The Most Interesting Articles for The Week

How was your week? Mine was different! Lately I am challenged to go out of my comfort zone on a daily basis, but I think I kind of like broadening the constraints of my own personality. Besides that this week I tried my first handstand … [Read more]

Using Bodyweight to Get in the Best Shape of Your Life

Everyone of us is looking for a way to be fit and have a stunning, athletic body. We need to find the best optimal way to achieve it. Our daily schedules are so busy, yet we crave fitness and athletism. In my opinion, even though I am a huge fan … [Read more]

I Am Sorry to Disappoint You! Working Out Is For Egocentrics!

…or maybe not? A lot of people have a neglectful attitude towards working out. Most have the opinion that this is the required dose of evil and torture, if you want to look good for the 1 minute of fame in front of the mirror or the one week on … [Read more]

The Confession of a Vagabond

Sometimes we spend a long time, wandering through the mazes of our own life. As if we know what we are looking for, we know the direction, but when we start walking on the path, it feels as if every road leads to a dead end. We walk back and forth, … [Read more]

Chocolate-Mint Mousse with Avocado

Avocado! Our best friend for healthy desserts. I love eating avocados and they are great as an addition to your omelet, steak or as a base for a healthy dessert. Here is another idea for a dessert with avocado. Ingredients: … [Read more]

The Most Interesting Articles I Read This Week

How was your week? Hope that spring is making you feel even better. A lot of people let their actions during the weekend, blow away what they've achieved during the week. remember that a person doesn’t always reach his goals, but he always … [Read more]

How Stretching Is Ruining Your Lower Back

Stretching is something that every person does on a daily basis-  either it will be in controlled conditions during a workout or just trying to stretch your stiffed body after a long day in the office. Go for a walk in the park or spend 20 … [Read more]

Don’t Read This If You Hate Your Life!

Don't read it, because it will be too painful to realize that you are the one responsible for your life and that everything taking place in your reality is your own fault! …because our unconsciousness is the trash can of our … [Read more]

Gluten- free Coconut Tortilla

When I used to live in the USA, I loved eating tortillas. Today, I wouldn't be tempted to try a traditional tortilla, but I couldn't resist trying this recipe on Mark's website. I love eating simple things, but I still love cooking and that is why I … [Read more]

The Most Interesting Articles of The Week

How was your week? Mine was really busy and I did not have as much time as I wanted to read, but I still managed to read a great book and some really interesting articles. Enjoy the weekend, eat good and move more. Challenge yourself and find time … [Read more]

The Painful Truth about Trainers: Should You Warm Up Before Working Out or Not?

To warm up or to skip the warm up- this is the question! A question, that provokes as many answers as many people you ask. You know that I have plenty experiments with working out and nutrition. I’ve tried a lot of things and I’ve made a bunch … [Read more]

Hello, Sorrow… You Came to Visit!

Sorrow- the one which everybody is afraid of and the one which everybody is desperately trying to avoid. Seems like the more we run away from it; the more we hide from it, the more skillfully it manages to catch us and bring us to bay in the corner … [Read more]

Paleo Coconut Pancake

One of my favorite recipes is the coconut pancake with avocado filling. Here is another version of a coconut pancake. Ingredients: 2 small ripe bananas 2 large eggs, lightly beaten 6 tablespoons shredded coconut 1 teaspoon butter Directions 1. … [Read more]

What Happened This Week? Everything Exciting Gathered in One Place!

How was your week? Hope that you are satisfied with your efforts and the results you achieved. I have a lot of work lately and I got tired beyond what is acceptable, so I decided to take the week off from training. I hope that next week I will feel … [Read more]

My New Favorite Exercise for Strong Core and Sexy Abs

Resistance bands are a good “add- on” to a workout program with weights or as part of a rehabilitation. Personally, I am not a fan of workouts based completely on resistance bands. I include them in my workouts, mainly like an assistance … [Read more]

Fear In a Fight For Your Mind

I believe that everything that takes place in our life, before it materializes in reality and before we encounter it, has long before being created in our mind. Everything we encounter, has previously received our own permission to exist. It is true … [Read more]

Delicious Dip with Veggies and Curds

I love curds. You can cook a lot of things with curds. I will share one of my favorite recipes for a dip for baked veggies. Share your favorite dip recipes in the comments below. Ingredients: … [Read more]

The Most Interesting Articles You Will Read This Week

How was your week? Hope you are doing great and that you are realizing the importance of taking care for your body and mind. Have a wonderful weekend, move more and eat good, quality food. Meanwhile find some time for my favorite reads for the … [Read more]

Burpees: How to Do Them Properly and What Are Some of The Common Mistakes You Make

Burpees! The nightmare of each trainee. Burpees are one of those exercises, that bring for a love-hate relationship. People hate doing them, but somewhere deep inside, they feel the irresistible urge to include them in their workouts. Burpees are … [Read more]

The Cynical Voice of Ego and Its Ability to Dictate Our Choices

The silence of an early morning- the stolen moments from the day, when everybody and everything is still asleep. You get the chance to be alone with yourself- with your true essence. You are alone with your true self, which you are not trying to … [Read more]