Are You Gonna Travel? Try These Exercises That Will Keep You Fit On The Road and Keep The Lower Back Pain Away!

I once again "stole"a couple days and I headed to the seaside. The place where time doesn't exist and where I do not need to squeeze my days into a pre-planned schedule. The place is beautiful, but as always a long travel is accompanied by long … [Read more]

#1 IFS Podcast: Decoding The Science of Ultimate Human Health and Fitness With World Famous Neurosurgeon Dr.Jack Kruse

Today I have the pleasure to share with you an interview with the famous neurosurgeon - Dr. Jack Kruse. I strongly believe that each one of us has a mission on Earth, and Dr. Kruse is a vivid example about a person who has found his mission, … [Read more]

The Most Delicious Healthy, Raw Cheesecake That Will Make You Forget All Junk Foods

It is time for another healthy recipe, which was sent to me by one of the wonderful women whom I coach- Deliana Nateva. Didi is an extremely hardworking, motivated person and you have no idea how much she has progressed in the gym. Besides that … [Read more]

I Was Wrong! This Nutrition Plan Doesn’t Work!

...following strict rules doesn't work! I adore observing people and my own self. I love tracking the behavior and the reasons, the situations and the emotions which provoke it. I believe that the model we apply in one area of our life is … [Read more]

Summer, Raw Cream with Cashew, Peaches and Coconut Butter

Every time I am in the kitchen, I wonder why people don't like cooking. I contemplate on why people consider cooking to be a boring activity, which they are supposed to do by duty. I adore time spend in the kitchen. For me, the kitchen is like an … [Read more]

How to Survive The Stomach Flu on a Paleo Diet?

Summer is one of our favorite seasons- the time to rest, the time we take to share with people we love; the time we take to visit places where we haven’t been, but places which offer us comfort and inspiration; places which make us feel home, even … [Read more]

Salty Balls: Cheese Balls with Fresh Spices

Lately, I think that besides having a gym, I should also open a restaurant. You have no idea, how many people, who train in our box, bring healthy dessert, raw cakes and salty delicious meals. Every time I am absent from the gym, somebody calls me … [Read more]

Mistakes We Make When We Go to The Beach: You Are Making Them Too, Aren’t You?

August is the month, when more often than not, everybody starts looking at their reflection in the mirror- even those, which don’t pay much attention to their appearance throughout the year. This is the month, when the saying: “It is better to be … [Read more]

Raw Chocolate Bars with Coconut Filling

My wonderful co-worker- Victor, had a birthday. I have two favorite presents- a book or something handmade/ home prepared. Vic appreciates healthy desserts and I decided to make him my favorite healthy chocolate bars. At the end, I decided to use … [Read more]

6 Mistakes I’ve Made with My Diet So You Don’t Have To

In my opinion the path I “walked”, and probably the path most people walk on when trying to make the transition from unhealthy to healthy eating, is equal to evolution- an evolution in the way of thinking, the attitude towards life, health and … [Read more]

Delicious Zucchini with Curds, Walnuts and Fresh SPices

Sometimes people are afraid to try healthy living, because they mistakenly believe in the myth that healthy food is plane and tasteless. But this is not the truth. Healthy food might be delicious, it might have a lot of variety, as long as you want … [Read more]

A Journey Through Life Following In The Footsteps of Two Soul-mates: Chronicles of a Sea Journey

We keep our life in the cage called day. A life, that stays behind the bars of daily routine and monotony. We fool ourselves, that we live and deep inside we are constantly feeling an emptiness, which we don't manage to fill with anything. Until the … [Read more]

Delicious Raw Cake with Avocado and Pistachio Cream

Last week I had a birthday and I turned a quarter century! I want to say thank you to all of you who made my birthday so wonderful! Thank you for every kind gesture, for every kind word and for the time you took for me. Thank you that because I have … [Read more]

Do You Wear High Heels? Then You Definitely Need to See This!

Some time ago I wrote this post : Do you wear high heels? Check out what you are doing to yourself!   I realize that high heels are something that exists since the dinosaur extinction and their isn't an argument or a nature phenomenon, that … [Read more]

The Most Delicious Raw Cake I Made: Chocolate- Banana Cake

The last couple weeks, I made some experiments in the kitchen and they turned out pretty good. I love cooking healthy meals. I collected a couple recipes, but I haven't shared them with you, because I shared the recipes you've sent me. This week, I … [Read more]

I am Sorry… I Quit!

Thanks to everybody who, through the last year started their Saturday morning with my words and my list with “My Favorite Reads of The Week”. In my opinion, when a person changes, what he does should reflect the change in his identity. Otherwise, … [Read more]

Blame Evolution for Disease: The Origin of Diseases as an Evolutionary Adaptation and How to Find a Cure to Them

You’ve probably heard that the “strongest survive”. This is a truth, which has a deeper meaning than you suggest. Actually what does it mean that the strongest survive? Everything that we are today, our level of development is a result of one … [Read more]

Maria Doncheva: No Bake- Chocolate Cake

Thanks to everybody who sends me messages with great recipes and everybody who wants to be part of my culinary column. I was sure that you will send me great ideas for healthy recipes and more than everything, I love your kind words. Thank you for … [Read more]

The Best Articles I Stumbled Upon This Week

How was your week? Mine was a little bit tiring, but wonderful. My life is full of wonderful, motivated people, who inspire me to give my best-every single day and become a better version of myself. I love this time of the year, when I don't get … [Read more]

Stop Failing! 3 Steps That Will Help You Achieve Athletic and Strong Body

Seems like life of most of us is a constant fight, a constant conflict between who we want to be and who we are in reality. Seems as if we miss the present moment and the opportunities around us, because we are way too focused on what we are not, … [Read more]