Favorite Reads of the Week: 03/03/2012

Hey everybody! It is the end of the week! That means time for my Favorite Reads of the Week. As always I have some great picks! ;) I love that there are so much great people out there, who write such usefull stuff! Enjoy reading! And by the way today … [Read more]

Ilian Petrov: The Brave Heart of Bulgaria

You look through the window. The weather is cold and it is dark. You’d think that it will be a bad day. Your soul is almost as cold as the weather outside. Right there, in this moment, somewhere in Sofia, in a small gym, there is a man, who could … [Read more]

Celebrity’s Diets- Healthy or Unreasonable?

Every now and then I read some articles, that preach different celebrity’s diets. I remember the past, when I used to believe all this things were true and I thought that by following such a diet, I would become like a Hollywood star. I am happy … [Read more]

Mindful Eating- Change How You Eat and the What Will Take Care of Itself!

Let me tell you a story… There was a person who struggled with his weight. He was dying to look good and feel good, but somehow never managed to do it. He was trying so hard to eat the right thing at the right time, but he always screwed things … [Read more]

Reprogramming Your Genes With Proper Eating! Is It Possible?

Can you think of the fitness maniac, who is hanging out in the gym every single day? He always spends more time, bothering you with his thoughts about life and how he always does everything right, but he just doesn’t have the good genes, and that … [Read more]

Did You Think It Was Easy?

There is no easy way! If you wanna be great, you have to work hard! You need to forget about your comfort zone, about giving yourself a rest, about getting by with failure! If you wanna be great, you got to feel some pain-the pain of … [Read more]

Workout of the day, February, 26

The idea for the WOD is from Crossfit OKM … [Read more]

Paleo “Day and Night” Cookies

It is Sunday and that means a lot of fun for me in the kitchen. Here is my new healthy cooking creation. These used to be my favorite cookies that my grandma prepares, but I found a way to adapt them and cook them with real food! :) That is the … [Read more]

Favorite Reads of the Week: 02/25/2012

It's time for the Good Reads of the Week. I read some pretty good stuff this week and I can't wait to share them with you! Make sure to take some time of your weekend and read this great articles! … [Read more]

Workout of the day, February, 24

If you are a beginner, scale: … [Read more]

Atletikko Fitness: The Gym Where Your Hard Work Leads to Results

We live in a world where our live is becoming more and more commercialized. Everything comes up to getting more money and the use for people who use our services is left somewhere behind. Though, there are still people-idealists, who are trying to … [Read more]

Exercises You Are Not Doing, But You Should!

I always tell people to stick to the basics when it comes to their workouts. You don’t need to go to the gym and expect to do some fancy movement. Even though that doesn’t mean that your workouts should be boring. There are a lot of ways to make … [Read more]

Workout of the day, Februrary, 22

That is how a wall climb looks like: If you are a beginner, scale: … [Read more]

How Long Will the Pain Last?

The day just started…and my strength is already gone…. I feel tired. I am hardly breathing. Seems like I am struggling to take a breath, trying to get rid of something that weighs like a burden. It is stuck in my chest and it is breathing my … [Read more]

“How Do I Start Eating Healthy?”

A lot of people ask me “How do I start eating healthy?”.There are a lot of answers to this question, but as most people find it hard to make radical changes and get rid of the bad habits I have an idea! What about start with your breakfast? What … [Read more]

Do You Want to Be Fit? Here Is How I Can Help You Achieve It!

I can’t make you lean! The only thing I can do is give you the nutrition tips. But it is all up to you! It is up to you, if you can show some will and discipline and eat the food that fuels your body, not your emotions! I can’t make you … [Read more]

Nut Cookies- Gluten Free

It's Sunday and that means time for a healthy recipe. I had a lot of fun preparing these gluten free nut cookies. Try them yourself. Here is the recipe! … [Read more]

Favorite Reads of the Week: 02/17/2011

  Hey everybody. The end of the week is here and that meanstime for my Favorite Reads of the Week. Make sure to find time and read the great articles listed below! I assure you it will be worth your time! … [Read more]

Workout of the day, February, 17

If you are a beginner, scale: … [Read more]

Simona Naydenova: The Girl Who Isn’t Afraid of Lifting Weights

Ines Subashka: Introduce yourself. Simona Naydenova: My name is Simona Naydenova. I am 23 years old. IS: For how long have you been in the fitness industry? Have you done some other sports before that? SN: I’ve been involved in fitness for … [Read more]