Banana Cream Chia Pudding (Gluten-Free)

Today's recipe is borrowed from Beth's great blog- Tasty Yummies.  One of my favorite fruits is banana, and when I saw this recipe I couldn't resist but try it! It tastes absolutely delicious so I decided to offer it to you, as well as reccommend … [Read more]

Favorite Reads of the Week: 05/26/12

Hey everybody! How was your week? Hope you are eating clean, training hard and moivating people around yourself to get fitter! Check out my favorite reads of the week, because they are really worth your time! First, … [Read more]

Interview with the Former Marine- Scott Golla

Ines Subashka: Introduce yourself. Scott Golla: Hey, everybody. My name is Scott Golla. IS: … [Read more]

How to Help People Suffering From Eating Disorders

I was reading this post called “5 Reasons Bulimia Is a Bad Idea”  on Leigh Peele’s website, when I encountered this comment: “I can speak from personal experiance on the lack of knowledge treatment facilities have. I was dealing with this … [Read more]

Do You Want to Have Defined Abs? Check Out the Best Abs Workout Program!

Are you kidding? Did you really think that I would recommend you such a program? Even in a moment of a mind fog I wouldn’t give you such an advice. First of all, no matter how many abs’ exercises you do, you won’t notice even a sign of abs, … [Read more]

Lunges: How to Do Them Properly and What Are the Most Common Mistakes

Some time ago I wrote an article about the Single Legged Deadlift. There I mentioned how important one legged exercises are, for fixing the disbalance between both legs. Today I will start a sequence of posts about lunges, their different variations … [Read more]

Colorful Cookies

Sundayyyyyyyyy! :) Time for cooking! :) Not many people know, but crafts and arts are one of my hobbies. That's why this week I decided to have some more fun cooking, and I decorated my cookies. This is the first time I decorate cookies but they … [Read more]

Favorite Reads of the Week: 05/19/12

It is the end of the week, which means time for my Favorite Reads of the Week! This week there are less articles, because I've been really busy with my exams, as I am graduating this year! But I assure you that this week's reads are really … [Read more]

What Is the Best Cardio?

The best cardio… tell you the truth I really dislike the word “cardio". Probably because of what it associates with- countless hours, spend on the treadmill, stepper, running and other boring stuff like that. Personally I do not do none of … [Read more]

What Was Your Defining Moment? The Moment You Decided to Make a Drastic Change to Live Healthier?

Yesterday I logged in on my facebook profile and I had a notification from one of my favorite facebook groups Eat Clean (no crap)! Train Smart. Stay Awesome. Forever.   I read a post from Peter Haas(one of the group members) that went on something … [Read more]

Night Eating Syndrome: How I Stopped Eating During the Night?

…I just started eating healthy throughout the day. I am sure that most of you had or still have this problem… you open your eyes and it is still dark. Obviously it is not time to get out of bed. Oh, no! You feel the urge to eat during the night, … [Read more]

And You Don’t Lift Weights Because…

And once again you don't lift weights because... You will get big and bulky... You will become unattractive... … [Read more]

Are Athletes Dumber Than the Rest of People? Turns out YES…

Some time ago I wrote an article called “Are athletes dumber than the rest of people”. Yesterday, I woke up and I was checking my e-mail, when I stumbled upon this comment from a reader: … [Read more]

Healthy Fruit Pizza

Everybody loves pizza, right? ;) Especially when it is healthy and especially when it is a "sweet" pizza! Today's recipe is easy as usual but surely tastes delicious. Besides that it is easy to experiment with your immagination and decorate it as … [Read more]

Favorite Reads of the Week: 05/12/12

Hey, everybody! Here is a week full of knowledge! ;) Make sure to read my favorite reads of the week and in case you missed some of the posts on Inspired Fit Strong, make up and read them! Enjoy and have a wonderful, healthy and active … [Read more]

Interview with Laura Harris aka Chicken Tuna

There are people you've never met, people who don't know anything about your existance, but people who have the greatest impact on your life. Today I am really happy to introduce you Laura Harris aka Chicken Tuna. She is an amazing woman, who is … [Read more]

Why I Don’t Eat Chocolates…

Today my grandma is having a birthday. This reminds me of the time I became interested in the food I eat. Before that I was “the good kid” that used to eat everything. Of course I was the favorite guest, because I wasn’t pretentious and it … [Read more]

Nutella Is Not Broccoli!

Yesterday while I was reading my daily dose of articles, I stumbled upon an article, that is something between a tragedy and comedy or let’s make up a word tragicomedy( that is the word that would describe the case). The article is about a lady who … [Read more]

17 Reasons to Be Fit

People always find reasons why they can't, why they won't and why they aren't. Instead of finding reasons why I can't be fit, I will suggest you 17 reasons why I am fit! … [Read more]

They Managed to Achieve! What Is Stopping You to Be One of Them?

“I can’t run!” “I am not flexible” “I can’t do pull ups” I had a friend who said that words shouldn’t … [Read more]