unexpected, are always a fruit of a long preparation in the past.

Probably being lost and wandering around is just a chance and an opportunity- the needed distance, which we should cover, so we can gather what we need; even if sometimes this is just to put our own self and our own thoughts together; to find what is truly meaningful; to throw the “filling” and open space for something more.

In order to attract in your life, people and situations- those that you want to be part of your life, you should first open some space for them- in yourself, in your life, in your daily schedule.

Sometimes it seems as if we are [Read more...]

Chocolate-Mint Mousse with Avocado

Avocado! Our best friend for healthy desserts. I love eating avocados and they are great as an addition to your omelet, steak or as a base for a healthy dessert. Here is another idea for a dessert with avocado.

Ingredients: [Read more...]

The Most Interesting Articles I Read This Week


How was your week? Hope that spring is making you feel even better. A lot of people let their actions during the weekend, blow away what they’ve achieved during the week.

remember that a person doesn’t always reach his goals, but he always reaches his standards! That’s why we should learn to expect more out of ourselves with the complete awareness that we can become everything. We shouldn’t allow excuses to make us feel comfortable and lower our standards.( I do not mean just material)

When you expect something out of yourself, when you make the effort to reach a particular level of quality, then reaching your goal is just a matter of time.

Enjoy your weeend, keep the vision of your standards and find time for my favorite reads.

First, [Read more...]

How Stretching Is Ruining Your Lower Back

Инес Субашка

Stretching is something that every person does on a daily basis-  either it will be in controlled conditions during a workout or just trying to stretch your stiffed body after a long day in the office.

Go for a walk in the park or spend 20 minutes in the gym. You will see a bunch of people, who stretch before or after a workout, thinking that this way they are doing something good about their body. Unfortunately, more often than not, they are doing exactly the opposite- running their health and mostly the health of their spine.

A person performs exercises, the way he moves his body throughout the day. And keeping in mind the fact that most people move their bodies terribly wrong, it is no wonder that these bad motor patterns are being translated in the gym. Sure, this is something that could be fixed, but only if you realize the fact that you are doing something wrong!

Often times, when I show people how to stretch CORRECTLY after a workout, they look at me in astonishment and ask: “Is there a correct way to stretch?”

Actually- YES!

In the videos you will see:

-my favorite explanation- watch the video and you will understand what is the common thing between a straw; the human body and the way we bend down to pick up something; [Read more...]