How Come That Idiot Is Successful and I’m Not?

Yesterday I “got lost” in a bookstore, when a book from the upper shelf caught my sight – “How Come This Idiot Is Rich and I’m Not?”, by Robin Shemin. I spent about five minutes, holding the book, fighting with myself, like a woman on a … [Read more]

Strawberry Smoothie

It is the season of delicious fruits! There is no better dessert than a fresh fruit. But if it sounds lame to you, you could make it taste even better, by preparing a tasty smoothie. I experimented with this strawberry smoothie and it is a great pick … [Read more]

Favorite Reads of the Week: 06/09/12

It's been a great week. I managed to do a lot of things and meanwhile I read a ton of great articles, written by some of the smartest people in industry! Make sure to take some time and read them! First, … [Read more]

Interview with The Beautiful Badass- Nia Shanks

Beauty, strength, intellect, inspiration... all that is impersonated in one person-Nia Shanks. She is a beautiful women, who has dedicated her life to her passion- helping people achieve their health related goals, heal their body image issues... … [Read more]

Your Ass Is a Non- Weight Bearing Surface a.k.a That’s Why Your Back Hurts!

A week or two ago I posted a video of Kelly Starrett from Mobility WOD, explaining the difference between a weight bearing surface and a non-weight bearing surface. What he was talking about was the difference on the skin on your palms, feet and … [Read more]

It’s Insulin, Not Cholesterol That You Should Watch Like a Hawk

  Today I think to cheat on my usual style of writing and experiment with a Q&A. I will be answering the questions and my invisible friend( that could be anybody who insists eating fats, increases cholesterol levels) will ask the … [Read more]

The Best Diet Revealed

Everybody in the fitness industry is searching for the best diet that fits all. There are so many different nutrition plans and you will find people that had great success with ____(insert any diet here) and probably you will find as many people that … [Read more]

Don’t Tell Me That Sky is The Limit, When There Are Footprints on The Moon!

"A man is walking, he looks mad, angry and he is thinking: “ Life- screwed up, wife-evil ,people- vermins.” Behind him is standing an angel, writing down in his notebook: “ Screwed up life, evil wife and people vermins… Strange wishes. But if … [Read more]

No Bake Frosty Banana Cream Cups

It's time for another Sunday cooking creation. This week I found a great recipe by Healthful Pursuit and I adapted it to my understandings about healthy eating and it turned out great! Check the website for more great recipes! they really have great … [Read more]

Favorite Reads of the Week: 06/02/12

  This week has been great. The past three months I had some trouble working out, as I had an injury on my heel and my thigh. I've been working out the whole week, I am adding weights on the bar, and I feel freaking happy! :) It's time … [Read more]

Training Update, 06/01/12

The workout today: … [Read more]

A Guide to Successful Relationship with Girls Who Lift Weights

1.Forget about being a jerk and saying “ If you keep on lifting weights, you will become stronger than me.” If you have thoughts like this, probably you are too weak, too out of shape and chances are you are not too sexy. Then, you are the one … [Read more]

Training Update: 05/31/12

The workout today: Stair drills 3 rounds: 20 meters tire flipping 10 burpees 20 meters tire carrying 20 box jumps 20 meters tire pulling 400 meter run … [Read more]

Workout for Performance, Eat for Weight Loss!

One huge mistake made by most women and men, who want to lose weight is thinking that the longer the workout the faster they will melt the fat. I have friends who workout all the time- running, jumping on rope, going to aerobics and so on. The … [Read more]

Training Update: 05/30/12

The workout today: … [Read more]

Coffee: To Drink or Not to Drink?

Lately I notice that a lot of people search articles about coffee on my website. Some of you even reached me on facebook asking me for my opinion about coffee. I thought what to share with you about coffee, because my opinion would be kind of … [Read more]

Training Update, 05/29/12

Hey, everybody! How are you? Did you workout today? Because I DID! And I am really satisfied with my workout today, as I did some tire sprints and you know I love tires! Workout for today: … [Read more]

How to Kill the Chocolate Cravings That Are Killing You

Everything is normal. You get out of bed, you have your healthy breakfast and go to work. Everything is as usual, you are eating better than ever and suddenly something happens- the urge to eat some chocolate, some sweets or other junk … [Read more]

Training Update, 05/28/12

Lately a lot of people are asking me, why I don't post my workouts anymore. That's why I decided to start logging my daily workouts again. I think that might help people who like my training philosophy. The workout today: … [Read more]

Change: What Has the Power to Make You Change

Disappointments again… the subsequent time when everything went wrong… the sun is shining and it’s hotter than ever, not a drop of rain… and she was drowning in her own emotions. Tears running down her cheeks, touching her lips and the sour … [Read more]