The Most Interesting Articles I Read This Week

How was your week? Thank you for all your wonderful messages and for being part of my life. Everyone of you is a true gift for me and you really make my life complete. Find time for my favorite reads of the week and I will be really happy if you … [Read more]

Feeling Lost and How It Helped Me Find Myself! You Can Do It As Well!

Sometimes you stand alone, in the middle of the room and it feels like nobody and nothing exists. It is just you and your shortages. Shortages you fall through and then get lost. You are desperately trying to fill them, grabbing from the material … [Read more]

2 Mistakes I Used to Make When Performing Pull-ups, Dips and Push-ups! I Am Sure You Are Making Them Too!

Do you know what is the best part about overcoming your own ego and learning how to walk in line with the changes, which are an inevitable part of progress? The fact that the more you leave your ego to the side, the more your personality broadens … [Read more]

Do You Like Cooking Healthy Food? Then This Is for You! Check Out The Opportunity!

I have a suggestion for you. I love the recipes you send me and the passion you show in giving your best to lead a healthier lifestyle. That's why I decided to start something new- to introduce the opportunity for a guest post or in other words, … [Read more]

The Most Interesting Articles I Read This Week

  How was your week? Mine was great! I have some news for you, but I will share them next week. Until then, read my favorite reads for the week and enjoy your weekend. First, … [Read more]

The Inconvenient Truth about Charity

You know that I love reading. Last week I organized a charity initiative, here in my home town – Sofia, Bulgaria. I asked all of my Bulgarian followers, to take some time, and bring their favorite book- the one that changed their life. The book, … [Read more]

Delicious Argula Pesto

Thanks to everybody who prepares my recipes and then shares their results with me. Thanks to those who send me new ideas for healthy, delicious recipes. This week, Tsvetelina Yordanova- one of the wonderful women who follow my blog, shared this … [Read more]

The Most Interesting Articles I Read This Week

  First, the articles in InspiredFitstrong for the past week: 3 Mistakes Even Experienced Lifters Make! Do You Make Them? Life As a Sequence of Accidents Raw Tropical Mousse with Cashew, Avocado and Banana And now my favorite … [Read more]

3 Mistakes Even EXPERIENCED Lifters Make! Do You Make Them?

1.Accepting the fact that the aches on your body after a workout are something normal If you get injured from working out, and it is more a norm, than an exception, this means that you are working out wrong. This means that: -your technique is … [Read more]

Life As a Sequence of Accidents

Sometimes you sit in the room- alone. You are surrounded by the silence of your own presence and your thoughts fly away from your mind and ricochet in the walls, just to return back and stab into your heart. You wish that something beautiful could … [Read more]

Raw Tropical Mousse with Banana, Avocado and Raw Cashew

This week, my mania are bananas and avocado. Yesterday, I bought one banana, one ripe avocado and my favorite raw cashew. I got back home and I decided that it was time to create a new masterpiece in the kitchen. I gathered the ingredients I had in … [Read more]

The Most Interesting Articles I Read This Week

How was your week? Mine was wonderful! Hope that every day, you get to become a better version of yourself. There is nothing more satisfying than having the courage to challenge yourself and then realizing how much you are capable of. Have a great … [Read more]

Pistol Squat Mastery: How to Master The Pistol Squat in 4 Easy Steps

There are two exercises, which I love- pistols and handstands. In the past, I used to just admire people, who could perform them and it seemed an impossible deed for me. As it always happens, it turned out that nothing is impossible. You know- the … [Read more]

This Post Has Nothing to Do with Love… Yet Everything Written Inside Is About True Love!

Today is one of those days when my thoughts are running through my mind. I go out for a walk in the park… with the hope that nature and everything that surrounds me will inject more meaning in them, and thus helping them to gather more power- just … [Read more]

Delicious Raw Muffins “Jovaylo” with Tahini

I adore cooking. This is one of my hobbies, which always nails my attention in the present moment and allows me to create something different and delicious. When I am in the kitchen, I have the opportunity to experiment and eagerly anticipate the … [Read more]

Are You Bored? Check Out The Most Interesting Things That Happened This Week

How was your week? Mine is busy but satisfying. Lately, I've been working on a lot of things, and as it is with every new thing, they require a lot of dedication and the feeling is as if nothing is happening. Fortunately, it i snot the first time … [Read more]

Your Weight Destiny: How Can You Beat Your “Fat Genes” and Finally Get in Shape

I will start this post, by making a statement: EVERYTHING IN LIFE IS ACHIEVABLE! Everything! Every time when we encounter a difficulty to achieve something, the reason is that we are way too focused on searching for excuses, instead of … [Read more]

The Easiest Recipe for Coconut Truffles

My new mania is called coconuts. Since I discovered how to open them without serious technical preparation, I am constantly buying coconuts. They are extremely delicious and make you feel full for long periods of time. So you can expect a lot of … [Read more]

The Most Interesting Articles I Read This Wee

How was your week? Mine was wonderful! I am on a quest to challenge myself to go out of my comfort zone. I am trying to do new things, which scare me and which make me feel insecure. I want to help my personality grow and broaden, so that my comfort … [Read more]

You Were Right! Fats ARE Bad for Your Health!

...when you don't eat them ;) One of the most dangerous myths in the world of healthy nutrition, which has been gathering more and more power, for the past 50 years, is this: FATS ARE DANGEROUS. The notion that everything, which does not contain … [Read more]