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One of my biggest passions is living- up to my fullest potential. I realized that life is not just about the way you look; not about where you work; not about if you fit in the common sense and the notion about what is "right". I realized that … [Read more]

The Most Interesting Articles I Read This Week

How was your week? Mine was wonderful! Lately, I am really content with people in my life, because I realized that what I don't like in them, is what I do not accept about my own self. Thus, every time I dislike something about others, I search for … [Read more]

How to Get In Shape After The Holidays- Once and FOREVER!

1.Stop going on a diet, start nourishing your body While you keep the mindset that you are supposed to be on a diet and that you are depriving yourslef from something, in order to get in shape, there will be always some kind of a deficiency, which … [Read more]

The Most Interesting Articles I Read This Week

How was your week? Mine was full of motivated, inspiring people and every time I am in the gym with them, I feel wonderful and complete. I am not the kind of people who rest a lot and I rarely go on a vacation, because I totally love my job and it is … [Read more]

Athletes and Coaches Answer: What Is Your Strategy to Stay Fit During The Holidays

Easter is coming and a lot of people are searching for a strategy to stay fit, despite the temptations that accompany the Holidays. That is why I decided to ask some coaches and athletes what is their strategy to stay fit during the Holidays. Here is … [Read more]

Healthy Nut Bread (Gluten-Free)

One of the beautiful women who follows me  on my Facebook page, Tsvetelina Yordanova, shared with me this great recipe about nut bread. Here is the recipe and I will be waiting for your pictures. Ingredients: … [Read more]

This Post Has Nothing to Do with You but Everything Written Concerns YOU!

The world we live in is a composition of the images, which build it- images, which in every stage of our life, reflect our inner self. Sometimes it is strange how a bunch of people could be physically present in the same place, and inside they are … [Read more]

11 Ways to Decorate a Healthy Holiday Table

Easter is coming. I love spring and probably this is why Easter is my favorite holiday. Besides my passion for lifting weights, eating pork steaks, standing on my hands and standing on one leg on different tiny surfaces, I have a secret hobby, called … [Read more]

The Most Interesting Things I Stumbled Upon This Week

  First, … [Read more]

5 Reasons You Are Getting Fatter When You Go on a Diet

If I have to sum up which are the most common questions people ask me, I’d go ahead like this: Ï am doing everything properly, but I am not losing weight. I eat the right things, but there are no results. Why?” When fooling yourself, that you … [Read more]

If You Change The Way You Observe The World, You Change The World You Observe

She was walking alone, but felt as if somebody or something was there. She felt the tangible presence of something, which was always beside her, but she never managed to see it- just feel it. When she stopped, it stopped with her. When she was trying … [Read more]

Healthy Homemade Chips? Is It really Possible?

The other day I had a meeting with my wonderful co-workers- Irina, Dolia and Victor. They were joking that I was gonna treat them with chips and beer. Everybody who knows me is aware that I don''t ever eat or drink these foods. Then, I remembered … [Read more]

The Only Articles Worth Reading for The Past Week

Before you go ahead and read my favorite reads, I can't wait to share with you a project I've been working on. It's called IFS Journal- my FREE online magazine. Go ahead and subscribe for it HERE. First, … [Read more]

CAUTION Carbs! The Forbidden Macronutrient and What The Experts Think about It!

If there are topics which should never be discussed on the dinner table or in public, these would be the topics about politics, religion... and CARBS, of course! These are the topics, which force people to lose their mind and try everything, just to … [Read more]

The Twisted Reality

The mind loves to get attached. To belittle experiences and existence and then pack them and stuff them in the frames of the well-known. The mind loves to put labels on reality and arrange it in predicted order of happening. Labels, which  do not … [Read more]

Quick and Easy Rosemary Crackers

I love crispy, crunchy foods. Maybe that's why I love eating carrots. :D Today I will suggest you  really delicious and quick to prepare crackers. Ingredients: 240 grams ground  flax seeds 2 eggs 100 grams grated parmesan or romano cheese 1 … [Read more]

The Most Interesting Articles for The Week

How was your week? Mine was different! Lately I am challenged to go out of my comfort zone on a daily basis, but I think I kind of like broadening the constraints of my own personality. Besides that this week I tried my first handstand … [Read more]

Using Bodyweight to Get in the Best Shape of Your Life

Everyone of us is looking for a way to be fit and have a stunning, athletic body. We need to find the best optimal way to achieve it. Our daily schedules are so busy, yet we crave fitness and athletism. In my opinion, even though I am a huge fan … [Read more]

I Am Sorry to Disappoint You! Working Out Is For Egocentrics!

…or maybe not? A lot of people have a neglectful attitude towards working out. Most have the opinion that this is the required dose of evil and torture, if you want to look good for the 1 minute of fame in front of the mirror or the one week on … [Read more]

The Confession of a Vagabond

Sometimes we spend a long time, wandering through the mazes of our own life. As if we know what we are looking for, we know the direction, but when we start walking on the path, it feels as if every road leads to a dead end. We walk back and forth, … [Read more]