13 Sincere Letters: Dear Me: A Letter to My Unfit Self

I was reading a post about a book called "Dear Me: A Letter to My 16 Year Old Self". Dear Me includes letters from some of the world's best loved personalities, who have written a letter to their 16 year old self. That’s when I decided that it … [Read more]

Healthy Dessert with Chocolate, Avocado Cream

The other day I stumbled upon  Angela's website and one of her delicious recipes. To be honest I was attracted by the picture of her dessert and I decided to use it as a foundation to let my immagination create something delicious. For the original … [Read more]

43 Things Worth Reading

How was your week? The holidays are over and I hope you got some rest and that you are even more motivated and filled with enthusiasm. That's exactly how I feel. I want to do so many things, and I am full of desire and enthusiasm. Enjoy your … [Read more]

Come on! Who Else Wants to Have a New Year Like That?

It is the last day of the year. And what could be better, than spending this day, feeling at your best? What could be better than challenging yourself and greeting the New Year even more motivated and more passionate about your life and your … [Read more]

The Guilt That Is Eating Me Inside

The day is coming to its end. The darkness is impatiently falling and rushing to move away the light. With every passing minute, the night is coming closer and it feels as if the feeling of guilt is growing bigger. You feel as if all your … [Read more]

The Best Sunday Lunch: Baked Red Pepper Rolls with Eggs and Basil Pesto

I love baked red peppers. Actually, lately I prefer eating more leafy greens, but I still love having baked red peppers every now and then. Today I will share with you my favorite recipe with baked red peppers- red pepper rolls. Ingredients: … [Read more]

35 Things Worth Reading

Part of the holidays are over and I hope that you had a great time. I hope that you managed to chose the best for yourself in every single moment, and that you didn’t try to “earn” your emotions by eating massive amounts of food. Still, if … [Read more]

Success with Your Diet and Workouts During the Holidays? Yes, It Is Possible! Check Out How!

It is almost the end of December and most of you are probably gonna make new years resolutions! I have never made a new years resolution, and I think they totally suck! How do I dare to be so harsh on people’s expectations, desires and … [Read more]

Everything I Didn’t Tell You During the Year! It’s Finally Time You Understand It!

I am reflecting  back on the past and I remember the day when I decided I will stop looking for excuses  for the lack of courage to go after my dreams. The day when I decided that I will give a chance to my dreams and my own self, by daring to … [Read more]

Everything That I Would Want You to Know about Me!

The end of the year is coming and as a rule we turn back and make “ a balance”- of what has happened; of what we were expecting to happen, but never really found its moment to fare. The end of the year is something like a scream… a scream to … [Read more]

The Two Most Delicious Recipes with Pineapple! Did You Know Them?

I love pineapples. Actually you know that I am not much of a fruit lover, but if I feel like eating fruits- pineapple sounds great! Today I will share with you two of my favorite recipes with pineapple. They turn out delicious! One is quick to … [Read more]

59 Things Worth Reading

How was your week? Mine was really busy and I am a little bit tired. That's why I decided to give my body a rest and get one week off of training. So, now I am sticking to clean eating and nice walks in the park. Have a wonderful and active … [Read more]

Sorry to Disappoint You! The Painful Truth about Fruit Smoothies!

Today I will pay attention to our favorite topic- fruits and the latest trend of turning every piece of fruit or vegetable into a smoothie. Those might be a really quick and easy way to full yourself, how healthy you are living and how you are eating … [Read more]

The Lie We Chose to Believe In!

It was a cold winter day, but as always she was walking along the sidewalks of the city. Nothing could seem dark or scary, when it was so deeply yearned- just the way she yearned for the stolen moments, when she was just by herself- alone with her … [Read more]

The Best Sunday Lunch: Meat Crust Quiche

I love eggs and meat. If you are a follower of my blog, you probably adore them as well! The other day I saw this delicious recipe for Sausage Crust Quiche here.( check out the website for more great ideas).  I changed it a little bit so it fits … [Read more]

67 Things Worth Reading

How was your week? Mine was great even though I am really busy. Still, I am full of enthusiasm and my desire is something like a fuel, which gives me strength to go through each day full of energy. It is wonderful when you know what you want, and … [Read more]

Part 2: What Is The Reason Behind Aging: What Makes You Age Faster and How to Prevent It?

In my last post, I explained you what is the reason for the accelerated aging process. I explained you the reasons for diseases, which just a few decades ago were considered diseases of aging, but unfortunately, nowadays are the common illnesses … [Read more]

James Clear: The Living Proof That There Is Life Beyond Mediocrity

I love the opportunity to interview people like James Clear. People who are the living proof, that there is life beyond mediocrity; life beyond the common knowledge. People who use their existence as an opportunity to show the limitless capacity of a … [Read more]

In Captivity of My Past

It was one of these cold days- seemed as if the sky was suffering for something and the tears of rain were trickling down the window of her room. Was she trying to be sympathetic to the weather, or the weather was trying to be understanding to her- … [Read more]

The Best Sunday Lunch: Tuna Fish Salad with Iceberg and Dried Tomatoes Soused with Spices

I really love eating salads- huge salads. I am always baffled, when I see somebody, taking just one spoon of salad, and filling the rest of the plate with all kind of other foods. What I do is take one huge bowl- just for me- make a huge salad and … [Read more]